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    Just wanted to wish all a Beautiful Memorial Day Weekend! For those of you who are traveling and others who might hit a Pow Wow this weekend have a safe journey!

    My plans have changed we were going to Wisconsin for the Ho Chunk Pow Wow, now we are staying in Michigan and going to set up in Cadillac for their Pow Wow. Just wanted to let you know if you end up sitting around the house and wanted to take a road trip up to Michigan. The Pow Wow will be in Cadillac at the Wexford Fairgrounds Saturday and Sunday bring your Fishin poles we are right by good fishing spots on the Manistee river!

    It’s not to far for you Ohio folks it is about a 3-4 hour drive from the Michigan border, up the west side of the state.

    Thankyou to all those who have served their Nations and this Country fighting for freedom.

    Chi Migwetch!

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