Haliwa Saponi and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

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    Thought it was important to share this post:

    People of Hollister, if you care at all then stand up!! We took this to the tribal council at the last meeting and informed them of their doings and how we felt opposed. It’s clear that it’s gonna be our youth that has to step and raise a stand to these issues. We will continue to raise awareness and make a bigger stand. Along with our brothers and sister that are making the stand in North Dakota. #NODAPL #NOACP!!!

    So apparently we are on a list of supporters for the ACP. Myself and a large number of our tribal citizens are against this. We care about our future, yet the elected officials YOU voted for don’t. Its not about IF a spill happens but WHEN! We need tribal leaders who have a 7th generation mindset and obviously, due to the decisions THEY have made without including the people they do not think this way . But they are for the people huh?

    And for the record folks. The same people that were so passionate about voting for the people holding positions currently, the ones who made this decision, are the ones who were moaning at tribal meetings about bringing things to the peoples’ attention and giving us input. So. Yeah


    Matthew Richardson posted this on Sept 10:

    Today marks a victory for the Haliwa Saponi Tribal Body. Pi:láhuk to those who were able to attend.

    Cred: Karen Lynch Harley

    The Tribal Council motioned and approved this morning a letter be sent to retract and remove the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe from the Listed Supporters of the Atlantic Pipeline.

    The Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is an interstate natural gas pipeline that will serve multiple public utilities and their urgent energy needs in Virginia and North Carolina. Dominion, is the company handling this effort and gave the Council the impression the Pipeline would offer numerous job opportunities and economic development.

    The initial letter was sent out after the entire Council had much discussion on this issue without information on the reprocussions of such an action.

    Today after much discussion a motion was made and carried to retract our support.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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