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    Rick Cassidy

    Here are some of the names and dates of some of my fathers people .Some where suppost to be Catawba , and Creek but I can not find anything

    Reuben Cassidy m. Elizabeth Bone she was b. 1826 d.1864

    Sallie Outen

    Elizabeth(Lizzie) Stewart b.4-24-1877 d.2-15-1939

    Alice Ammons b2-01-1883d.2-01-1926

    Daisy Brannon b.9-07-1889 d.2-15-1968

    Lenna Jones b.10-18-1890 d.10-30-1907

    Daisy Shehorn b.9-09-1895 d.01-13-1954

    B.F. Dees b.1877 D.6-21-1959

    Ila Mae Stroud b.2-16-1896 d.2-9-1978

    Effie Bowles b.12-28-1893 d.1970

    Daniel T. Boone b.3-01-1894 d.2-02-1969

    Doris Shaw b.5-18-1904 d.1983

    Maxie Cleo Cassidy b.2-16-1850 d.12-26-1956 he married

    Patsy Lee Deese b. 8-06-1896 d. 01-21-1949


    Rick Cassidy

    (AKA) Wind/Dancer


    Do you have any locations for any of them? And it may be better to post this on the genealogy forum…just a thought.

    Rick Cassidy

    MOst of these were from the South Carolina and lower North Carolina area . According to my Aunt She has even stated that we have Creek Indian in us ????

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