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    Hi ! Sammaroq 🙂

    I descend from a Mary ‘Polly’ Daniel born 1797 to Josiah Daniel and Priscilla Trent. I think I saw another Mary related to a Zadock Daniel. NC


    Hi ! 😀

    I found Josiah and many other Daniels on the Pitt County, NC website. I had found the Briery Swamp Primitive Baptist Church minutes. I googled 1827/1828/1829. Josiah died 1830. It has old photos of many families. It’s indexed. I got a long list of Daniels -includes: date of death, name, father’s name, mother’s name, township, volume and page.

    Besides Pitt there is Edgecombe and Bertie Counties, NC.

    There is Grindle Creek, Tranter’s Creek , Letters of dismission from

    Great Swamp Meeting House, meeting at Van Norden’s Mill, Red banks Church, Shewarky Union,

    Families mentioned:

    Cooper, Clark, Mason, Lanier, Eborn, Jordan, Barrow, Perkins, Loyd (Lloyd),Boston, Newbern, Moor (Moore), Little, Vick, Harrington, Dudley,

    Telfair, Albritton, Bugh ( Baugh)?, Jolly, Tyson, Daniel, Langley, Nichols, Ormond, Ross, Whichard, Buck’s (mill), Daniel, Brinkley, Whitehead, Brazel, Jones, Stanly, Congleton, Kinsaul, Staton, Harris, Warren, Cummings, Speir, Hodges, Warren,Bell, Perry, Pearce, Hill, McKeel, Cherry, Bland.

    It’s a great website. 😎



    Do you have an addy for that website? I’m interested in seeing what

    they have on the Ross names.


    Little Tim

    John Henry Danels 1902-1976 – Ben Daniels 1866-1938 and lizzie Morris 1887-1954–Nathan Daniels 1836 -1916 Martha Owens 1839-1918 John Daniels 1816-and Harriet Kelly 1810.

    John Henry Danels married Lila Powers 1906 – 1991 parents are Isham powers 1872 ? married Lila 1880. All these are Native Americans but I don’t know how.


    Little Tim, what were their locations?

    Little Tim

    Mostly SC, so NC.


    What counties?

    Little Tim

    Born in Dillion, SC Lived in Mecklenburg County, NC He pastored churches all over NC and is buried in Rockingham Co., NC


    Hi You’all, 😀

    I recently found another Josiah Daniel. I’m researching Josiah who married Priscilla Trent.

    It’s been previously posted to me that Josiah was the son of Joseph Daniel & Sarah Barnes ( 1756-1805). The Josiah I’m looking for lived 1756-1830.

    If the grave markers aren’t wrong and weren’t put there ( Fairfield Road – Daniel Cemetery, Davie Co., NC) at a later date – which I suspect because both Josiah’s and Priscilla’s deaths are both on April 11th? and 1820 & 1830, respectively.

    I found that Josiah’s Uncle, Hardy Daniel married Julia Barnes. Their children were Lemuel and Elias were born 1745-47.

    Hardy lived 1720-1760.

    Lemuel married an Anna LNU. They had children:

    All circa 1768 + : Josiah, James, Julian, Mary, Nancy and Treecy.

    I found Treecy married a ” Sims” . I’ve also seen the name Treecy Powell. ( Priscilla Trent’s mother (born VA) was Sarah Powell).

    Lemuel’s Will is 1821. I haven’t seen it,.

    (Elias m. Mary Woodard and his niece, Julian, m. a Woodard).

    Apparently, Joseph gave land to both his son Josiah in 1779 ( Little Swamp)

    and also his nephew- Lemuel, land in 1779 . ( Also Little Swamp)

    Later, “Josiah ” lived in Rowan, NC. Lemuel died 1821 in Edgecombe.

    On the 1790 Rowan census is :

    Daniel, Josiah

    Daniel, James

    Daniel, Lyon * this is a typo- it’s Syon/Sion

    Daniel, Paul

    Daniel, Peter

    Daniel, Randal

    These Daniel’s are related.

    ( an Ambrose Daniel had a son named Sion, etc.)

    I ‘ve been wondering if Josiah and James ( on the 1790 census)could be Lemuel’s son’s ?

    Or maybe -Josiah is Lemuel’s son and James is Lemuel’s nephew? or Josiah is Joseph’s son and James is his sonborn in 1784 or Lemuel’s son, James?

    Priscilla didn’t marry Josiah until 1787 , so, I think their children would be too young to be listed . but, Treecy and Josiah ( Joseph’s son) had a son, James born in 1784.

    Josiah’s son “James” was mentioned in a Court record that said James’s

    land should go to Treecy the widow and Josiah’s heirs. ( unless what I read on-line isn’t the whole document).

    I don’t know why the document was worded that way if James

    is referred to as Josiah’s son. It seems to be referring that James had a different mother. :confused:

    I can’t find any information on Lemuel’s son Josiah. I ‘ve been thinking that maybe when Lemuel died -his son, Josiah had been dead and his land was given to his other son James and when Josiah ( Lemuel’s uncle) died 1805 -the Court decided to give the land that Josiah gave his nephew, Lemuel in 1779- back to Joseph’s original grant – to his deceased son’s widow, Treecy ? I hope I’m making sense.



    Have you seen this site before? There’s a contact listed for your line:



    :):) Hi , again! just went on link in my email.

    I posted yesterday.

    Thank you,


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