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    Adding to the list of names:

    My mother was a Leonard…Irish…Marjorie Irene Leonard..and i have not researched her much. She died when I was in high school.

    Surnames of my father on his father’s side are Markey and Webber…Swiss going back to Menziken, Aargau, Switzerland..

    It is on his mother’s side that goes back to Va early into early to mid 1600’ Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, Lunenburg, Mecklinburg counties and on into North Carolina before mid 1700’s in some names and by mid 1700 for sure in others. To Person, Orange, Caswell and Granville counties…

    Stott in Lancaster co va, English name but goes back to Scotland.

    Butler is in the Hunt line back in the 1700’s but my gr grandfather was Charles Butler Stott.

    Osborn, Marshall, Mcgannon (darby Mcgannon was in the revolutionary war) Tanner (Ggg grandmother born 1813 in Henry co Ky…and the Allen, Walker, Hunt surnames..Many of the Allen family descendants moved to South Carolina 96th district, to Ga, to Alabama (Perry co, Greene co) and into tn and ky.

    White and Wade are also direct ancestor surnames..

    Sue J


    To add to the previous surnames…

    The Hunt line married into Smith, Taylor, Butler, Hunter, Graves, Etc. and the Allen into Hudson, Melton, White, Howard (that’s Hunt and Howard as well as Allen and Howard) Scott, Bruce, Coleman, Richardson, Owen, Grant, Pulliam, Burton, Lewis, Anderson, Rhodes and Lowery and who knows who all as the families were so large…Sue J

    vance hawkins


    Were your Melton’s in North central Alabama? You also mention Webber and Lowery. These 3 surnames are Cherokee and were related to one another through marriage. Melton’s married into Doublehead’s family and Lowery’s were related to Sequoyah who was Doulehead’s nephew. Also it is believed by some Sequoyah’s paretnal grandma was a Howard.

    This might just be a coincidence without more details.




    The Melton’s were in Perry co Al, Coosa Co Al (more central), greene co Al, Tuscaloosa co Al and the Lowerys are from a Melton marriage..Franklin co Al and Coosa Co Al…earlier on Allen’s marry with Meltons in NC on Haw river in my line…I thought Webber was just likely Swiss but that one I need to research more..the mother of my great grandmother Katherine Webber was a second marriage for my Gr Gr grandpa Webber and the names here are Thompson and an Eli Brock comes in here by marriage too. But this is later in the 1800’s. My uncle told me stories of visiting the Webber/Brock/ Thompsons in Indiana….one would drink so much that they would put him on his horse passed out, slap the horse on the rear and the horse would take him home…there is much to research…

    sue J



    More info on people here in Indiana?

    I have the info on my gr. grandmother Katherine Weber born in Switzerland. Her father Hans Rudolph Weber remarried a lady named Fannie ?MNU…They had a child Fannie who married Eli Thompson in 6-3-1876 in Kosciosko co Ind. Otherwise, parents of Katherine were from Switzerland.

    Henry Markey is my gr. grandfather…No record of birth but he had to be Swiss or German as his son John, my grandfather, spoke with a heavy german accent. Gr Grandma Katherine spoke hardly any English. This is what I was told at least.

    What other info did you mean? On other lines?

    sue J

    vance hawkins

    If you do an internet (google or otherwise) for “Melton’s Bluff” you might find something interesting. A David Melton signed a treaty in Western Oklahoma — just 16 miles north of where I now live in fact — he and Captain Dutch, aka Tatsi or Tahchee were the only 2 cherokee to sign it. They ere from a band of Old Settler Cherokee who would raid Comanche villages for horses, also raided Texans and anyone else really. Tahchee was Sequoyah’s brother, so the same family ties . . . I think he was probably the only Melton to sign a treaty. I think there was a Moses Milton too, but might be wrong about that. Check these names on internet searches nad you might find what you are looking for. Hope so anyhoe. My computer is down and I am at the library or I’d look it up myself. I am saying this from memnry and my memory fails me sometime, but i think I am right about this. when mycomputer is up again I’ll send more links.

    Will Webber was called “red headed Will” and Webber Falls Oklahoma was named after him and/or his family’s descendants. There was also a Will’s Town in the Cherokee Nation east named after him. This might be a different set of webber’s tho as common surnames sometimes are easy to be mistaken about. Lowery’s and Melton’s are both Cherokee and of the same region, but it is possible there were White Lowery and Meltons in the area as well. Hard to know until you dig a little deeper.




    to be more specific with some Names of marriages…..

    All being decendants of Robert Allen and elizabeth Walker…

    Son William Hunt allen married twice..1. Mary Ann Owen, marr abt 1725 in Va..She was born in Henrico, died in Hanover. Daughter of Thomas Owen and Elizabeth Brookes.

    Children of…Ursula Allen Marr Gideon Johnson 1747.

    Nancy Allen married Nathan Melton, Sr. abt. 1757. She born in Orange Co. nc and died in Edgefield Dist. Sc

    Susannah Allen b Hanover co Va married Unknown Butler.

    Elizabeth Allen marr. John Morgan.

    Mary allen B aby 1739 marr. William Allen

    Sarah Allen b abt 1741 Married unknown Walker.

    Marr 2. to Frances Grant. Daughter of Thomas Grant and Isabella Richardson. Children:

    Frances Allen married Nathan Hurt

    William Allen marr Sarah Howard.

    Ann Ellenor allen b 1755 mar. francis Howard.

    Hannah Allen marr Henry Groves Howard, 1760 Granville co NC

    Isabella Allen marr Maj. Thomas Owens, Sr. They died in Harrodsburg, Mercer co Ky.

    Thomas Allen marr. Mary ann Jouett

    Grant Allen marr Tabitha Marshall in Granville co nc. They died in Smith Co tenn.

    Mildred Allen Marr Thomas Berry may 17 1781 Granville co nc.

    And these were just from the one Brother Wm Hunt allen of my Joseph Allen ancestor. There are many other names…

    Should I keep going?

    Sue J


    More info..

    Reg. William Allen Mar. to Frances Grant..the daughter of, Frances Allen who married Nathan Hurt. Parents of Nathan Hurt are Moses Hurt born abt 1726 and Ruth Turner B circa 1728 in Bedford Co Va…A daughter of Nathan and Frances Hurt, Mildred married William Winn b 12 april 1785 in S Carolina..Married in Adair co Ky and Mildred died about 1836 in Howard co, Mo.

    Another child of nathan hurt and Frances Allen is Peyton L Hurt who married Jemima Winn…Wm Winn and Jemima Winn are brother and sister…same parents Hohn David Winn and eleanor Hicks…

    Nathan Hurt and Frances Allen had the children mentioned above as Mildred and Peyton L hurt and also..Nathan Jr, Ruth, Charles, dicey, Sarah, Berry Jubal Hurt, nancy, Frances, Ceney, and william who was born mar 16 1782.

    More to come…sue J


    Cont. to last message…

    Nathan Hurt who married Frances allen..Father Moses Hurt and Ruth Turner had other children besides Nathan who were,

    susannah, james gorn abt. 1749 caroline co va, Moses, Elisha, Mary, Apphia, Bathsheba, William and LITTLEBERRY born abt 1761 Bedford co Va.

    Sue J


    More info…

    Josiah Allen Born 1734 va grandson of Robt. Allen,

    Josiah is father of Nancy allen who married Lewis MATHEWS Born about 1760..Children

    Sugar Jones Mathews married Martha?

    Cebelle Mathews marr. Thomas Pace and #2. Benjamin Carr

    Mary Quarles Mathews

    Josiah Allen mathews Born june 12 1803, in edgefield district SC

    marriedLucy Martin…Parents Joshua Martin and Celia Posey.

    Josiah died in Grove Hill, Clark co, Alabama.

    Drury mathews marr. Jane? Died in Louisiana.

    Elizabeth info

    Milbury info

    Sue J



    Thanks for responding to me..I went to Melton’s Bluff to look at but I had little time..

    I have to research the Meltons further..

    Nancy Allen, daughter of William Hunt Allen and Mary Owen, born about 1730 married Nathan Melton Sr…One of their sons, a William Alexander Melton married Lucy Daniel Allen..Her first husband was Samuel Williams..they married in 1779 and he died in 1780..had Elizabeth Williams born Feb 7 1780.

    There are several Melton children and many more Melton children and so on…..from both of these marriages of nancy and Nathan and then William and Lucy which tie the Allen’s and Meltons together….

    Lucy Daniel Allen is the daughter of Robert Allen III and Elizabeth West…Nancy Allen, Daughter of William Hunt..William is an uncle of Robert III. Robert II is William’s brother..both sons of Robert I.

    Nathan melton was born in Orange co nc. and son William Alexander Melton was born July 31 1761 Haw River, Orange co Nc.. He married Lucy July 03, 1783 Edgefield co SC and he died June 06, 1836 in Walton co Ga….If anyone desires, I can list many Melton children from these marriages, but I hate to be too lengthy…:) sue j


    Another connection…Another child of Robt. Allen III and Elizabeth West..Elizabeth born 17 Feb 1772 96th district SC married Thomas Melton, a son of Nathan and Nancy Melton..Thomas born in Moore co SC may 7 1760..died in Greene co Alabama.

    Looked on and some are showing Elijah Melton as another son of Nathan and Nancy..Married Elizabeth Batson (cherokee?) and then Ann Green.

    Sue J


    Well, I’m still confused with all this information and I feel we still need to verify some of these, but I’m getting the cattle prod to go ahead and post these. So these are all the surnames so far from my mom, backward to approximately 1790. Their original locals bounce from PA. to VA. to NC. to OH. to IN. and KY.

    Vondia Kinder

    Grandma Nora Sutton

    (Possibly Clay) Evans, Miller, Carlisle, (Tyrone/Tryon)(Cowen/Cowan/Cown), Hamored, Ferguson, Ricketts, Addison, Ashby, Twiford, Outten, Tibbs, Tamer, Reed, Hodges, Gentry, Staton.

    There may be others, give or take, like I said we’re not done yet!:) 🙂 🙂 Love & Light and Happy Hunting! Lynella.

    P.S. The Possible Clay, is Rachel Clay Evans. I have her both as Rachel Clay Evans and just Rachel C. Evans. :confused:

    Ebony Angel

    Can’t remember if I’ve posted this before as it’s been a long time since I visited.

    I’m looking for Jenkins (Josey-Josephine). Reportedly from TN born about 1876. Could have lived in OK but I know she lived around Parsons, KS in the earlier 1900’s.

    Bill Childs

    Ebony Angel,

    Tell me some more.

    Is Jenkins her maiden name?

    Do you know who she married, and about where and when?


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