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    Hi, I just recently found out that my one great Rebecca (Referred to growing up as Morningstar) had a mother by the last name of Brown. It was kept quiet. Her father was an Englishmen by the name of Lightfoot. He married a ? Brown. Her first name on the wedding registry looks like Missouir,Iffaru, ??P. Brown. She is to be related to J.G. Brown-Catawba from the Carolinas. He went by many middle names Genet,Genat.

    I am trying to figure out how Rebecca up in Ohio is related. I hope someone on here has the Brown tree or connection, and can help me.

    Thank you



    Hi Kamama,

    I have a Elizabeth Brown, born about 1780 in Alamance Co NC. One of her kids has the name Lightfoot as a middle name. I’m not familiar with the Catawba Browns.




    Thank you so much. It just gave more chase to the search though. 😉 Does anyone have any knowledge or history of the Catawba’a being in the Ohio valley? My Brown got married in Wayne county. I am assuming (since I can not find any death reaords) she died somewhere else. The court houses in Wayne and Holmes county did not burn down. I wish I could read the wedding certf. I am having trouble getting pictures on here, or else I would put piece on here with her name in the wedding certf.

    Their daughter, Rebecca was born “somewhere” in Ohio, which also makes me wonder why other than where they lived. I am missing a census for some of the yrs., and I would have to go back and look and write it here.

    And on Rebeccas death certf., it has her fathers last name and where he was born but nothing about her mother.

    If anyone else has any information, please let me know.

    Thank you.



    I have OH Browns, but I don’t know their origin, and I do not believe they were indigenous. If it helps, Portage, OH area at some point. Name was Eleanor Elizabeth but no info on her parents.

    I am finding it interesting on this website now to watch the names listed at the bottom. Having taken the familytreedna test, it is fun to see surnames here that are the same as my matches there. For example, I was messing with a couple of matches last night who listed Bennett as one of their surnames.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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