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    May 12-13

    Occaneechee State Park Pow Wow

    Clarksville, VA

    434-374-2210 (Park)

    The pow wow is held at the park and don’t forget to bring your lawn chairs. There is usually food available….love those Indian tacos! There are usually vendors as well. I think we paid $5 to get into the park and that covered our entrance into the pow wow as well. I know that Mike and Jeannie Cranford will be there (Thunderdancer and Enada). For more information, you could call the number listed above.



    I plan to attend this event. I attended last year and had a great time. I’ll be sure to share photos.



    Felicia is graduating, getting her hard-won B.A. the same day as this pow wow. I’m planning on being at her graduation. We’ll just have to pick some other pow wows to focus on this year.



    Hi Linda,

    Felicia told me she wouldn’t be attending this year due to her graduation. Yeah for her! I’ll be at the graduation in Spirit. It is truly to be a proud day for her. Maybe we can plan to interact at a different event.

    Take care



    Just renewing this thread since the pow wow is this weekend. Notice that they dropped the Sunday part of the pow wow.

    May 12, 2007

    1192 Occoneechee Park Road, Clarksville, VA, Zip – 23927

    Contact Information

    Park Manager


    Head Staff


    Keith Anderson


    Debora Moore



    Host Drums

    Stoney Creek

    Vendor Information :

    Vendors by invitation. Contact Occoneechee State Park for vendor applications.

    Additional Information

    This is a traditional powwow with no competition but excellent singing and dancing. It is sponsored by Virginia State Parks on the grounds of Occoneechee State Park.The park name as well as the overall theme focuses on the Native American history and culture of the area. Mecklenburg County Virginia was home to many different Native American peoples.Admission is $5.00 adults $3.00 children 3-12 and Seniors 62+. Dancers and educators free. Food and craft vendors selling handmade Native American items. Come join us for a fun filled day of Native American activities

    Hopefully, the weather will be reasonable. Anyone else planning to go?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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