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    Annette KingAnnette King

    Sharing my family names...Lambert, Christy or Christie, Waters, Feathers, Jones, Ellet or Elliot, Cullin or Cullom.

    All from western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. All of these branches are from my paternal grandmothers side and are thought to be the native heritage that is in our family. I am still trying to trace down information so I might be able to add names later.


    Hi everyone,

    These are the names from my maternal grandmother’s maid name of Corn. The furthest I could get was to

    John Adams CORN (not sure if right middle name, though) – b: abt 1726 in Albermarle Co., VA he died: 14 Oct 1843, Hendersonville, NC his wife: Mary or (Molley/Mollie) – b: 1730 – Henry Co., VA, d: abt 1770 (unknown where).

    John Peter CORN (Rev War Vet) – b: 15 Mar 1752, Albermarle Co., VA, died: Died: 14 Oct 1843 ? not sure if both his dad and himself died same time – if anyone might know for sure or not, please let me know, his wife: Hannah Elizabeth PARR – b: 14 jun 1764, Hendersonville, NC- d: 16 Mar 1853 Henderson, NC (is there a possibility of NA on that side, I don’t know for sure). I personally think PARR surname is an English name. Hannah’s mother’s name I have listed only as “Miriam” and no last name) John and Hannah had 15 children, well that is how many I have listed. I came from their son;

    Jesse CORN – b: 27 jul 1796, Ashville, Buncombe Co., NC – d: 22 apr 1875 in GA; his wife is Sarah SMITH, b: 1799 – Henderson Co., NC, d: after 1880 in GA. They too had 15 children. I come from;

    Solomon Smith CORN – b: 5 Dec 1828 in Henderson, NC, d: 23 Sep 1895 – Talhequah, Cherokee Co., OK; his wife is: Lydia BERRONG – b: 23 Jul 1836, Towns Co., GA; d: 1 jan 1924 Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., OK. They had 10 children and I came from;

    Columbus Franklin (Frank) CORN – b: 18 jun 1855 – Hiawassee, Union Co., GA, d: 3 Jul 1934 – Thomas, Custer Co., OK; his wife: Camila Jane LITTLE – b: 18 May 1850 – Union Co., GA, d: 7 Jul 1920, Thomas, Custer Co., OK. They had 8 children and I come from;

    David Lorenz(o) CORN – b: 24 May 1876 – Hiawassee, Union Co., GA; d: 19 mar 1939 – Thomas, Custer Co., GA; his wife: Ola Mable MCCRACKEN (although I recently found out she was adopted by her stepdad Walter MILSTEAD) she was b: 25 Mar 1884 – Latham, Butler Co., KS; d: 18 Jul 1967 – Thomas, Custer Co., OK… far as I know for now, she is as Irish as can be….I met her only once when I was about 6 or 7…I don’t think she has NA…I had my mtDNA done and found out she has Saami tribe of northern Scandanavia countries….mostly European though. Her daughter is my grandmother;

    Ethel Mae (CORN) Jones – b: 18 Jul 1903, Thomas Custer Co., OK, d: 16 apr 1997 – Boise, Ada Co., ID; her husband is: Willie Luther JONES – b: 18 jan 1900 – Putnam, Dewey Co, OK; d: 4 Jan 1972, Boise, Ada Co., ID. I had thought, surmised that my grandpa JONES might have had NA blood, but, so far, I haven’t been able to prove it or not…..They had 4 children. My mom is their 3rd child;

    Beverly Jean (JONES) MCNEIL she is still alive and well in a nursing home.

    Grandma Jones is the one who had told us of our NA roots and until now, I had given up on finding out for sure or not. If any of the above names sound familiar, feel free to let me know….perhaps you might have information I don’t have or don’t know about.




    Hi, everyone,

    I will post the family surnames I have to date.

    My paternal grandfather’s line: direct line is Shelton, Smith, Sharp and Freeman. Some of these have been traced to Tennessee and Virginia.

    My paternal Grandmother’s line: direct line is Miller, and Gillespie. Miller has been traced to Pennsylvania.

    My maternal grandfather’s line: Jones. This is my most challenging research to date, it is currently limited to my grandfather. He was supposed to have been born in Texas.

    My maternal grandmothers line: direct line is Homan, Fieandt, Burnett, Steele, Wear or Weir, Williams, Burns, Cordry, Thomas, Stephens, Kirkpatrick, Garton, Carson, Ewing and Alexander. These have been traced to Tennessee, Kentucky,Virginia and South Carolina.

    More to come, I hope.


    Hi everyone,

    My maternal grandfather is Willie Luther JONES his father is Luther JONES who was born in: Springtown, Wise County, Texas around the 1860’s….Luther JONES father is, Andrew Lawson JONES who was born around 1805, (as far as we know from census records) he was born somewhere in Tennessee. We have absolutely no idea what his father’s name is, etc….I have been told by cousins that the JONES married into the NA communities….but I haven’t been able to verify it or not….so far, it is just a family legend, so to speak. If anyone might recognize names, etc….please let me know. Thank you.



    Hi Everyone,

    Happy New Years !!

    I am adding new surnames to my father’s side of the family:

    I am now researching Hawks, Spencer, Hudson, Holloway,

    Spragins and or Spraggins,Roach, Callahan, Hallion, Venable,

    Jeffries, Watkins, Binford, Lunn and or Funn, Costell and Crawley .

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Osiyo, I am WayaGawonii and know of my Cherokee and Irish heritage but have heard yesterday that some distant Haliwa~Saponi was in my lineage.

    I was born late in my mother & fathers lives and I don’t know as much as I would like due to no one else being alive to help.

    The maiden name of my Great Grandmother was Massey…is there anyone here who has any knowldeg of this last name within the Haliwa~Saponi tribe?

    Walk in Beauty,



    well I do not know if this is the same family as mine but my ancestors surname was pronounced like massey

    but it was spelled like MACE. and Missey .

    some place up my line of Mace/missey/massey was Pohattan and Saponi.

    AT Rootsweb which pedigree is right I do not know as my great grandma mentioned both massy and parks are surnames I am somehow related too someplace some how .. so I am at a total lose as to which of the many Nancy Hopkin’s lineage are the right one. I really don’t know for sure … if I got the story right , all I do remember for sure is a little Pohattan and a lot of Saponi and some French blood , well someone spoke french anyway …but up that line of Nancy Hopkins someplace is a sister of Pocohantas, don’t know where she is connected in Nancy’s line though . it maybe direct.

    if you find yourself at some Pohattan up there someplace , I guess don’t be too surprised.

    I don’t know if the alliterate spellings will get you any leads , but most of our folks

    didn’t’ know how to write back then so don’t follow just one spelling or heck even just one name sometimes, as especially the later ones change their names a lot as they assimilate sometimes ….. , sorry it isn’t’ more help.

    I do not know if it is the same as yours or not .

    here is my line.

    David Collins 1850 and Nancy Hopkins.


    Thank you so very much Nannanae! I have checked it out. On my maternal side is Rogers and Weaver and on parternal side is Price, Dozier and Massey. I know what you ean about the surnames, it gets confusing when all I have to go by way up are Native names.

    Just responding has helped me feel more “connected”.

    Thank you


    I have now, in some old papers that did not burn up when the old farmhouse burned down when I was 13, a name of an Native ancestor, her name was Little Standing Deer. Without paying a fortune, I only found her name once and then had to pay $$ to see more. From what I have access to my Massey great grandmother was descended from her. This is somewhat confusing but I won’t give up. Knowing of my Cherokee heritage for so long, I truly want to find is Standing Deer was Saponi. Thank you all so much.

    Am honored to be here,

    Walk in Beauty,



    Sorry, I forgot to mention that Little Standing Deer was Mother to Andrew Standing Deer from NC., my great great mother was Indiana Massey (descendent from them) and married John Rogers in NC.

    My Grandmother was M. Dozier and married G. Price.

    Thank you again,

    Waya Gawonii


    well because of your Inquiry I went back to check boards following the massey/Mace/ Missey line back and checking for new info and inquires on those name boards and It looks like the indian man Alexis Laplante might be the connection to the Pohattan daughter as the LaPlante’s are looking for a

    indian “princess” up that line someplace also .. with some Iroquois blood also. which probably really means Alleg /Allegewi / Alle blood. but maybe she is up that Laplante line somewhere too .

    I had thought she was strait up grandma’s line but maybe not.

    and I do not remember Pocohantas sisters name ,

    so I don’t know if we are looking for the same lady or not.

    or yours Massey is a descendants of the one I am looking for also .. maybe your Massey hasthe same famous ‘indian princess’ as ours does .

    but I think we are indifferent years as the ‘rogers”surname would be more likely 1800’s time frames ?

    and I do believe that some of the massey/Laplante in my line are from Indiana or lived in IN also. but canada before that . so there must be some tie in.

    so when was your Massey ancestors born?


    GG Massey (you know I am not positive of the spelling) just had some old photos and before my grandma passed she told me her mother’s name was Indiana Massey and was Cherokee mix with another tribe but never said what tribe. My grandma was born in the late 1800s so I would figure her mother was born in mid 1800s(?). She was old when I was born. The papers I found were some that were saved in the attic of my grandma’s house (which was built after the fire of the old homeplace)and the reference to “Little Standing Deer” was clear and I could make out her son’s name “Andrew Standing Deer”….they seemed to have been passed on from mother to daughter for a long time. I do know that my paternal grandmother was a teacher and she wrote down her lineage but not much was savaged from the fire, sadly.

    You are right about Rogers….it was in the 1800s…that is my mother’s side and is traced clearly back to Ireland.

    Thank you,



    Hi, WayaGawonii:

    I don’t know if this information may be of interest to you, but I found this on Andy Standing Deer, circa 1891 NC in my searchings: near your timeline. If this is not your people, then I apologize for the shake-up!

    There is a wealth of information at this site; Cherokee Enumerations; Cherokee census of 1835; Wallace Rolls; Guion Miller Rolls; and more…

    Jessee and Andy Standing Deer, Cherokee, North Carolina, 1891


    Thank you soooo much JoniEvansBrockman! This is great info and with a picture. Andy Standing Deer could very well be the Andrew Standing Deer I have been searching for. I saw much family resemblance and believe he could have married my great grandma. Thank you!!


    ok I have a question about the surname Skiinner in IN /OH

    my my great grandpa was a Skinner, and my great grandma said her husband had some indian in him way back, but never talked about it. I know his mothers father was german..Moss and Shiner and that is what she said he identidied as.. so I have off and on tried to find the indians in the Skinner line , but no one knows to much now days..

    in searching for Our Massey/missey/Mace

    I found where there was Alexis Laplant or Messey who was indian, now when they were baptitized they had a “God parent” Named “Peltier” while they were still in Canada .. since we know that LaPlant line as Massey at least spend some time in IN.. could the sir name Skinner be the same line as Peltier? like the “english’ translations or version of the same name and meaning ? and maybe even somehow related to the LaPlant line?

    so my question is .. so in french catholic traditions who is the who gets to be “god parents” is there some kind of laws or rules for such business?

    so just in case , calling all “Skinners” and ” Peltier” do yo all have tale of a famous indian woman in your family too?

    and I will go check the boards to see if there is any hints of such a thing in those lines.. I never looked for that.

    thanks in advance for any help guys!

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