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    Ga-Nc Collins

    well, at first you said the number was much lower

    ::That is not true, it’s a match at 12 markers, but a genetic distance of 7 at 67 markers, hardly “an exact match”::

    But the number was much higher.

    Either way…..the way your thinking is a way that is going to leave you without ever knowing…..

    When I get a chance I’ll try and get the Genetics people I consult with to post here….

    The truth about DNA is one…it does not prove race……and two is it only offers clues.

    you have to use dna with paper work in order for DNA to work. DNA by itself does nothing at all. Like having haplogroup R1a in America does not mean a person’s ancestor came directly from Europe to America. E3A does not means a person’s ancestor came directly from africa to America.

    ALL races can have e3a, r1a, q, etc etc……a prime example is R1A being found with the berbers because of slavics being used as slaves by the berber moors before the 1400’s.

    Another thing is a father and a son may have DNA results that do not fully match due to mutations which can happen at any generation.

    This is why DNA by itself means nothing. DNA is like a pencil….but without a piece of paper the Pencil is useless.

    Awhile back a person kept trying to say DNA proves a person’s race…..I supplied them with photos of white people with E3A…supplied them with black people with R1A…….and that did not convince them…so then I asked them to simply just email or call any dna testing company and ask them that you want to find out what your race is by doing a DNA test. I myself have emailed about 15 dna testing companies with that question and they all say dna can not prove race and to date there is no test to show a person’s race.

    Awhile back people used to think a skull shape could prove a race….this guy had broke the human race into mongoloid, negroid, and cacausoid…..this worked for awhile but then as time went on people found out that test was flawed very bad mainly because Egyptians, Arabs, Iraqians, Afgannies, etc etc have caucasoid skulls yet they clearly do not look like Europeans.

    Even the Out of Africa theory is being questioned now…..since out of africa is a theory based on two skeltons found in Africa thought at the time to be the two oldest ever…..but other skeltons outside of africa have been found to have been much older so the whole evidence which the out of africa theory is based on has been becoming challeged by many experts.

    Like say 75 percent of E3A was in Africa during the 1400’s…..but that leaves 25percent not in Africa. So to say a person’s ancestor came to America right from Africa would be a 3 out of 4 chance of being right….but that still leave 1 out of 4 chances of being wrong.

    Egyptian mummies are found to have traces of corn, Tobacco, and cocaine in their systems…..Egyptians had HUGE ships…and lots of these ships. The Olmecs was very well known for being traders……..the Olmec’s wore their hair in Cornrolls and had wide noses and looked like a mix of blacks and native americans…….it is thought that just as the native americans was moving south into central mexico…there was these egyptians coming to central mexico from egypt.

    Now Egypt….there was a struggle going on……you had the blacks and the middle eastern looking people stuggleing for power….sometimes the blacks had power and sometimes the middle eastern looking people had the power.

    Now the next thing to know….is the Olmecs was the ancestors of the Mayans and the Aztecs…..the mayans abandoned their city…and there is more than enough evidence to show they went to cuba and then to florida (not all but a good amount)….from the Mayan’s city to Florida is the distance from miami to Atlanta…….look at a map and you’ll see.

    Next we know columbus and others was using the Taino (mayans was their ancestors) as slaves instead of blacks…..we know the Aztecs was being used as slaves in veracruz……we know the spainish have been bringing slaves to America since the begining of the 1500’s….these slaves would have been the Aztec, Taino, etc…..sure lots of west africans was being used eventually as well….but originally it was the Taino and Aztecs being used as slaves in the Americas.

    You want to see how E3A got to Central Mexico long before Columbus came….then here is your introduction……this is who the spainish was bringing to Florida in the 1500’s…these was Native people to the land….but they appeared much more dark skinned than the more northern Native peoples..




    “When I get a chance I’ll try and get the Genetics people I consult with to post here….”

    Don’t waste your time, as the Genetic Genealogist Adviser at Jack Goin’s project is doing a good job, thank you.

    I haven’t brought up race, you have. My interest isn’t in race but in genealogy and family history, my own that is.

    You might want to find a copy of “Trace Your Roots with DNA: Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree.” by Ann Turner and Megan Smolenyak, this is a great book.

    I would like to ask you to please refrain from posting on public forums that the Y-DNA of Valentine Collins and that of the Henry Bunch line is an exact match, as that is not the truth. Test kit 11280 is mine, and you do not have my permission to use any of the data in the kit. You might want to look into the copywrite disclosure:

    “Information from the Melungeon_DNA Project both Y and mtDNA must be attributed to the project, administrators, and Family Tree DNA as outlined in the Creative Commons License. Please notify administrators when using research obtained from the Melungeon_DNA Projects.

    All images, ancestry charts, DNA information and other information published on this site are the property of the Melungeon_DNA Projects and are

    Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 All Rights Reserved

    May Not be Published Elsewhere without attribution.”


    Ga-Nc Collins

    Actually…I did not break a copyright by saying Valentine collins matches 30 markers of The Bertie county Bunch family.

    Believe me I know all about copyright laws, both my father in law and mother in law have para legal degrees.

    See the thing is…I did not sign a contract…so therefore it is not legally binding that I not discolse what I saw. A person has to sign a contract with signature and that has to be notarized in order for it to become law.

    And that is how that works….also that site is not password protected….which makes the information public……..and oh yea you yourself have posted those results several times on public message boards already…..and other sites do not have the same message as the dna project site which means you yoruself voided that by posting the information on other message boards.

    However…if you do not want anyone talking about Valentine collins dna having 30 marker matches (more than you stated) then you have something to hide.

    It is also kind of weird…that when I mentioned I would get the other people who work in the Geneology and genetics field to come post here…you did not want that…..that is kind of weird.

    Going by your concept….of Valentine collins and the bertie county Bunch family matching on 30 markers does not make them a match…..then I guess we can throw all of the melungeon dna results in the trash….because by your logic then….nearly all the other results are useless.

    the fact is….you are going to go thru life with a big question mark over your head and never get the answer because the way you do geneology and use genetics will never work for you. The one and only clue your going to have was them 30 marker matches….and now you want to throw it out….so pretty much there is no more that can be done with your family history…after your brick wall was broken you went and rebuilt the brickwall back when you could have kept going foward.

    DNA is a clue only…you use DNA with paper work…..other wise DNA is worthless….all professional Genetics experts will tell you that.

    Ga-Nc Collins

    Fair Use:

    This doctrine has been codified in section 107 of the copyright law.

    Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered “fair,” such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Section 107 also sets out four factors to be considered in determining whether or not a particular use is fair:

    1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
    2. the nature of the copyrighted work;
    3. amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
    4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

    The 1961 Report of the Register of Copyrights on the General Revision of the U.S. Copyright Law cites examples of activities that courts have regarded as fair use: “quotation of excerpts in a review or criticism for purposes of illustration or comment; quotation of short passages in a scholarly or technical work, for illustration or clarification of the author’s observations; use in a parody of some of the content of the work parodied; summary of an address or article, with brief quotations, in a news report; reproduction by a library of a portion of a work to replace part of a damaged copy; reproduction by a teacher or student of a small part of a work to illustrate a lesson; reproduction of a work in legislative or judicial proceedings or reports; incidental and fortuitous reproduction, in a newsreel or broadcast, of a work located in the scene of an event being reported.”

    Now we can also go and look at it this way which is the way it would look legally….if I was to go and watch a movie in the movie theater…..then posted a review of the movie on a message board….or even gave away the ending…….that is not a copyright violation………now in private movie screenings then viewers will be asked to sign a “Confidentiality agreement”. So basically what you mentioned don would not be a copyright would be called a breach of confidentiality….which the information is made public and requires no signing of a “Confidentiality agreement”. Also you stated you was one of the people and thus you have given the information publically not only here but in other places online.


    04-26-2008, 06:41 AM


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    Location: Clarksville, VA

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    Ga-Nc Collins, I appreciate your enthusiasm to add to our research, but I think there may be copyright issues in publishing so much of someone else’s work, plus there are definitely usability issues with using so many photos. This page will likely take much too long to download for people on dialup.

    Could you please just make a list of the links and publish all this in one brief post? I’m not going to be able to keep it up at it is.



    I have no idea where you are getting this 30 marker match ?

    At 12 markers I have an exact match with the Bunch line.

    At 25 markers it changes to a genetic distance of 2

    At 37 markers in changes to a genetic distance of 3

    At 67 markers it changes to a gentic distance of 7

    Also look hear for a better understanding of Y-DNA matches:

    It appears you have no idea what you are talking about, concerning Genetic Genealogy

    If you have a beef with the way I see my results, you might want to contact “Our DNA Advisor, Roberta Estes”, Roberta’s opinion , is that there is no match at all, between the Henry Bunch line and my Collins line.

    You can contact her here, there is a link to her web site:

    You said ” then you have something to hide.”. LOL, I have nothing to hide. If I had something to hide, I certainly wouldn’t have my DNA results and Genealogy on a public web site, now would I ? I don’t mind if someone wants to mention or discuss my DNA results, as long as there isn’t a “fairy tale” added, as in the case with you.

    Here is the real kicker, at 67 markers my closest match is a RICHARDSON, with a Genetic Distance of 5. World wide (using Y-Search and the Sorenson Database), I have the most matches in Mali and Camarroon. Ponder on that for a while.


    Ga-Nc Collins

    Here is the real kicker, at 67 markers my closest match is a RICHARDSON, with a Genetic Distance of 5. World wide (using Y-Search and the Sorenson Database), I have the most matches in Mali and Camarroon. Ponder on that for a while.

    Like I said before…if you ask ANY dna expert then you will be told that DNA only offers clues which has to be used with paper work……..I’ve found no richardson marrying a Collins in the 1700-1800’s.

    I really have no idea what your problem is…..but it was just a few months ago you had started jumping in on a conversation where I had stated that the newsman’s ridge Collins was Saponi…….you kept trying to say that your DNA results shows that the Newman’s ridge collins was NOT Saponi.

    Now you on a site that is called “searching for -Saponi- town” and attacking me for saying Valentine Collins matched the Bertie county Bunch family.

    So it appears as if each place you post at….you seem to want to have a different background or something. Personally I’d say it is safe to say that everyone here says the Newman’s ridge Collins are Saponi.

    So if your going around on other sites attacking anyone who says the Newman’s ridge collins are NOT Saponi…..then why are you even here? For some reason you keep thinking YOU are the one and only true speaker for the Collins family……….on this site you want to say you are not related to the Bucnh family….then other sites you want to say you are…then other sites you want to say the Collins of Newman’s ridge is NOT Saponi and also state that there is NO evidence of the Collins being Saponi.

    For every singleperson who has ever tried to move our research foward there has always been someone who has tried to keep us from moving foward. When Brent Kennedy put out his research alot of people went and attacked him……when Jack Goins put out his research alot of people wanted to attack him………..what I have came to find out is that for every person who pushs the research foward there is always someone like yourself who is going to try and halt any research that moves foward.

    I have high creditbility as a investigator and researcher backed by many government agencies and News Media Agencies. Many government Investigators and news media investigators come to me from time to time to have me help them in investigations…..home land security has even hired my services many times……even the Motion picture association has hired my investigation services before. I’ve been paid as much as 1,000 dollars a day for my investigation and research services………it’s safe to say I have more creditability than most of the other researchers out today. I’ve even been hired out by Restaraunt chains for my investigation services lol. I’ve worked under some of America’s top investigaters today and I have taken everything they have taught me to use in my research on our family histories and the Saponi history. I’ve got enough on the field hrs logged in that if I wanted to I could get a liscense to start my own private investigator business.


    My problem is you, Bud. You are trying to rewrite the history of my family. Get it ?.

    I don’t see yoy posting any of your own Genealogy as you are to busy with everybody elses.

    You claim to be a Collins, please show me. I can just look at my birth certificate or Passport, and you ?

    My paper trail is well in order up to Valentine Collins.

    Let’s end this, as you seem to know everything about everybody. Good luck with your “Tribe”.


    Ga-Nc Collins

    Your the only one trying to rewrite the history.

    And you have a different version for each forum or group you post at.

    You can’t seem to be able to stick to just one story…which takes away from your creditability.

    You say you are a collins…..yet your DNA does NOT show any relation to any of the Collins family lol.

    Seriously….for all we know one of your ancestors could have just been a adopted Collins lol. You defiently do not carry the collins DNA….BUD.

    My Collins is susanna Collins…..everyone knows this already.

    My susanna was as stated by her own son…..born Granville, NC 1732….She was married in Granville, NC also. She also was in Broad river, SC…..and Hyde county, NC living next door to the Gibbs and the Mackey family…….She was living next to the Austin, Harrison, Collins, Griffin, Irwin, Riddles, Gibbs, etc families in rutherford, NC….she was listed as both free person of color and as white…….her sons was sent to a “Native American” Church in the Broad River area of SC called “Zion”.

    My Collins have their family bible on public display in North Carolina inside a glass case which contains several of the Granville, NC Collins information.

    And you know what….I am out to help EVERYONE…..and most people thank me for all my hard work for trying to bring all the Saponi descendants back together…..I am not selfish and only care about just my line……

    Why don’t you go and explaine why you have been posting on other places that the Collins of Newman’s ridge is not Saponi.

    Or explaine why on yet another place you post you go and tell people Valentine Collins’ closes dna match is Henry Bunch.

    Yet on this board you claim Valentine collins is NOT from the Bunch family…..

    and for the link you had listed….guess what….the oldest date I see on there is 1786…….my direct line collins paper trail goes back to 1732 and has been in North Carolina newspapers.

    The Collins is not even my only mid 1700’s Granville, nc families I come from. I also come from the Payne family….

    Mary E Payne….born in either Orange county, NC or Caswell, NC 1760.

    Richard Haithcock says they was Saponi also…..however I have seen no real proof the paynes was Saponi.

    Susan Elizabeth Mayfield born 1759 Granville, nc.

    James Ballard Dobbins, born 1762 Granville, nc….his wife nancy was also born in that county in 1769.

    Rebecca Sykes….born Orange county, nc 1720.

    David Fanning…died 1755 Orange coutny, NC.

    John Edwards sr….born Orange county, NC 1710

    John Edwards jr….born Orange county, nc 1730

    David Brock……born Orange county, NC 1760

    Possibly part of the gibson family also.

    Lucy Cates or coats….born Orange county, NC 1741.

    I also have Mary Cave who was supposedly born in Orange county, Virginia in 1662…..which was a time only Manahoacs lived in that county…this was a time before Fort Germanna.

    for my Brocks….

    David Brock had brothers named James, Loyd, and John.

    David lived on Reedy river in SC.

    The Brocks often married into the Gibson family.

    Enoch Hensley/Henslee….Born 1780 Caswell county, NC.

    John Hasting….born Amelia county, virginia 1740.

    Ga-Nc Collins

    Now we can move on to my Newman’s ridge ancestors…..

    Let’s see…..who is that ridge named after?……hmmm

    Collins’ History of Kentucky, p. 418

    One of these hunters, Scaggs, was employed by Boone to explore the Cumberland River location, which he did.

    This party continued to hunt in the western wilderness every year, sometimes numbering 40 hunters, with pack horses. In 1771, they numbered 22 among them:

    Joseph Drake

    William Allen

    Now let’s stop there for a minute and look at my family history for a minute.

    My ancestor Thomas Drake,

    In Amelia Co. WB 3, 1780-1786>

    Thomas DRAKE a witness to the will of Richard Newman, dated 1 Oct. 1782, signs

    his mark (X).

    Thomas DRAKE b. 8 Oct 1736 New Kent Co., VA d. Oct 1795-1797 Amelia Co.


    Anyway let’s move along with the Newman’s ridge history:

    ” Elisha Wallen “

    Born in 1732 in Prince George County, Maryland, Elisha Wallen was to become an important character in the history of the settlement of the West.

    He stood about 5’10” tall and weighed about 180 lbs., was squarely built, and had a dark complexion with rough features.

    In 1761, as soon as the Cherokee were pacified, Wallen gathered a group of relatives and friends for a big hunt far beyond the settlements in the valleys of the New River. With him were his father-in-law, brother-in-law, William and Jack Blevins, Henry Skaggs, Walter Newman, Charles Cox, and about a dozen other trained woodsmen (including Daniel Boone, who traveled with the party to Wolfe Hills, (Abingdon, Va.) ).

    Anyway..moving along,

    From Newman’s Ridge, Tennessee to Southeastern Kentucky Highlands: (Trail of the Portuguese Indian and English Mixed Clans)

    By Norm Isaac 1983:

    The author notes that in pioneer times, Newman Ridge was named for an early longhunter named Walter Newman who hunted the area in the years from 1763-1775 and to 1785.

    So anyway we know who the ridge was named for.

    Now here is my Newman line.

    Reuben Newman.

    Born on the Rappannock River in Virginia in Richmond county…1757.

    Living in Granville, NC before 1775.

    The Long Hunters Vol 3:

    In 1750 when Dr. Thomas Walker traveled through the area now known as Lee Co., VA, his part began their journey by following, what is now known as the Wilderness Trail. Beginning their trek at the New River (near wht is present day Blacksburg ) continuing on to (current day) Wytheville, to Abingdon, to the Block House (present day Kingsport ) on the Holston River . They journeyed on to Rogersville, Sneedville, on the Clinch. They then crossed from Blackwater over the mountains into Virginia . After crossing the Beargrass River (known today as the Powell River ) they passed through Jonesville. They continued westward on to Indian Creek, near Ewing . They followed Indian Creek on towards the Cumberland Gap and on into Kentucky.

    Interesting since Reuben Newman’s wife was Sabra Walker.

    Also nearly all of Walter Newman’s family moved from Maryland to Virginia then to SC and then to Ga….just like my Reuben Newman.

    Ga-Nc Collins

    Walter Newman and my Reuben Newman was often found in the same cities in virginia just north of granville, NC.

    But I do not feel like going thru all my records on my newman family……point is….Newman’s ridge is named after my family….and it is my current last name.

    anyway enough about that.

    Let’s see…..I also have the Bass/Basse family of NC who traveled with the Collins family into Georgia.

    Richard Bass born 1790 North Carolina….may or may not be connected to the nansemond tribe.

    I also have the O’neal and Bryant families who married each other….Traced to johnston county, nc 1720……..the Bryant and O’neal families are listed as Native Americans from the Machapunga and Hatteras tribes.

    anyway moving along.

    My Jordan family…

    Samuel jordan:

    The land-grant of my Samuel jordan is described as being “in severall places: one house and 50 acs. called Bailies Point in Charles hundred, bordering E. upon the gr. river, W. upon the main land, S. upon John Rolfe and N. upon land of Capt. John Wardeffe; 2ndly, 1 tenement containing 123 aces. etc encompassed on the W. by Martins Hope, now in tenure of Capt. John Martin, Master of the Ordinance; & 388 acs. in or near upon Sandys his hundred, towards land of Temperance Baley, W. upon Capt. Woodlief etc.”

    Apparently, Samuel Jordan’s patent ranks next in date to “the earliest extant patent” which was granted by Governor Sir George Yardley to ancient planter William Fairfax, Yeoman of Charles City.

    The adjoining land of John Rolfe is of special interest. It was John Rolfe who married Pocahontas, the Indian princess, in 1614. They were neighbors of Samuel Jordan.::

    The jordans often married into Pocahontas and John rolfe’s descendants…

    Charles Fleming:

    Born 1659 york county, VA.

    Another family who often married into john Rolfe and Pocahontas’ descendants.

    My Jeffries family,

    THOMAS4 JEFFRIES* (EDWARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) died 1734 in Richmond County, Virginia. He married (1) MARY TRAVIS. He married (2) ELIZABETH (?) Bef. 1670 in Barbados. She died Abt. 1718 in Richmond County, Virginia.

    Children of THOMAS JEFFRIES* and MARY TRAVIS are:




    iv. MARGARET JEFFRIES, b. 1722, Richmond County, Virginia; m. CHARLES BRYANT, November 30, 1738, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia.

    10. v. ANN JEFFRIES, b. 1724, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia; d. Bef. 1777.

    vi. PRISCILLA JEFFRIES, b. 1732, Richmond County, Virginia.

    Thomas Jeffries’ wife was from Barbadoes where Carib tribe natives was being used as slaves.

    Ga-Nc Collins

    Children of THOMAS JEFFRIES* and ELIZABETH (?) are:

    11. vii. WILLIAM5 JEFFRIES*, b. Richmond County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1775, Mecklenberg County, Virginia.

    viii. ELIZABETH “BETTY” JEFFRIES, b. October 17, 1710, Richmond County, Virginia.

    ix. WINIFRED JEFFRIES, b. April 23, 1712.

    x. ESTHER JEFFRIES, b. April 09, 1714, Richmond County, Virginia

    That William in my direct Line.

    WILLIAM5 JEFFRIES* (THOMAS4, EDWARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born in Richmond County, Virginia, and died Aft. 1775 in Mecklenberg County, Virginia. He married (2) WINIFRED THOMPSON Abt. 1765, daughter of JOHN THOMPSON and WINIFRED JEFFRIES. She was born Abt. 1747 in Lunenberg County, Virginia, and died Bef. 1777 in Mecklenberg County, Virginia.

    Children of WILLIAM JEFFRIES* are:



    26. iii. JOHN JEFFRIES, b. September 05, 1706, Henrico County, Virginiia; d. February 08, 1792, Mecklenberg County, Virginia.

    27. iv. WINIFRED JEFFRIES, b. April 23, 1712, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1775, Mecklenberg County, Virginia.

    28. v. WILLIAM JEFFRIES, SR.*, b. Abt. 1730, Virginia; d. Bef. April 15, 1791, Wilkes County, Georgia.

    29. vi. THOMAS JEFFRIES, b. Bef. 1765, King and Queen County, Virginia; d. May 31, 1832, Amelia County, Virginia.

    William Jr is my Direct line.

    1736 to 1742 – Will Jeffries listed as an Indian student at the Brafferton Indian school at William & Mary….his tribe is not specified.

    On October 4, 1704, in Captain Barber’s account of imprisonment

    >of 43 Indians for 24 days, in Richmond County, and he said Edward Jeffries

    >was owed for their drinks, food, and board. On February 6, 1705 Edward came

    >into court and swore on an oath that Captain Charles Barber owed him an

    >unpaid account. The court ordered Barber to pay the account’s debt. A

    >blacksmith was also paid for making 16 pairs of leg irons, and a carpenter

    >was paid for building a gallows. Edward was owed more than all the others



    Edward was the Great Grandfather of William Jeffries jr…..Edward Jeffries died in Richmond county, Virginia.

    Ga-Nc Collins

    I’ve also got nearly half of the families listed as the Southern band of tuscarora…….lots of the Hatteras and Machpunga……

    anyway it’s time for church……but yea…I know my family history.

    I have well over 340 people on my family tree……even back to fort Germanna families.

    The Southern Band of Cherokee website has stuff on their website about my allen family of elberton Georgia as well.

    but yea…I know my family history.


    Collins DNA, LOL, What may I ask is Collins DNA ?. Right now on the Melungeon DNA Project there are 4 different DNA lines for Collins’. Are you saying that 3 lines are adopted, and only one is the “Real” Collinsd ? There are 2 Valentine Collins lines, a perfect match at 37 marker.

    Now go play with your spray paint, I’m old enought to be your Father, Sonny Boy.


    Ga-Nc Collins

    But only one Vardy.


    Vardy Collins and Shep gibson.

    often imitated but never duplicated.

    If you don’t have the DNA then please step down.


    And as far as the age lol….thats exactly right…..I’m the new generation of researchers……..

    The biggest thing thats on my mind though….after all this time of people saying they are saponi…they are Hatteras…they are Machapunga…etc etc…..yet who is doing anything to get events together…….sure the melungeon heritage association has some events……and even they always say..native american this and that……yet their events do some for turkey and bring in the portuguese discussions etc etc……I don’t see them dressing in the regalias or anything……….sooo all the people…..there is sooo many people and descendants…..yet no one is out putting together any events for our Native heritage………why is it taking the new bloods to start putting together the events for our native heritage??

    Explaine that one……why has none of the old bloods been trying to put together any events for our native heritage when the native heritage is what brings all of us together…..

    So yea Don…..say hello to the new bloods…..we are doing positive things….and moving things foward…..the new generation is not making the mistakes of always dragging their feet and always not wanting to accept all evidence……the new generation of researchers is about moving foward and never moving backwards…….if there is a brick wall we are going to tear it down and never build another one. We are also going full force into the native heritage aspect and already in the process of having events representing our native heritage in Brunswick, VA….Atlanta, Ga…..Hatteras island….Hyde county…..and possibly even newman’s ridge……..we have already gotten more than 10 really big groups that are backing us…..and about 12 historians…..we have Genetic experts who are willing to do public speakings… authors of 5 different books willing to do public speakings…..and we have 3 univeristy professors willing to do public speakings……we even got a NC Coast shipwreck history expert willing to do public speakings at the events…….we also have 8 states and 3 federally recognized tribes we are consulting with and they have been helping us out alot……….we even have some of the smithonian’s staff helping us with various things……..and it is for ALL the descendants who want to finnally be able to come out and show their native heritage publically….and to educate the public about us and the East Coast native community really looked….to teach the public our ancestors are NOT the tv indians……..we are also working on getting a few geneaologists into doing public speakings……..and let’s not forget about me…..I’m a professional marketer and advertiser….I’ve got over a year on the Job Experience with a marketing and advertising firm here in Atlanta….plus I have connections with many news media companies…..and I’ve got the CNN reporter connections from when I was the bartender at CNN in atlanta….so marketing and advertising should be no problem.

    Either way dOn….you might as well get used to the new bloods…because we are here…..and we are going to make something positive and massive for our ancestors, us, and the communities who now live in our ancestor’s past lands…..and the positive is going to out weigh all the negative stuff………it is kind of messed up at how the NC Coastal Algonkian descendants are less argumentative than the Siouan descendants…..and that is why I myself have went and started bringing them in with the events we have planned for the near future.

    anway…I’m half asleep right now…been at the church all day…….but to give you the best idea of what we are going for is imagine the melungeon heritage Association events but more Native american based….but either way it is going to be the new blood’s leaving their mark.


    Your days are numbered….mark my words. Ypu don’t know or have the slightest idea how to tell the truth.

    Vardy is only 1 Collins of many, but I’m sure you know that.


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