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    Hey Rosebudsaponi,

    That is cool.

    Mine are said to be from the VA counties of the same names. Do you happen to know whether any of your group ended up in Henry/Patrick Co VA or Stokes CO NC? Probably coincidence, but my Daniel gggrandma married a Turner.


    To be honest, I am not sure. The only reason I found these Daniels is because I was following the Turner. Something in my gut tells me no because these people were not very nomadic. Most of my lines never left the area and have been there for 200 years. I guess you could say we don’t like change, eh? 😀


    I’m looking for the parents of Josiah Daniel, Sr. born VA ( by grave marker) 1756 & married Priscilla Trent .b. 1765 Va m. 11-12-1787, Campbell Co., VA

    Also her mother’s parents. Her mother’s maiden name was Sarah Powell m. Henry Trent , 1719 Manchester Parish, Henrico, Va.Ther was an Aaron Powell on deeds who married Sarah Taylor, daughter of Anthony Taylor. Aaron & Anthony served together on REV WAR. Anthony married three times . A step-son was John West 3rd wife’s son. Anthony was also listed in Court as being the father of a child by a Judith Powell

    1777 ? VA.



    Magnolia, is it possible she was married twice?

    May be nothing, but search for Trent on this page:


    If that’s her, it may at least give you a clue where else to look. Tricky working around county formations.

    You and I may be related. My line is Bailey Daniel md to Phoebe Trent. AFAIK, nobody in my family has been able to go back further than John Daniel (Henry CO, VA). We don’t know for sure where he came from, but a cousin & fellow researcher suspected him being from a Gingaskin Daniel family.



    Sorry about that. I don’t know why yahoo did that. I check my spam everytime I log into Yahoo. I never know what I’m missing.

    I saw the John Daniel Gingaskin site a couple of months ago when I was googling Daniel/Northampton, Va.

    I took notes. My Josiah Daniel was the groom on the Campbell Co. Va marriage record 11-12-1787.

    My deceased Aunt Mildred Howard married a McCulloch and had two daughters, Dorothea & Jaqueline. She had moved to Norfolk, VA. In 1950

    one of them married a Mike Donahue. His son Mike ‘s wife Pam has a website: Winslows, Donahues and Beyond… They descend from Pocahantas -check it out.

    Some data is not correct. She listed Josiah Daniel, Sr. & and Priscilla Trent

    as being married 10 years later -1797 . then, she says my gg-gm , Mary ‘Polly’ Daniel ,Priscilla’s daughter, can’t be by Priscilla.

    I found “Polly’s marriage record 1818. Rowan, NC.

    The Campbell Co., VA record lists 2 Josiah’s and a Thomas Daniel. I think Thomas is the father of the groom or his uncle. Josiah later had Josiah Jr.

    younger than Mary ‘Polly’. I think Josiah’s father could be John Daniel .

    I found the Laniers and Daniels married . Elizabeth Lanier m. Thomas Daniel.

    A website I saw said the Laniers and Daniels traveled to Barbados together and Daniel sons were born and baptized there, in St James Parish. I’ve seen Daniels living in SC and VA. I think they are connected somehow. Maybe, a different Daniel line.

    I found a line of 18 generations of Byrds.

    Then about 19th/20th gen.

    Wm Byrd b. 06-17-1622 London,d.09-29-1672 Martin’s Hundred’Charles City County, VA.#1 m. unk –Foster ( Mary Daniel m. Daniel Foster _1st son named Richard-will give more data on that line later.)

    #2 Hannah Grendon ( I think she married 4 times/ Thomas Daniel may be another husband) f, Thomas G. m. Eliz. _ ?) lived ? c. 1702 Prince George Co., VA. Son: Wm. Byrd b.07-04-1671/ d. 1672.

    son: John B. ( by 1st wife ? Grendon?) next son : Thomas B. had /gs Thomas //gd Elizabeth b.1699-1752 married John Lanier.

    Daughter , Elizabeth Lanier m. Thomas Daniel.John L. & Eliz. Byrd had 3 daughters Mary B. madison, Eliza. B. Lanier and Tabitha B. m. Richard Jones.( I’ve seen records that say Elizabeth B.. Robert Lanier???–if so, maybe she married brothers or John is incorrect.) She had alot of children.

    The list includes Josiah, John, Thomas , .etc.

    She had a son named, Robert Lanier Daniel.

    * I have a note for Capt John Daniel, 1675-1716. generation 20.

    Also, I have found a Marmaduke Daniel who married ? Nancy Still-Cherokee. a son m. Emory . relation/ Ludovic Grant immigrant trader , Emory , also Cherokee.

    Could Elizabeth Marmaduke be the mother of Marmaduke Daniel?

    The site said marmaduke daniel’s parentage is connected to John Daniel ( England ) + his wife Ann Jones. Could Richard m. Tabitha be a relation?

    Also Ann Jones left a will making the sole executor , son, Thomas Daniel.

    What’s coincidental is the land is in the VA area where Wm Jones – brother of Peter and Richard Jones lived _ Nazimomd Rd.?

    I have notes . have to find exact will date, etc. I thought maybe ( because i haven’t checked too much the dates-that Wm might have left the land to Ann ( a sister or mother?)

    What do you think? We need help on this.

    Also, the other Priscilla trent m. ? 1782 – to ? John Wilson . One of Eliz. Lanier and Thomas/or Robert L. d. daughters sarah . a Willson/Wilson ( I have to check notes)

    My maternal gg-gf , phillip Howard had a brother Wilson Howard . I’m trying to locate their unk Howard fathe. he married phillip’s mother a rachel Howard , daughter of christopher H. and Rachel ?

    ( I think NC Gov. Josiah Martin is related to my Jenkins/Parker side, VA)

    David Parker m. Sarah Jenkins. Her father’s LW&T in Halifax, VA dated 1799 mentions them , family members and his name is John Hickman Jenkins/Genkins on alot of documents m. Anne_? They ha a son, JHJ, JR. and 2 daughters. I have their names and husbands , also. think his father / brother or someone named James Jenkins m. Mary Barnes #1 and Mary Cherry #2.

    PS dame3147@yahoo.com is my correct email address.


    Thank you



    I was surfing last night on my mobile and was able to get into a site about Powhaattan adopting a boy named Thomas Savage-cabin boy. He was the first English settler to learn their language.

    Capt Newport 3 ships.-brought Thomas Savage, he is supposed to be the forefather of many tidewater & EASTERN SHORE FAMILIES. Lived near Eastville- Savage’s Neck.

    On first supply.


    1 Susan Comfort

    2 Godspeed

    3 The Discovery aka Great Nusuahocks?)

    The Plantation of accomack had 396 persons in 1634.

    Commander Obedience Robins ( Nandua Creek to Accomack area)from Northampton , England .

    County name changed in his honor.

    Gody powell there w. thomas P. had argument with Mrs. Curtis

    The area: John Martin 4/1610, Col. Wm waters.

    Hannah m. Mr Daniel Crudgey


    I saw the John Daniel Gingaskin site a couple of months ago when I was googling Daniel/Northampton, Va.

    Magnolia, do you have a link for the site you mentioned????

    Afraid I have no answers. Others in the family have traced our line forward from John. But going backward is difficult. He just seems to have showed up all by himself.

    Has been awhile since I saw the research they were doing, but seem to recall there being at least two named Marmaduke.


    Hi Beeleaf !

    I have been researching Crazy Horse, NC-GA ( this forum) and the Lanier pages who have a sub-title Daniel . I just found a very good site that goes back 1600’s and lists maiden names http://www.annebabin.com/laniergenealogy.htm

    I’m having a bit of confusion with messages. I just got yours and Linda’s in my email.

    I have to go back over Crazyhorse and NC-GA.

    My g-gf Morgan Gene Howard b. 1831 m. Sarah Ann Foster b. 10-1832 d. 04-1932. Davie/Rowan, NC.

    Her parents were : Daniel Foster ? b. 1788NC & Mary ‘Polly Daniel m.


    I’m looking for Daniel Foster’s parents, also. His children were:

    Richard F. 1820 m. Eliza Garwood. ( on the Taylor Bible records/ general store list)

    Squire Wilburn F. b. March 2, 1826 m. Clemmencia Clarisa Click

    Andrew Jackson F. 12-27-1830 m. Sarah Dwire ( ? Dwyer)

    Ranson ( Ransome) F. 11-21-1822 m. Sarah Eliza Daniel ( She might be the daughter of Zadock Daniel & Sarah Lewis).

    Sarah Ann F. ( my great grandmother). m. Morgan Howard 12-18-1856.


    Mary Daniel’s parents were Josiah Daniel, Sr. b. according to someone who went to Daniel cemetery -Rowan-1756.

    m/ Campbell, Co. Va 11-12-1787 Priscilla Trent,b. 1765.

    f. Henry Trent m. Sarah Powell ( I’m searching for her parents also)

    They are mentioned on Trent website -Dennis Elder Pages.

    Josiah Daniel , Sr. I found in 1815 Rowan Tax list , Capt Tabb’s Co.

    300 acres by Stokes Quarter.

    Others on list:

    John D.

    Zadock D.

    Alexander D.

    Drury D.

    Capt Bessant’s Co. 387 acres to ‘Polly’ Daniel ( she’s listed on marr, record as Polly D.) and Betsy D. 25 acres.

    Josiah Sr’s and Priscilla’s children:

    1 Mary D. m. Daniel Foster 11-09 1818

    2 Wm b.1789 m. Polly Williams m. 08-15-1815.

    3 Pallaton D. m. George Lagle 10-10-1822 ( Lagle’s had plot next to my gggg-gf Christopher Howard and w. Rachel.) Ellsworth Ck./ Carter’s Ck /Linvil;le Ck ?area .)

    4. Jane ” Jincey” D.( b. 12-26-1794 to 01-09-1865 )m. Alfred McCullough 03-05-1818.

    5. Leucy b. 1790 m. John Buckner on 06-24-1807

    6. Anney D. m. Hamblin Potts ( some of these moved to Madison Co., TN 1820/1830).

    &. James D. ( b. 1790 -1848 ) NC to TN /08-16-1815. m. Mary Mahala Williams.

    Thanks Beeleaf


    Ann Jones m. John Daniel – LW & T VA 07-11-1749 ,made son, Thomas Daniel sole executor. Land Registry Book 8 Grant 130 acres , p. 428 Isle of Wight, VA & Nazimiond Va.

    I found he maried Elizabeth Lanier, Ch: Robert Lanier daniel, Thomas, Wm, John Aaron, Josiah , Sarah m. John Wilson ?, Eliz,mary,Ruth,Priscilla.

    Also, found John & Mary ( Stafford) mays beaufort NC ch lived in Pitt Co. Nc also mary may d. 1823 at age 106 yrs buried in Black Swamp, SC.

    Some children lived in GA.

    John May d.1763 Pitt Co. NC. Ch:

    John, Th, Wm, Seth d, SC Josiah, Eliz , Mary, Henry, poss .more


    Hi Beeleaf 🙂

    I have to edit my Josiah Daniel, Sr. list . I left out Josiah,Jr. He was born June 20, 1809 d. 01-13-1891 another date of death I found was in TN ( alot of the family moved from NC to TN. ) 04-19-1897.

    m. Hannah Foster 12-30-1831.

    I found a notation that Hannah’s father was Hezekiah Foster. Since Josiah Jr’s sister was my gg-gmother Mary ‘Polly’ Daniel (married Daniel Foster) I wonder if they are related ?


    Re: Gingaskin Daniels

    I read on a site about Marmaduke Daniel ( father thought to be Hugh Daniel.

    * Then, I found a Roger Daniel – Immigrant-1595 England to York Co., Va d. 1654. Son 1) Roger , Jr. 1619 b. Eng. sp. Ann LNU.

    2) Elizabeth no date 3) Darby 1625, 4) John 1626-16665)

    * 5) Hugh b. 1630 ACCOMAC- d. 1641 ENGLAND. 6) Wm b. 1631 Accomac, Va. 7) Thomas b. 1635 .? Va.

    (Marmaduke Daniel supposedly married Nancy Still -part Cherokee. One of thier children ? m. Emory , part Cherokee whose grandfather was an immigrant Scottish trader named Ludovic Grant. )

    * Miles Cary, a kinsman to Roger Daniel: He “left Roger Daniell land” called ” GOALE” previous owner, Goodman Heskins. (Maybe ? Hoskins.)

    Also, in a 1761 report in Granville Co., NC on taxation:

    “Mulatto, Mustee, Indian”- lists: ‘ Bass’ .

    I found Christopher Branch II ?

    LW&T 1727–(Wit: Henry Vanderhood, Seth Ward ( I, II, III, ? * married Katherine Smith*), Wm Baugh.


    1) Daughter, Mrs Mary Walters

    2) Daughter, Mrs Sissanah Bass

    3) Daughter, Mrs Obedience Chetham

    4) Son, Henry Branch was ( Wm Branch ? m. Jane Hatcher) brother ?

    Wm Hatcher m. Anne Burton, son, Wm 1695-1770 m. Obedience Hambilin Powell ( widow of Henry Powell) . I think her mother was Obedience Branch. 3 husbands.I have also found Anthony Branch deeded to his daughter, mary price. She also married a Ralph Boazman 9-Sr /Jr?and also married Stephen Powell.

    I found a notation that Commander Obedience Robbins. m. Grace O’Neill

    and that they had a daughter, Elizabeth who m. Daniel (? John D. ).

    Thomas Neil’s daughter m. Abraham Burton I or II .



    Ann Jones & John Daniel were in Barbados by 1655.

    What I see , it looks like Thomas, sole executor of his mother, Ann. is the one that m. Eliz. Lanier.


    !. Robert Lanier Daniel, 2. Thomas, ? (1740-1807)3. Wm 4. John, 5. Aaron, 6. Josiah ( d. bef. 1819), 7. Sarah, Elizabeth, 8. Mary m. John Ward, 9.Ruth, 10. Priscilla.

    My Josiah died 1830/40.my ggg-grandfather, Josiah Sr’s oldest son was Wm. 1789, 2nd James 1790 , youngest Josiah, Jr. 1809.

    No Thomas or james which makes me think Josiah Sr. is from another daniel line . One daughter called ‘Jincey” used alot on records of online site: DANIEL DATA NC- EDGECOMBE, HALIFAX, NASH, WILSON, WARREN –


    Member Ga-Nc Collins sent site:

    Jeffries/Jeffers from the beginning- http://www.saponitownforum.com/../showthread.php

    One site I need to check out more is : NC Courtcases 1819

    It lists Daniels and others geographicly: Sapony Ck/Swamp, Beaverdam Swamp, etc.

    NC census taken by Francis Jones 1786/87 #58 Halifax District #2 has Daniels: Lewis, Sterling, Jacob O. Daniel, Joseph, Sion, Ambrose, Jas., Wm,

    Aaron D. m. Dorcas Powell, Judiath, Ephraim, Hardy, Asa.

    Josiah, 2/1806 /adm. Charles Coleman , Ephraim d. buyers: James, Eph.,Widow Lemuel, Penelope Milicent.

    Jacob O. Daniel -Halifax 1795 –Th.and Marmaduke Young.

    Halifax 1801 Sarah ( Josiah’s wife, apparently, to Littleberry Abington –Marmaduke Young, Thomas Lanier, etc.

    Thanks Beeleaf


    Hi Everybody !

    I’ve seen the Sarah Barnes and Josiah Daniel sites.

    I’m still checking out everyone’s emails on this page.

    you can email me at dame3147@yahoo.com.

    I keep surfing -trying to keep up with the data.

    I’m basically trying to find the right Josiah Daniel. I did some research and found out that Ann Jones m. John Daniel b. c. 1615 m. 1635.( Eng) who made her son Thomas sole executor had a brother John whose children she named in her will. Joseph Daniel died 09-1712 Prince George Va. His brother, Thomas d. IW 1709 m. Eliz LNU. Joseph on the Quit Rent 1704. died soon after Thomas. Will: 01-03-1711 p. 158 recorded 09-09-1712.

    His will : w. Eliz. ? Reece left property to 4 sons 1 dau.

    Children: 1 Roger 1692 2 Joseph 1690 3 Thomas 1700/1710 4 John 1694

    5 Eliz. 1696. Eliz and brother Dr. John Daniel went to Brunswick, Va–

    father of Reece Daniel.

    * Thomas Daniel was on a list of Royalist prisoners transported to VA 1657 by Cromwell.

    * I read Ann & John were in Barbados by 1655.

    * There was a notation that Susan widow of John D. only son, Charles.

    * Thomas was by Ann Jones & John Daniel.

    I figure the parents of Thomas went to Barbados to get Thomas.

    * Joseph Daniel b. 1657 d. bef. 1724. ( probably brother of John ( Ann).


    The other day I posted some Daniel data.

    Last night I found some more.

    Josiah Daniel ( father, Joseph , mother, Sarah Barnes)

    Edgecombe Co., NC Estate

    23 dec 1805

    An account of sales by administrators

    Daniel buyers: James,Ephraim, Widow ( Treecy), Lemuel Penelope, Milicent, David, Asa, Zilpha, Joseph, Edwin, Levi


    *White Oak Swamp previously called Peachtree Creek

    Est 18 Sept 1806 Sarah Barnes


    Asa, Ephraim, Treecy ( Daniel died 1805 -see above)

    Isaac, James, Lemuel.



    Halifax was formed from Edgecombe , NC in 1758. I see deeds and wills

    Also, called Granville. I think it was originally all one big area under the name Granville/ Abrams Plains District. Wm Daniel, Wm d. Jr ,Drury D. and Hustee ( ? Eustice) D. in the area c. 1767 with James and John Daniel .

    Wm Branch w. Eliz ( witnesses for them 1763 Randal & Eliz Daniel .)


    In reference to Bailey -I found from Halifax WB 523=3-251

    Ambrose Daniel03-09-1795 wife Sarah.


    Brittain ( Britton) & w. Polly( WB 1815 with Polly and brother Willis)







    Ambrose Jr.



    Wit: Isles Cooper and Nancy C.

    Accts 1821 for grandchildren

    Matsy D.

    Sally d. Eliz D.

    Cloe D.

    and grandson -Valentine Bailey by Cloe-” Bond.”


    Another Will WB 615=3-332 Has Witnesses : Archibald Daniel, Lewis D.

    Wm D. Wm Edward and Jesse Read.

    Will of Judith Brinkley 06-20-1797 d. 11-1799


    d- Elizabeth Harris w. of Roe Harris

    d-Anne D.

    d-Salley Cox

    d-Prissilla Hart

    d- Polley Holt


    Sarah Brown Jones

    Joseph John Daniel

    Poley D.

    Robert Brinkley D.

    Wm Henry D.

    Leah D.

    Eliz Holt

    Wm Brinkley, son of Robert Brinkley dec’d

    g-d Salley B. d/o Robert Brinkley “


    An interesting entry is Edwin Turner b. Halifax, NC/ d. Messina , Sicily

    aboard a US Navy ship Will 02-15-1819. Died 8/1819

    Mentions sisters:

    Temperance Turner Knight m. Abner K.

    Nancy Knight wife of Stephen K.

    Dorcas Daniel wife of Drury Daniel


    One that has the naming patterns of Josiah Daniel, Sr 1756 who I’m supposed to be descended from is granville A 173

    Wm Daniel of Chowan to Joseph john Alston of Edg. 14 Oct _

    Edg. p. 255 feb 1770 $ to James D. for Fishing Creek Bridge $ ( pounds)


    David and mentions Josiah alot

    LDS film # 2363644NC


    Hey Magnolia,

    I’m not sure who is who there, but ya seem to have landed on some more of my relatives. lol

    Branch is my surname, related to Britton.

    Will have to locate the tax list for Henry Co VA and check dates…have suspected the first name Bailey may have come from a surname somewhere along the way.

    Don’t remember seeing the name Josiah among us, but who knows.


    Hi ! Beeleaf 🙂

    Yep! I discovered another Branch line.

    I get alot from deeds and wills but, the way they wrote things down

    you have to go back over them to figure out ‘ who’s who. If I see any Branch Britton connections I’ll post it to you.

    You might want to check out the Southall site. They descend from Branch.

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