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    My paternal great grandmother died when I was very young but was always told that she was “blackfoot”. Dora Ridgeway may have been her name. Have you run across that name at all in connection with eastern siouxan names? She lived right next door to my grandmother in New Florence Missouri and was married to Henry ” Pink” Johnson. I remember that she and my grand mother both looked more native american than any picture I ever saw of Red Cloud or Sitting Bull. :))


    Greetings, Burmat, from someone who used to live in Missouri,

    I did a search of the forum and came across your name in another post, but the reference was to Nanticoke in Delaware. You can find that reference if you use the search button at the top left.

    I too, have the Blackfoot story in my family. My ggggrandmother, born in 1814, came from western PA and said she was Blackfoot. She married into other mixed folks and followed them to Iowa. Many of us have looked into a connection of this Blackfoot ID with Blackfoot Town that was in Delaware in the mid-1700s. I have found many of the names of people in my family that I believe to have been NA in DE at that time.

    There also was a Blackfoot Church and there is a Blackfoot Cemetery established by that church in Pike County, IN.

    Welcome. Hang around. There are sure to be more Ridgeways who join us, especially since the name has already appeared here. If you post your names and dates to the genealogy forum, Bill might be able to find a few more of your folks.



    Thanks for the response. I will try the search function.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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