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    I know this is not Saponi ancestry, but you got my curiosity going, and I did a bunch more digging on this line.

    Records I found show that Moïse Durepos who became Moses Hoskins crossed from Acadia into Maine in 1848. It seems he was the only one of his siblings to make the move.

    Historically Acadia was the area that is now New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island (Île Royale) and Prince Edward Island (Île St-Jean). In the mid 1840s tensions began to rise between the English and French (again), with the arrival of 7000 British colonists to the area.

    Looking at the genealogy of his wife it is speculated her mother was born on the Restigouche Reserve (Listuguj Mi’gmaq First Nation). I was not looking for Métis ancestry, but it is not surprising given that lines married into later had an oral history of Penobscot and Passamaquoddy, those nations and the Mi’kmaq are 3 of the 5 Nations in the Wabanaki Confederacy.

    This website has some surname lists and genealogy from this area:

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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