Jacobs Family from Rowan AND Bladen counties, NC?

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    Hello all!

    I’m researching my Jacobs family line from NC and was wondering if anyone knows someone I should be asking for help?

    I am descended from an Elizabeth Jacobs who married a Jacob Wilfong in in mid 1700s in North Carolina. I have found lots of evidence in various online sources for the Jacobs family who have Lumbee and likely Saponi heritage, originally from a Daniel Jacobs of VA. There were many members of this family in the southeast of NC during the later 1700s, like in Bladen, Robeson and Sampson Counties. There seems to have been an Elizabeth Jacobs, and an Abraham Jacobs, born to Daniel Jacobs. “My” Elizabeth Jacobs lived with her husband Jacob Wilfong in around Rowan county in the west of NC. I notice that on the 1790 census, there was also an Abraham Jacobs in Rowan Co (and also the one in Sampson). Knowing how names repeat in families, I was wondering if anyone had information on the Rowan county Jacobs, where my ancestor lived, and their connection to the Indigenous Jacobs in the southeast? I did find references to the southeast Jacobs on the website


    where it says,

    “The white Jacobs were a minority in NC. By the time they arrived, colored Jacobs had spread over several counties and Jacobs was known as a colored surname – as it is today. The white Jacobs do not appear to have intermarried with the colored Jacobs – nor to have had many African slaves to name “Jacobs”. This means that most of the Jacobs in NC are descended from the colored Jacobs – not white Jacobs nor slave Jacobs.”

    The “coloured” Jacobs referred to here are a mix of free African American and Lumbee/Saponi families. The website


    Speaks of this very Jacobs family and says that:

    “JACOBS The name is frequently and stereotypically Lumbee in Robeson.White (1988) feels the Jacobs family descended from Saponi Indians wholived next to the plantation of Col. William Eaton in Granville County in the1750s.”

    So I guess I’m asking if anyone can give any pointers on how I might go about discovering the connection between “my” Jacobs in the west (Rowan Co.) and those in the Southeast? By all indications it seems like they must be part of the same family!

    Thanks very much in advance for any help anyone can give!

    Chris M

    Ontario, Canada

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