Has this happened to one of you?

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    I am sure we have some drum singers on this board but I want to know if this just happens to me and my brothers.

    Have you ever been sitting in your camping chair getting ready to sing, or sitting in your chair in a talking circle and your camping chair COLLAPSES LIKE IT WAS MADE OF TWIGS. ahahahahahah I cannot tell you how many times that is happened around our drum.

    Ok I may be alittle chatty but I am making up for 2 years here!

    Dont be offened it’s just a joke ( I heard from a Lakota)

    You can use this for any neighboring tribe of your choice LOL

    Why do Saponi people use clear trash bags?

    So the Cherokee can go window shopping—- geeesh

    I heard it told originally

    Why do Anishinabe use clear trash bags… so the Lakota can go window shopping.

    Ok I got another one

    A Lakota man passes from this earth and goes to Heaven, he is greeted by St. Peter, as St. Peter is showing the Lakota man around & they come to a group of lodges, St. Peter says ssshhhhh

    be quite. The Lakota man asks St. Peter why? St. Peter says because the Anishinabe think they are the only ones here.

    ahah ok too funny



    Here’s one I heard today:

    During the French and Indian War, the Mohawk were allied with the British.

    One day a French regiment was marching toward an important fort when the scouts spotted a lone Mohawk warrior standing on top of a hill. The regimental commander sent order to have a squad ofen apprehend the warrior for questioning. He then watched through his spyglass as the squad approached the Mohawk. The warrior waited until the last moment before stepping forward and grabbing the nearest French soldier by the throat. The scuffle kicked up enough dust that the colonel couldn’t see what was going on. After a few minutes, the dust settled to reveal the Mohawk warrior still standing there with the bodies of the French soliders strewn about.

    Outraged, the colonel ordered an entire platoon up the hill to capture the Mohawk. But the result was the same. Next, an entire company was sent up the hill. This time, the Mohawk even took his warclub in hand. After several minutes, the dust cleared, and again the colonel was astounded to see the Mohawk standing amidst the scores of bodies of French soldiers, with one bruised and bloody soldier staggering back down the hill. The survivor was quickly led to the colonel to report what happened.

    “Don’t send any more men up there, Colonel. It’s a trap!” groaned the wounded man. “He’s got a Mohawk woman up there with him!”



    Linda that is tooooo funny I will have to remamber that one lots of Mohawk and Delaware folks up here. Shoot 2 of my best friends just got married The man is Mexica and his wife is Ojibe but they have this running joke that Anishinabe woman are not to be messed with and he pretends to hide behind her. He really not that far off, though they are compasionate loving people I know some who would make you cry with one look. Thats when I go hide… LOL

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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