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    Linda CarterLinda

    Odd you should post again concerning Parsons, KS. We were just talking about Parsons families on the “Blackfoot Church” thread. Is somebody trying to tell us something?

    Here’s your old post.

    Ebony AngelEbony Angel

    Thanks for bringing up my earlier post. I stopped doing genealogy for a while because I was going bonkers and couldn’t get anything else done because I got so wrapped up in it.

    I hope this answers Bill’s question. I’ll have to check the Blackfoot Church board. My ggfather was reportly some kind of “preacher”. I had forgotten my gmother told me that many years ago.


    Ok, ready to post a few that I know….

    Father’s direct line: Walker, Poole, Sorrell, Cameron, Page, Spragg, McLean, and Goodrich…so far.

    Mother’s direct line: Whitefield, O’Briant, Pearce, Wilson, Stephens, Young, Peacock, Minchew, Towler, Moore, Farrar, VanHook, Hargis, Martin, Lyon, Nalley and Lee/Lea.

    And that’s just scratching the surface….oh, man….

    Bill ChildsBill Childs

    Ebony Angel,

    Okay, I’m looking at that 1900 Cherokee Co., Ks census.

    Earlier, (must have been feeling masochistic!) 🙂 went thru all Matthews/Mathews in 1910 Ks, Ok, Mo, Ar & Tx and all Jenkins in 1800 Tenn & Ks. Also saw the Matthews’ families next door in Labette County.

    So……, where and when did Josie die?

    Does the birthdate listed on the death certificate match the 1900 census month & year of birth?


    Vance hawkinsvance hawkins

    Melton’s Bluff —

    found at

    . . .

    The settlement of the Cherokees in the region known as Melton’s

    Village and the frequent passage of the Creeks, (which held the

    territory between the Oconee and the Alabama Rivers), soon brought the two tribes to blows.

    . . .

    which first reserved tract is to be

    considered the common property of the Cherokees, who now live

    on the same; including John D. Chesholm, Au, tow, we and Che

    Chout, and the other reserved tract, on which Moses Melton now lives, is to be considered the property of said Melton, and of Charles Hicks in equal shares.

    . . .

    Gaines Trace was apparently the first “road” in Lawrence

    county. Congress authorized the opening of a horse path, the Indians limited the load to 200 pounds, from Melton’s Bluff just north of the present Courtland through the southern part of Colbert county to Cotton Gin Port at the head of navigation on the Tombigbee River. [note: these counties are in Northern Alabama].

    . . .


    Melton’s Bluff was the county seat of justice while Alabama was

    a Territory. It was the first and largest town in Lawrence county

    and located at the head of Elk river shoals, on the south bank of the

    Tennessee River. It was laid out by General Andrew Jackson and

    his associates. The General thought a town above the shoals must

    succeed, while his relative, John Donelson and others thought that

    Bainbridge at the foot of the shoals, was the very site for a large

    town and they cut a broad canal through the river for a mile to the

    foot of the prospective town. Neither Melton’s Bluff nor Bainbridge

    was a success. There are no remains at either place. Melton’s Bluff

    was settled rapidly and all the houses were built on a line parallel to the bluff. The most prominent citizen in the place then and for

    many years was Isaac Brownlow, who died at Lamb’s Ferry in 1828. The settlement was named for a Cherokee Indian, Melton.


    Vance hawkinsvance hawkins

    View of the seven foot wooden Sequoya statue. Sequoya, (ca 1766–1843) famed inventor of the Cherokee syllabus, was born in TN. He is the only human in recorded history to single-handedly develop a syllabus. The giant sequoia trees were named for this great man. His statue also stands in the capitol building in Washington, D.C. His great-uncle, Cherokee chief Doublehead, lived near Melton’s Bluff in Lawrence County ca 1800.

    from Old Settler Rolls —


    1/4: Cherokee

    Clan: Long Hair Clan

    O.S. payroll-1894-96: Pg. 430 as John Melton (dead)

    Old Settler Roll-1851: # 111-Saline District as John Milton (alone)

    At the above website it says —

    According to Martini, Doublehead led raids on the American settlements in the 1780s and 90s and was also known as Chugilague. He held a large reserve near Muscle Shoals (Alabama) in 1803. Accused of profiting by a treaty of 1806, he was murdered on August 9, 1807, by a party of men that included Alex Saunders, Bone Polisher and Major Ridge (Ridge later signed the Treaty of New Echota and was murdered in 1839 by members of Chief Ross’s party which included Bird Doublehead, Doublehead’s son). Martini also cites a source as saying Doublehead was a brother to Tahlonteeskee, John Jolly (Ooleeteeka), Nettie Carrier, War Hatchee, Pumpkin Boy, Old Tassell, Sequichee, Hanging Maw, Wurteh (mother of Sequoyah), Nancy Hite and Ann Melton (wife of Moses Melton). In addition to Bird Doublehead who later became a judge in the Saline District (1843-47, Doublehead had two daughters who married Chickasaw Chief George Colbert.

    The Commissioners this day received a letter from John Rogers one of the Cherokee councellors informing them that David Melton, John Brown and Dutch had been appointed to represent the Cherokee Nation at the proposed Treaty with the Prairie indians. The Commissioners drew a check on the Union Bank of Louisiana in favor of Thomas B. Ballard for four hundred and twenty dollars being the amount due him in full for the hire of his wagons and teams employed in transporting Indian presents from Fort Gibson to Camp Holmes.

    The above treaty was with the Plains tribes, and David Melton and Tahchee (Captain Dutch) signed it for the Cherokee. For some reason John Brown was not present.

    That’s all I have on Cherokee Melton’s.




    🙂 Hey, THANKS! This was a lot of awsome info. I just got off a site with a very long list of Cherokee Surnames. Theres some on there that we have on here. Even some of mine, but one of them Sutton, they say is Cherokee, while Bill found them to be from England, I believe…….I can’t recall for sure, I’ll have to check. They have Akins, Reed, Hodges, Evans, a bunch! Love & Light, Lynella.;)



    Thank you so much!

    This is not what I found when I looked…and this is wonderful!

    If Moses is born 1780 in North Carolina Married ___ Crow, then

    his ancestry goes back to Richard Melton II born 1670 New Kent co..Moses father Jeremiah married Nancy Keen…Elijah-brother to Moses? married elizabeth Batson, cherokee born 1780..This would be the same Melton’s married into the Allen family back to New Kent co also.

    I need more time to pull together what info I do have..Nathan Melton was on the Haw River mid 1750’s…

    This Moses died in Ga 1863. Don’t know if I’m on this right track but we will see.

    Thank you again:) Sue J


    Originally posted by vance hawkins

    …The Commissioners drew a check on the Union Bank of Louisiana in favor of Thomas B. Ballard for four hundred and twenty dollars being the amount due him in full for the hire of his wagons and teams employed in transporting Indian presents from Fort Gibson to Camp Holmes…

    That Ballard name is interesting. I have a John BALLARD was married in Greene County, Ohio to Susan Caroline DAY, daughter of Dudley DAY and Mary JEFFRIES. According to the one census record that I have for him, he was born abt. 1845 in North Carolina. He died in 1872 and Susan married my 2nd great-grand-uncle, John JONES. After John Jones’ death, Susan applied for his pension, and a J. B. BALLARD of West Carrollton (Montgomery County), Ohio was a witness for her.


    Vance hawkinsvance hawkins

    Glad to be of help, Lynella.

    Thanks Sue, hope it helps. If it is talking about 2 Moses Melton’s, perhaps they knew each other or were related. Quite frequently in many families in those days they used the same names over and over from one generation to the next.

    Stacey, it was my Wayland ancestors that were at Fort Gibson, IT, in 1830. They married into my Richey family in Arkansas in 1848. My Richey’s were in Indiana (Gibson County) until 1844. A direct ancestor, John Richey (1797-1861) married Mary (Polly) Wood(s) in 1819. While in Indiana, other of those Wood’s married some people surnamed “Day”. Someone was here a while ago and posted it, but I forget who.

    Interesting coincidence ?? . . . 🙂




    I found the posts you mentioned from last year. In reading through them, I found some more interesting names (WOOD(S), WHITE, COTTRELL, BROWN, RICHEY, DICKSON, HARRIS) that were mentioned in that thread are also in the 1850 Greene County census records. The RICHEYs were on the same page as the BROWNs, JEFFRIES and WHITTINGTONs. One of the BROWNs and also a POUGE were listed as being born in Indiana. Also, I didn’t see any WAYLANDS, but there was one family of WAYLENT, with the oldest a James being born 1824 in Indiana. Is this just all too coincidental?

    In regards to the DAYs, the farthest back Marla had was a Laban DAY, b. 1804 in Kentucky. I have been unsuccessful in finding Dudley’s parents or siblings, so I don’t know how to go about trying to connect these families.

    Here is what I have on the Day family of Greene County, Ohio…

    Dudley DAY (b. 1815) and Mary Ann JEFFRIES (b. 1817) were both born in Virginia and were married July 8, 1837 in Greene County, Ohio. They had at least 13 children…

    1) Charles T.; b. 1838 in Greene County, Ohio; married Sarah “Ann” RANDALL, daughter of Ezra RANDALL and Clarissa THOMPSON

    2) Daniel; b. 1839 in Greene County, Ohio; died in Tennessee during the Civil War

    3) William H.; b. 1840 in Greene County, Ohio; married Amanda REED, daughter of David and Susan REED

    4) Margary Ann; b. 1842 in Greene County, Ohio; married William H. REED, son of David and Susan REED

    5) James R; b. 1846 in Greene County, Ohio; married Susan “Anna” Unknown

    6) Mary E; b. 1850 in Greene County, Ohio

    7) Susan Caroline; b. 1851 in Greene County, Ohio; married (1) John BALLARD, (2) John JONES, son of Harvey JONES and Martha ROSSER

    8) Silas D.; b. 1853 in Greene County, Ohio; married Elizabeth RADER, according to an online tree, daughter of Daniel RADER and Nicy HOLLINS

    9) Dudley O.; b. 1854 in Greene County, Ohio; married Ella FRISE

    10) Nancy J.; b. 1855 in Greene County, Ohio

    11) Josiah (or Joseph); b. 1857 in Greene County, Ohio

    12) Sarah Charlotte “Ladie”; b. 1859 in Greene County, Ohio

    13) George F.; b. 1860 in Greene County, Ohio; married Maggie PURCELL, daughter of Patrick and Sarah PURCELL

    I didn’t find any of these particular DAYs in Gibson County, Indiana, but Dudley O. and Silas were both married in Wayne County, Indiana in 1874. As far as I can tell, most of this family stayed in and around Greene and Clark Counties in Ohio, with the exception of Silas. He is the only one that I have found census records outside of Ohio. By 1880, he was in Edgar County, Illinois. His youngest child was born in Kansas in 1885. His widow then married Jacob SMITH, had another child in Kansas in 1893, and by the 1900 census, this family was living in Woods County, Oklahoma Territory.

    The grandkids for which I have spouses’ names married into LOPER, MULLEN, BARNES, BUTT(S), HUPMAN/HUFFMAN, INSKEEP, CHAMBERS, and NAVE families.




    I have a few of your names but the one that caught my eye, because I have not seen it on the forum here from anyone other than me, is Butt. They intermarry with my Huston/Green line, coming from Berkeley County, VA (now WVA) originally, and going with them to Licking County, OH.




    That’s neat. The BUTT/BUTTS (I have seen both on census records) that I have is a Joseh T. BUTT(S). He was born abt. 1860-62 in Virginia (or West Virginia). He married Arminta Ellen “Minnie” REED, daughter of William H. REED and Margary Ann DAY and granddaughter of Dudley DAY and Mary Ann JEFFRIES. Joseph and Minnie had 3 children: Fauna, Roscoe, and Ohmer. I don’t know who Joseph’s parents were, but in the 1880 Census, he was a servant/farm laborer a HEDGE household. In the 1880, 1900, and 1910 census records, he lived in Greene County. I didn’t see Joseph, but there are both BUTT and BUTTS buried in Greene County Cemeteries. I don’t have the actual dates on them, I just have the index. If you want the list of them, just let me know.



    Hey! Just nosing through your info. and it is quite interesting. I’ve got Reed way back. I think, not sure off the top of my head, but Polly Hodges married a William Reed. I know Hodges were in Scioto, Ohio on I think 1830’s census. Not clear on the Reed fellow yet. And there’s a possibility Polly was a nickname. Bill refers to her as Mary “Polly” Hodges. But, he’s hit a bit of a bump on that one. Anyway, just visiting! You’ve got some good info. here though. Love & Light, Lynella.:)



    I am looking at my Green genealogy. Dinah Darke Butt marries William Green about 1763 most likely in Prince George County, MD and dies in Shepherdstown, VA, now WVA. Oh, did not realize it, but she then is my direct ancestor. I thought the name married into mine. This family lives near my Swearingens and near Odells. This is a name on this forum.

    Anyway, the Butts continue to intermarry with the Greens but my information then moves to Licking County, OH where they all settle. No further Butts are in my direct line. However, I am finding that other Butts on my list marry Days also:

    122. ABI ADELIA8 BUTT (BASIL7, RICHARD6, SARAH ANN5 GREEN, WILLIAM4, ROBERT3 GREENE, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born March 30, 1853 in Monroe Twp, Licking Co, Ohio, and died 1888 in Johnstown, Monroe Twp, Licking Co, Ohio. She married SQUIRE JOHN DAY 1872 in Licking Co, Ohio, son of TRUMAN DAY and ELIZABETH. He was born February 28, 1847 in New Bethel, Clermont Co, Ohio, and died June 20, 1924 in Monroe Twp, Licking Co, Ohio.

    More About ABI ADELIA BUTT:

    Burial: Green Hill Cemetery, Johnstown, Licking Co, Ohio

    More About SQUIRE JOHN DAY:

    Burial: Green Hill Cemetery, Johnstown, Licking Co, Ohio

    Children of ABI BUTT and SQUIRE DAY are:

    233. i. MILTON9 DAY, b. February 23, 1875, Monroe Twp, Licking Co, Ohio; d. 1947, Johnstown, Licking Co, Ohio.

    ii. HOMER DAY, b. Abt. 1877, Monroe Twp, Licking Co, Ohio.

    I really should go through and pull all the names out of this genealogy and post them. I did not put it together; a cousin did. Many names are already here.


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