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    Buffalowm wrote: I watched the movie and I was so disappointed. We were betrayed in such a disrespectful way. I watched Into The West a couple of years ago on TNT. That has been the closest to the real story that I have ever seen in a movie or on tv. I bought that movie. It is a set of 6 cd’s. If you have not seen it try and get it. There were times in that movie that I had to cry. Everytime I watch it I still cry. It was like living back in those days.



    I too watched “Into The West,” twice! I agree, it is probably one of the best portrayal I have seen as well…my second favorite is “Crazyhorse.”

    I rented “Into The West,” I think I should buy a copy as well, as I could watch it again and again.




    how many of us know the actual truth of what happened? white folks back than..& still today…have there biggest problem! liars swindlers, & backstabbers & greedy! they stole our land cause we were livin better than they were & they didn’t like it! if they can’t have somethin they want than no one can



    I agree with you, I saw Disneys “Pocohantas” and “The New World”. Both were good movies, but like you said made for entertainment




    Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: The Movie (5/25/07)

    “Bury My Heart’s Bias Against Indians”

    By: Rob Schmidt




    well this movie has won 17 emmies!

    Not bad for all the crap that it has been given, I guess everything has a flip side.




    ty Ton…nice to read that someone else thot the sameway i did about the movie. i too thot it wasn’t to bad.



    ***tom** sorry about the spelling



    Well Congratulations to you, Tom :), and Sitting Bulls moccasins!;) I didn’t catch the movie. Was there beading on them? I did see you said you don’t know if he wore them. I wonder.

    I couldn’t find what the 17 categories of nominations are… says they’ll be September 16th on FOX. I’m happy for the actors. Now there’ll be lots of good-looking people at the presentation!

    This could give those with their criticisms more of a chance to keep speaking out and perhaps increase understanding of their perspectives.



    wachinika..ty for the compilment



    Hi Malisa,

    Hmm, I didn’t think of it that way. I’ve been reading HERIBERTO DIXON, A Saponi by Any Other Name Is Still a Siouan, (American Indian Culture and Research Journal 26 no3 65-83 2002) this afternoon.

    “Vest recalls a 1724 visit to the Saponi-Monacan around Fort Christanna during which the Reverend Hugh Jones had made an interesting reference to a creator figure called “Mahomny who lives beyond the sun.”(FN55) Furthermore, in Winnebago (now Ho Chunk), a language that Vest claims is mutually understandable with Tutelo, Ma-un-na, or Earthmaker, which appears cognate with Jones’ Mahomny.(FN56) At a minimum, the prefix ma is suggestive of the root for earth as in ama (Tutelo); á:ma (Ofo); and amá (Biloxi).(FN57) This ma root for earth is observable in the Western Siouan languages (Dakota, Nakota, Lakota) for earth in maka(FN58) and makoce.(FN59) In 1716, Fontaine estimated that 200 Saponi, Manahoac, and Tutelo were living at Fort Christanna.(FN60)

    So I guess we can thank Mahomny, Earthmaker. I hope when they win they will thank God with their traditional names for him.



    Well goodness…I have not seen the Wounded Knee movie…just too busy to care lately but with all the hooplah I may just watch it for curiousity’s sake. I have seen porteyals before that left me feelign lackluster but a movie is just that…a portreyal…some more fictional than others. As to the “You Tube” link I fed soem time back I will say that I posted it only because it showed pictures of some of my ancestors….liek I have said before…I do not consider my ancestors Melungeons nor myself but in defense of the notion of it…I have to say that had it not been for the surge of Melungeon sites and books I would not have been led to the discovery of my maternal family as being called Carmel Indians …and made my way here and begun exploring possible Siouan ancestry and examination of other possible tribal affiliations. I still do not have my sure-fire answers but feel confident they will find me/us. I do not favor the derrogatory flavor of the Melungeon term but realize it’s importance in my journey genealogically. Some ppl may well choose to be called such…that is their perrogative….I just happen to take a different route. I still cannot with any clarity know yet what a Carmel Indian is….and some of the “old timers” have stated that the Brushcreek group identified themselves as a remanant band of Shawnee…that has yet to be proven also. Some filed Eastern Cherokee applications…but that too yet remains to be proven. The exactitudes of which one or two and twelve groups my ppl came from will eventually surface….if we all keep digging and talking and asking and researching. Blessings to all~~~Laurie



    I just watched this movie. We are recruiting students to go with me to Pine Ridge again next spring. I would not show it as a tool for background; it did not stress enough that the Wounded Knee Massacre was of innocent women and children.




    I apologize I am late responding to this thread. As you can see by my name I am of Melungeon descent and am proud of it. I do not believe in the Moor turkish theory either. Do not judge those of us who know who we are by the many crazy theories out there. It makes me sad that there is so much controversy that others that might be descended are afraid to find out about there true heritage. Much like what was done to our native forebears, afraid to be proud of a heritage. Those of us who know who we are do not buy into any of it and our proud of the heritage. Your message gives the impression to those reading it who do not know what is going on in our community a bad taste. 🙁 That is not a good thing. We ( true melungeons) have been ridiculed and made fun of long enough. My grgrandfather couldn’t vote. Walter Plecker mentioned my family personally in one of his letters, singling them out. And the origins are clear and contain some influence among the Siouan people, that is why I am a member of this forum. We know we did not spring from the mountains of Tennesee. The appelation Melungeon was coined when the group arrived there. First mention of it is in the early 19th century in the area.

    Just the same as any term given by the dominant WASP society. Brass Ankle,Lumbee,Croatan,Turk,Redbone,Smilings etc etc. For a good understanding of the Melungeon people, the best website to see is


    On additional note, I agree it is sad when these movies come out that do not do justice to the true heritage of America and the first Americans. Into the West was a good movie, as you said , more true than many of the others. You can find some good Independent films like Morning Song that are written and produced by Native Americans, that would be my choice.



    Why is it most Native movies are about the Sioux and Wounded Knee, everytime a new one comes out it seems it is just another version of what happened at Wounded Knee. We know about the Sioux and what happened at Wounded Knee already GEEZ. what about the 500 other Tribes in the Americas I’m sure most have a story to tell. Just my 2 cents.


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