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    I have been checking out the family tree DNA site and also genetree.com, I am just sooo not a scientist, I have to read it 5 times to get it. But Thank you! I did find that I understood genetree a little more and I mean a little.



    I would like to take a DNA test but before I do I was wondering since my fathers direct line goes back to England and my Native blood comes to me from my 2nd great grandmother on my fathers side would my DNA show Native DNA since it didn’t come in a direct line? And if my DNA would show Native DNA which company or companies should I consider. I looked at ancestorybyDNA but didn’t read where it stated that it would tell you what percentage your makeup was. So I’m looking for some other companies to try. I would not want to spend hundreds of dollars and find out that the only thing they could tell me was where my ancestors migrated from but not my percentage of Native American or white or any other ancestors I may have. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.



    Dear Waitman,

    I visited the genetree.com site earlier

    this week.

    I’m no scientist either (I leave that for my brother,the physicist:D),but they

    do have one test which estimates one’s

    “continental ancestry” or “race”,if you want to call it that.It should tell you what

    % of one’s ancestry is African,European,

    American,or whatnot.As a triracial who grew up “Afro”,I’m curious what my ratios might be.

    Genetree also has a males only test

    which tracks the origin of one’s “Y” aka

    male chromosome.I hear that the Y passes from father to son without change!So,my Y is the same as my father’s,my father’s is the same as his

    brothers’,which they got from my paternal grandfather,which grandpa got

    from his dad,and on-and-on-and-on.

    There’s a 3rd test that tracks the maternal line(?)I think it’s called mtDNA(?)Don’t know much about this one.

    I’ve taken a lot of crap in my day because of my mixed appearance (green-eyed,brown complected,kinky haired,

    non-African facial features,multi-colored

    beard) from both blacks and non-blacks.

    Maybe another time I’ll talk more about this but for now I’m going forward with

    DNA testing and should know the results

    within the next month and a half.




    So, what company did you decided to go with the testing? was it the genetree co?



    Dear Roca, I checked out GeneTree DNA testing and it is just what I was looking for. Thank you very much. I am planning on taking the test very soon. I have been curious about my looks since I was a child. I have had friends question me about my looks and even when I went in the Army Reserves a Dr. at the examining center got all excited about my facial features and wanted another Dr. to look at me. I was scared to death wondering what was wrong with me. I didn’t understand until I started doing family research and discovered that I had ancestors from different origins. My hair was jet black when I was born and turned the color of a new penny when I was in the 5th grade and then turned black again by the time I was in High school. Even my eye color changes. My wife gets amused when she looks at pictures of me as I was growing up. I am looking forward to seeing what the DNA results have to say about me. Again thank you.



    I was wondering if anyone caught the National Geographic episode last night about scientific Adam. What Spencer Wells had to say was fairly interesting. The most interesting thing that I got from this was that Thomas Jefferson had Middle Eastern DNA in spite of his European looks.




    Dear Christina and Waitman,

    I did go ahead and ordered 3 tests from [url]www.genetree.com.

    (Tests previously mentioned;I am a male person.)

    The kit came Friday (ordered Thursday) by DHL courier services. (Surprising since I asked for US Mail

    delivery.)One gets 3 swabs per test

    and one deposit envelope per test.These

    go inside another larger envelope (self-

    addressed to Utah) along with forms and

    payment,if needed.(Can pay online.)

    Have no idea how fast they will process;I’ve never used them before but

    the brochure says some results might take 4-6 weeks.

    The client can choose the method of

    delivery for test results;I chose US mail

    and e-mail.




    Hey Sheree I did not see that but I love this new show called “DIGGING FOR THE TRUTH” and it is either on Discovery or Nat Geo, the host is not bad on the eyes anyway… They traced this group called the Lembda who were, by any ones eyes African buuut their way of life, music and worship was Old traditional Judaism, they are one of the lost tribes, residing in South Africa amongst other tribes who were African and always had been, they’re DNA test traced them back to Israel. It was very cool, how they physically followed their migration path. Anyway if anyone has like an On Demand Cable system, you can order it for free to watch.

    The other thing, you mentioned was that Thomas Jefferson was Middle Eastern but he had European Looks, The Middle East for some odd reason is considered Europe, why I don’t know, I am a good portion of Armenian Blood, which I consider to be Middle Eastern/Arab not European, mostly because it is clear to me that my ancestors of Armenia were not white but brown and their traditions, way of life ect… Is not Northern European Anglo Culture, other than the Armenian Orthodox Church, which roots itself in the family and teachings of God by Noah and his family. Long history lesson not going to go much more into that, but anyway. My point is that the Midd East is considered Europe in most circles, experience it all the time on job applications. Old Thomas had it goin on! I bet you money he knew he was not just Northern European.

    Ok so the DNA testing and our Indigenous roots to the Americas we know and LOVE, I will definitely check more into the genetreee.com, another thing I found maybe to be a little more reliable about their testing was that they use the mouth swabs, as apposed to the skin scrubbie. I had to do a report on biometrics and DNA testing for one of my Crim Just Classes and mouth swabbing is one of the best ways for proper DNA collection.

    And that is about as Scientific I can go on that… Officialy




    I saw that on TV yesterday. I thought that was amazing how they were able to trace their migration from one point to another and also to prove their heretage. Even tho they looked just like their neighbor’s. Just goes to show that you can’t go just by looks alone. Like the old saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.



    My Husband and I love that show we watch it all the time, a few weeks ago the host searched for the Mayan underworld, or the transition place from life to death and they traveled from the Yucatan into, I think Honduras. it was very cool.



    The History channel, Discovery channel and National Geographic channel are my favorite. You can learn so much by watching these channels.



    They are the best channels for learning, great if you have kids!

    The History channel has p’d me off a few times, dealing with Native American History and I have see some inacuracies before on there, Juan does not like how they have done documeteries and are not objective and tell things as if they were facts instead of theories. But Disc and NAt Geo, amazing programs! Other than ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover they are the only broadcast Networks who do Indian people any justice. Past, Present & Future


    vance hawkins

    I had the minimun (12 markers) test for our Hawkins surname. Oddly enough, the most Hawkins “halpogroup” (what ever tha is) they have uncovered speaks of a middle eastern ancestry. Hawkins? Is’t that as “English” as you can get? Makes ya wonder . . . some come from the Vikings, too. I can understanfd that, but the Middle East??

    If you have read the history of the Kelts, aka Celts, in historic time (Pre-Roman times, the age of the Greek City states) there were Tribes of Kelts first found in Asia Minor known as “Bythnians” near present day Istanbul, but on the Black sea. Later Celts are found in Switzerland, who are later in France, and are the Gaulic tribes in France, and they are the Gaelic tribs in Ireland, and are supposedly the ancestors of the Old Britons, 2 branches survive today — Cornish in Cornwall and Welch people in Wales. he Anglo-Saxon invasion did away with the rest of them. Also the Scotsmen in the North who invaded that region from Ireland about 7 or 800 ad. when they conquered the Picts wo had lived up there.

    Could this explain the number of middle eastern markers they are finding that they should not be finding? I don’t know . . . 🙁

    Still haven’t rceived any results. They said it’d take about 4 weeks.




    I had a respected elder tell me once that it is almost impossible for there to be full bloods left, the fact so many native people carry anglo last names is evident of that, (this does not include those of our people forced into bording schools ect to change there identity) My point is that what ever our people mixed with was from all over regardles of how white or english people claimed they were,

    I was Surfing on the Garfield Family website and from the time I was little I heard the Garfields were Welsh, well in my research I learned that they very possibly originated in Scandinavia went to France then to Wales and many ended up here, so when you look at one line, that one line could have traveled from many places, just as our Saponi people may or have come from the Lakota, and who knows maybe the Lakota came up from Mexico.

    We should have a seperate forum just to talk about Migrations, lol



    My last name Vaughan is Welsh. I work at a large Resort and we have people coming to stay with us from all over the world. I have been told more than once that Vaughan is welsh. When I was having a routine physical check up the Dr. asked me what my origin was and I told him the Vaughan family was from Wales he said that they were mixed people because England had been invaded so many times. I wonder sometimes if I may have jewish ancestors anywhere in my family history. It would be interesting to find out.

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