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    Imani KushanImani Kushan

    Hey everyone! My name is Chasity Cliborne (aka Imani). My mother was Betty Lou Garrison, daughter of Babe Ruth Garrison and Virginia Hope Whitby. My mom passed when I was 18, and I wasn’t raised around my dad’s family…so for about the last 12 years, I’ve been working on my family tree. I’m trying to put my history together. Going in, I knew my mom’s family was mainly from Mecklenburg/Brunswick area, with her paternal side also being in KY…and my dad’s family was from around the same area…also some in Henrico/Richmond. I knew my mom was part Native…what tribe…what line was a mystery. Also heard we were Portuguese growing up…later heard Melungeon from older cousins.

    Maternal Lines: Whitby, Lambert, Garrison, Malone, Green, Bass, Woolum, Embry, Tanner, Moore, Lynch

    Paternal Lines: Pettus, Scott, Green, Chalkley, Hardy, Moon, Davis, Love.

    My research has turned up more than expected, and I was able to trace some line pretty extensively. For example, I am a direct descendant of the Bass/Basse family (Nansemond–thru William Bass) thru my great grandmother’s Malone maternal line. I have hit some hard blocks…and I’m hoping some people who are familiar with that area and it’s history can help me. Even if it’s just a small clue…a name…anything…I’d be forever grateful. To make this easy, I’ll just make a short list of the initial people I have the worst blocks on!

    Carrie Whitby: 1829-1880. Fought in Civil War. Listed as dark complexioned/light hair…father Whitby. His grandson, Henry Clay Whitby aka Buck was my great grandfather. I have no information on him. I would love parent’s names…or any information on families the Whitby’s married with.

    Sarah Sallie Conner: Mother of Henry Clay Whitby (Buck). Born about 1862. No information otherwise.

    Cynthia Green: 1811-1880. Wife of Pascal Wray. She is my 5th great grandmother. I do not have any information on her. From Brunswick VA.

    Viney “Vena” Lynch: From Brunswick. 1778-1885. Mother of Pascal Wray. Missing information on mother’s side.

    Sarah Frances Embry/Embrey. 1819-1907. Daughter of Beverly Embrey (her father, served in War of 1812). Wife of Jackson Garrison. Her mother was supposedly Mohawk. I can find no info on her father’s family…or record of her mother’s name anywhere. From Fauquier County VA.

    Some of these lines are the ones I’ve heard are possibly Native or of African ancestry/mixed. Any information is welcome. Anything I can help anyone with, feel free to ask. Beyond these blocks, my research may help someone else!

    I appreciate everyone’s time…attention…effort.


    Hi Imani,

    Curious to know more about your Moon line. Where they part of the Quaker Moon Colony of Samuel Moon?


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