Harris, Goins, Moore families of Rockingham Stokes County, North Carolina

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    Linda CarterLinda

    There is no federally recognized tribe that has treaty rights from your Ancestor’s vicinity. There are some state recognized groups who likely hale from the same tribes are your family, but they are all quite insular. I’ve heard of some who rescind tribal rights to people who need to move to another county or state for work.

    One thing at the bottom of this is that, if they want to gain federal recognition, the BIA guidelines dictate that they can only have people on their rolls who have lived in the same physical community with schools or churches meant just for them, because they were living outside of the mainstream culture, or other ethnic groups. It’s all very political and often quite unpleasant.

    You don’t need to apply for anything. Do you have other ethnicities, races, nationalities in your heritage? Does anyone ask you to prove them? Does anyone even doubt you when you state them? It should be the same for this. You have every right to claim your own ancestry, there’s nothing you need to prove to anyone.

    To have any document like you have that states your Ancestor as Indian is a rare thing in the Upper South. You have a lot to offer others who are trying to figure out their own ancestry, who may have ties to your family and the community they lived in. Perhaps there will come a day when groups like this will have some process to be validated socially that won’t have all the political nonsense going on., and you and other families tied to yours can get that recognition, but the process needs to change a good deal before I’d recommend it to anyone.



    I found an interesting connection from:

    Alexander Maddox 1600-1660

    d- Elizabeth Maddox m. Captain Phillip Fisher ( He was a witness with Edward Moore on the Will of Richard Bayly/Bailey1661)

    Alexander’s son Lazarus Maddox had a daughter named Mary Maddox born in Manokintown/ no mother mentioned.

    Mary Maddox m. John Waters s/o Lt. Col. Wm Waters & Dorothy Marriott.

    d- Mary Waters m. Dr. Thomas Denwood

    s/o Arthur Denwood m. Esther Robins d/o Major John Robins. + Esther Littleton

    s/o Colonel Obedience Robins m. Grace O’Neil

    Parents of Mary Robins b. 1642 m. Captain Thomas Savage

    s/o Ensign Thomas Savage.

    Debra bdebra b

    Hi Thomas,Hope you are feeling better by now. I went up to goinstown today. We stopped at the harris cemetery.I did see a emma goins there,but I could not find pete hickman her father. I don’t know if I told you someone sent me pete or peters death certificate on it his race is colored.His sisters died in forsyth county and they are listed white I feel like I am going round in circles sometimes, but its fun. debra

    Debra bdebra b

    Hi Bill I am a decendant of the richardsons and goins. I am trying to find information on a polly goins who had children by john rickman. Polly was born around 1800 I think she is like a 3 or forth great grandmother.My line starts with nellie or nealie richardson her mother jennie hickman richardson her mother mazariah rickman her mother eliza rickman her mother polly goins. starting from mazariah this is info from other sourses.from looking at census and other peoples trees on ancestry it is hard to tell if polly is elizas mother or mother-in-law. debra

Viewing 4 posts - 91 through 94 (of 94 total)
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