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    Starting this thread to remember our friend Chief Richard Lee Haithcock of the Saponi Catawba Nation who walked on to the spirit world last night.

    Pillahuk to Chief Rick for all the cultural, genealogical, historical, and administrative work he has done for the Yesah community.

    I am so very grateful to have been able to speak to him this past week.

    It is my hope we can remember him well here on the SaponiTown forum.


    I will miss the once a month phone calls even the butt calls lol of just checking in on our family.
    when my husband was dying he would call and talk with him about taking the right road when he passed and ask if he had anything he want him to tell the people. One of his fondes memories was when we would go to his house and spend the night when we came to a meeting he talked about the time we went camping with a few of the other family so for rick and billy it must have been one of there favorite memories rick would talk about it many times. When someone needed help with a collins lines he would usually tell them to contact me.
    Thanks caring about the people, thanks for helping those that didn’t know about there ancestors history to helping them find it. I will cherish the time you spent just listening thanks for being that listening ear and kind person that you were.


    I wanted to post his obituary so that we could sign the guestbook for his family to see. <3

    Linda CarterLinda

    Sad news. There was so much more he could have contributed. I’m remembering the long conversations at pow wows. He was always running over with his latest discoveries. There is so much that has now been accepted legally that started with Rick. People need to know that, since he’s often not credited. Accredited ‘scholars’ would appropriate his findings and never give credit. I saw it myself more than once. But he just went on doing what he did.

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    Today I’m grateful for the work Chief Rick did. Pilahuk. As I get older I understand more and more the importance of identity in life. Those that search here for their roots and identity are on an important journey. When you find people on that journey who can answer your questions and tell you where to look it can have a very big impact. That’s why I continue to reach out to cousins and share what I have. Even when I get discouraged. Even when some people do not appear grateful. It meant so much to me to have someone like Rick to talk to. It’s my hope I can continue on myself in the same tradition and inform the generations to come.


    Rest in peace. I haven’t seen him since the yearly Fort Ancient celebration came to an end.

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