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    Nannanae;36490 wrote: just for your info

    mayan as a whole /cherry picked as that is ,…….are predomaniently Q this is also probably one of the Pheoncians type of sea people/ sea going tribes , but no one will ever admit it . but it is why Q is so high in the Jews.

    Nadene are predominately C at a very high % .

    I think you have very valid points; what IS the real history? subjective, with an agenda, at least, biased.


    kestep;36870 wrote: I think you have very valid points; what IS the real history? subjective, with an agenda, at least, biased.

    well fastest way to give you the info is to point you too things you can research yourself .. is where I hunted down the truth from the clues I was given as a child. I also find a few of my brick walls there and give links to where I found the info I was looking for .

    so like

    I knew the moon was involved with some event. But which event. because I could find at least 6 times in the Bible alone that had clear time/dates that had to be mega huge events , but they( science , churches, no one ) had any explanations as to what really happened during those events . so I needed to figure out which one of those events and which date had an involvement with the moon.

    You can also see there at the end where I found one of my biggest brick walls and that was trying to find How Shoeboots was somehow related to Chief Logan. it is through His grandma. it was so cool to find that ! I see now why my paternal great grandma was so (internally ) proud of her family. but the same clues that lead me to find logan helped me find these events that science has never questions and never answered .

    you can find my journey and study what or as I studied all these real questions ( no one answers )at About.com and google “Levallois in the USA” . this whole search has been a very long journey and that site can get goofy and boring so I will apologize now.. but I also know I was and am sneaking up on real truth with less than help from any scientificness and intellectualists, and all types positivists who are nasty negativist only when it involves everything they don’t believe in .. man I just want to find the truth amongst bunch of lies and political maneuvering or political manuring, take your pick..

    but I will tell you that no one should believe dna studies until science agrees with and really explains our and other world wide recorded EYEWITNESSED history including Biblical historians eyewitnessed history and time tables as well as oral stories ( but these sure do get really fuzzy world wide, because they are talking too cultures and not just all people ). when the Scientisms done that then we will see how many billions of years are left over for them to explain how a monkey evolved into a man 12 ft tall or more with two rows of teeth built to chew forever , and with 6 fingers , and how far it is we de-evolved to where we are now.. 😛

    or maybe science will have to admit , two rows of teeth built to chew forever and 6 fingers on the 6th day sounds way more logical than their monkey stories . Especially when they stole billions of years from mankind with their tectonic plates theory and a Pangea concept that it took billions of years to create the “Atlantic ocean” as we know it now ..

    but what if it only took one day just 3200 years ago?

    and 6ft down (average) is a certain kind of dirt .., but that dirt is under 6 ft averaged ( up to 40 ft ) of sand and nano diamonds ( from one side of turtle island to the other side of turtle island ( with what they call ice ) and water features like Carolina bays and many more such unexplained features . also in parts of middle east(especially syria to egypt ) , Mediterranean , Europe and north Africa. what if there is dirt that only matches the MOON in it’s composition. it is full of “rare earth minerals like thorium etc. That very real real event that happened caused the bonze age collapse from all of our people( from all the tribes on what were different islands ) those people who were people from tribes here but were left behind there . plus the fact that the water level dropped about 1200 to 1500 ft which collapsed their whole system there ( and here ) this cultures political structures and sea ports and city states were now sitting at that the tops of 1200 ft tall mountains sometimes thousands of miles from the ocean.. I mean they are still kissing moon rocks over there from this event.. and they picked our ancestors as their gods….. then best I can guess and all that water washed into the gap we know now as the Atlantic ocean. and why they are finding dredging millions of pounds a year of mammoth bones off of norway. it was most definitely not because mammoths were ice surfing or ice fishing in the Atlantic.. . I say Science has some splainin to do and whole lot of back peddling and more than a few shoes to eat! and some really HUGE apologies to make .

    well I hope that gives you a lot of clues to search answers for yourself. and don’t take anyones word for it.


    http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/12/13/secret-second-code-found-hiding-within-human-dna/ SPIZE !!! just think how much more they will know say in 1000 years. 😛


    My mother did a 23andMe DNA test. Haplogroup was H1, majority Northern European which was expected given known heavy German/English Quaker ancestry. A chunk came back as ‘unassigned’. The Saponi connection was too many generations ago and mixed male-female so was not expecting anything conclusive. What was interesting was the relatives. Even though my family has been in Indiana for the past 200 years the biggest geographical area for relatives was ‘Virginia’ closely followed by ‘North Carolina’. More than England, Germany or Indiana. Of the 40 relatives that came up for VA/NC 36 had surnames on Linda’s list of Saponi names.

    There were more than two dozen relatives in the U5b2 haplogroup mentioned in this thread. Also A,B,C and X haplogroups.


    Hi Everyone,

    I had my DNA tested with 23andme.com. My results are 48.5 % African American, 47.3 European, 0.7

    % Asian 0.2% Indian and 3.3% unknown. I uploaded my raw DNA to gebmatch.com and they gave a much better understanding of my DNA results. I was surprised to learn that I am 1.2% Pigmy. My African American genes are from West Africa. My European genes are of Great Britain and French descent.


    how much they mixed since then and with whom they mixed with since then , who knows.. but

    and Ollie grandma was Lady Cofitachiqui


    and anyone now we can all have an inner giggle .. when anyone says they want to be “traditional” and is cherry picking their own most special traditions and demanding that we follow them. All you have to do then is start talking about queens and litters… and no one is going to want to be traditional then, ROTF!! because killing their kings , destroying their god’s and ruling themselves wasn’t just a European thing it seems ..

    Yohl ig nal is the same name as Ollie .


    her grandson Pakal is thought to be 6 fingered and two rows of teeth Chief of the Mayans.


    and don’t miss this


    His Grandma Yoli was red paint clan from North America and why She ruled with out a male. the spelling should be more like ALLEG ( as in Alleg-ewi as opposed to mengewi ) biblical Elishah Vrs Menes ( see ‘Narmer stele’/ Mn for more info ) .

    so they Got Pakal’s his Mtdna and armed with that kind of info that they have kept secret..


    this is the first one for 3 I think .

    is that why they had to go find a finger bone from an infant in Siberia that is what around 24,000 -40,000 years old ! what a miracle a finger bone from a infant ( MALTA )and A 6 YEAR OLD ( infant and children bones which is not mineralized by the way ) but they lasted all those years ? which just happens to be U5 and an” ancestor to native americans “? and to think just by chance they found just right baby finger bone in Siberia even with a european mtdna .. what a miracle..?

    SO REALLY maybe they had to get their sciences lined up with their NEW lies ?

    Now a LOVING Creator who created man with Two rows of teeth built to chew forever when they find two rows of teeth rarely is any missing . maybe because the teeth replace like a sharks when missing , because MAN was built to live forever.. and six fingers on the Sixth day is just to complicated a thing for their kind of science.. it seems.. but we were not created to fall BUT TO CHEW FOREVER … to fall has always been about our choices. TO NOT WANT ANY GOD IN OUR SPACES HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT OUR CHOICES. THAT GAP between man and God is Hell.. man created Hell.. the all consuming , never content black hole in our souls is hell.. and man created it .

    now their latest lies because they found Pakals skeleton .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_heidelbergensis

    Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans are all descended from Homo heidelbergensis”

    from the so called small brained homo Heidlebergensis which they used to say was just 5′ 7 ” but now they say it is 7 ft . you all might ask why the change ? maybe because of Pakal and his bones and his 6 fingers and at least 7 ft of stature ( but hints are Pakal is closer to 9 feet tall or taller These little brained Giants they call them , who just happened to have built all their civilizations to start with and did feats that Scientism can’t match or even explain today.

    so who has the little brains exactly?

    and with those same tiny de – evolving for 6000 years of void in those brains .

    the question still is

    So who is your daddy?

    they are going after Aliens to be their next Creators /daddy . no they want Aliens, as in inner dimensional travelers ( not Mexicans) as their creators, Aliens as their very own demi -gods . at least they might be giving up promoting the lucky pond scum or monkey business ideas for awhile .. so now we enter the …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVSRm80WzZk .. and I am not convinced it is any better to finding real truth than their monkey business has been.

    but that is where they are going to take this.

    there is the info for you all to do whatever you will with it..



    so like I said a million times ! never ! never ever call your ancestors liars….. certainly not because of what you think you see or what you think you found, or what someone else thinks they see.. .. and never because of what scientism says.

    i will tell you ‘race’ is only 1.5 generations deep , that is it.. and they have been collecting and using that info to cherry picken Chinese / Chinos genetics who many got here in the last 500 years. .. to tell native people who they are not and to tell them where their ancestors came from. so Dna is all kinds of goofy.. they can’t tell you much more than what you see in the mirror..

    but that is exactly how they picked what a

    full blooded native was, by their looks isn’t that how everyone does that too to be honest ?

    … and that only means children of certain male lines will only Look more native in their computers and other wise. but may not be even a fraction of what some who does not look it at all is historically and maternally speaking..

    and even if other males lines were here all along and it is in their computer as european or african .. it will only give a European or African match.

    it is so sad what this DNA business has done to steal even more people history from them.

    very very very sad.


    Nannanae;37317 wrote:

    it is so sad what this DNA business has done to steal even more people history from them.

    very very very sad.

    I agree with you. The heritage/admixture results from 23andMe and other places can be looked at as another form of paper genocide. People pay money to these companies seeking validation of their oral history and end up questioning it.

    Since male children don’t get any of their father’s mother’s DNA, and female children none of their father’s father’s DNA it dosn’t take many generations self-reporting as European for the results to become totally skewed.

    The upside of DNA is sites like GedMatch. I have DNA samples from my mother, uncle and great-aunt. Seeing which people cousins match allows me to narrow down which line they are on. With people posting their genealogy there it is easier to get a real picture of their ancestry. All of my 20 or so cousins on GedMatch that have genealogy shared have NC/VA Piedmont ancestors.

    GedMatch is free and seems to be a grassroots effort. A lot of people think 23andMe is trying to become the Google of the DNA world and horde information so they can sell access to it, and that lowering their DNA test costs to $99 is part of that strategy. I’ve taken advantage of that low cost, but I think it’s up to us to take our DNA samples from places like 23andMe and put it on sites like GedMatch and SaponiTown where we can link it to what we know from oral history and genealogy.

    I can’t say I haven’t had doubts at times, but in the end stories have always proven true. The older I get the more I trust them. I’ve learned more about my heritage from reading Brenda Collins-Dillon than I have from all the admixture results combined

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