bullfrogs and bobcats

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    vance hawkins

    This story was told to me by a cousin and he swears that it’s true. I tend to believe him, but there is always the tiniest of possibilities that he made it up.

    He lives 35 miles Southeast of me, and just 10 or 15 miles north or Red River, near where the North Fork o’ the Red runs into the Red here in Southwestern Oklahoma.

    Now as long as I can remember he fished and hunted, sometimes not legally — even when he was 10 or 12 years old.

    Once when he was in his 20s he and a friend decided they were hungry for frog legs, so he & his friend got out his long sharp pole and a flashlight about midnight, and took off along Dead Man (the name of a local creek). Near where Dead man runs into Deep Red Creek was where my grandparnets uad a farm once and so he’d been there knew the place well and so that’s where they went. They went to where the bridge over the creek was, and just started walking down the creek, stabbin’ at the bull frogs. After an hour or 2 they had plenty of frogs for a meal, and they sat to proceed to cut the legs off. This was maybe 2 am by now.

    Both my cousin and his friend were talking away, hardly payin’ any attention to anything. Suddenly they both at the same time had the sinsation that they ere being watched. They looked around and didn’t see anything. Every now and then they’d hear a sound sort of like a “rough loug purring” sound, half way between a purr and a growl. Then they looked up in the trees, and he told me in every tree aroung them, completely surrounding them, were sets of “glowing eyes” glaring at them. He said there were at least 6 or 8 bob cats sitting in the trees and that they had them completely surrounded.

    Well, Chris (my cousin) said they both got a little nervous because of the quiet growling and the encirclement, they quietly got up holdong their knives in their hands “just in case”, and left their frogs behind for the cats. He said they went back to their car got in and drove back home, leaving their catch to the bobcats.


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