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    July 11-13

    Strong Sun Festival Pow Wow

    (Drums on the River)

    Historic Bethabara Park, Winston Salem, NC

    Friday 1200 noon to 7:30 p.m.

    Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

    Sunday 1200 noon to 5:30 p.m.

    $5, adults and $3 children ages 5-12, under 4 are free.

    Native American Traditional Dancers, Native American Music, Ceremonies honoring all veterans, Legend telling, Fire starting, Craft demonstrations.

    See link below for flyer.



    July 26-27

    Cheroenhaka Indian Pow Wow and Gathering

    People at the Fork of the Stream

    Southampton County Fairgrounds

    Courtland, VA

    Green Corn Dance Celebration

    Grounds open: 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m./ Grand Entry 1200 noon

    Admission: $5 Adults, and $3 children 6-12 and Elders 60+

    American Indian Arts and Crafts, Jewelry, Regalia, Face Painting.

    Hot dogs, hamburgers, Indian fry bread and tacos, Sweet potato jacks, corn on the cob.

    Special Guest: Luis Salinas and the Aztec Dancers

    Head Male Dancer: Keith Anderson

    Head Female Dancer: Donna Ricardson

    MC: Keith Colston

    Arena Director: Thomas Lewis

    Host Drum: Falling Water

    Guest Drum: Edisto River Singers

    Bring your lawn chairs, no alcohol or drugs, no pets.


    Side note: This pow wow is out in the open with a minimum of shade, and it is usually very hot there. Plan on taking sunscreen and remember to drink plenty to stay hydrated. Make sure you try one of the potato jacks…they are to die for! There are quite a few hotels close by as well. Try Courtland, Franklin or Suffolk, Virginia area hotels.

    Also found this on powwows.com

    July 25th 26th & 27th

    Benefit for Wolf Creek Indian Village & Museum

    The Bland County American Indian Heritage Weekend

    All Nations Green Corn Festival & PowWow

    Bland Fairgrounds, Bland Virginia

    Master of Ceremonies Ric Byrd,

    Lead Male Dancer – Cody Wolf

    Lead Female Dancer- Libby Wolf

    Host Drum – Bird Chopper

    All Traditional Drums Welcome

    Special Programs Planned for all AGES,Special Dance Exhibition and Instructions Planned, All Dancers Welcome, All Boy Scout and Order of the Arrow Dancers and Dance Teams Welcome

    Not a Dance competition (Luck of the Draw Purse)

    Grand Entry will be at 2 pm Friday Gates open at 12 Noon

    Friday 2 pm until 7:30

    Saturday 10:30 am Grand Entry until 7:30 Pm Gates open at 9 am

    Sunday 12:00 noon to 6 pm Gates will open at 11 am

    Special Appearance: National POW*MIA*KIA Traveling Memorial

    Admission Donation: Adults $5.00 Children 4 years to 16 years $3.00

    Children 3 and under Free

    Veterans & Seniors $3.00

    Veterans with Veterans Feather Free

    All Veterans are invited to dance during the Veterans Honor Songs

    contact Penny Plummer at 276-688-3438



    bringin’ forward



    Yep, we are planning on attending the Strong Sun festival…at least on Saturday. Sunday is still a ? for now.





    Saturday’s session of the Strong Sun powwow was good although the sun was VERY strong…… hot and muggy…. but that’s piedmont NC in mid July 😉

    The turnout was smallish but many veterans left feeling honored. Rolling Thunder (Vietnam vets on Harleys) was well represented…. that’s my generation…. always good to be with those guys… and show them the appreciation they never got when they came home….. anyhow… It was good. We plan to be there for Sunday’s session.



    Sunday session of Strong Sun festival was actually better than Saturday…there was a cool breeze blowing and a bit overcast. There were many vendors selling everything from beadwork to t-shirts. There were two food vendors…the buffalo burgers on frybread were awesome…and filling. Rick was in his prime…and enjoyed tricking the dancers by keeping the song going almost double….or stopping abruptly….but, we all had a wonderful time and will be waiting to see if this will be a repeat performance next year.


    Robin B.

    I attended the 11th Annual Pow Wow held at Delgrosso’s Amusement Park in Tipton, PA on July19th. The drummers were Cedar Tree and Red Blanket. The MC was Ezra Fields. What a great turnout!!! There were 111 dancers registered! There was competition (for cash prizes) as well as exhibition dances. Dancers were from many different tribes and were from the tiny tots to adults. Food was great and there were about 12 vendors. I did not get to attend Sunday (gd’s d’day). What a fantastic Pow Wow once again!



    We will be going to Bland this year….following Rick Bird and Birdchoppers. I know several of you will be with us….hoping for good weather and meeting new people. Will update after the weekend.



    The “Veterans Powwows” have had a powerful draw on me this year. I always enjoy hanging out with the Rolling Thunder folks, and the POW/MIA/KIA exhibit guys…. maybe because I’m nam era…… maybe because it’s happening again to another generation of young men and women. Anyhow…. it is very satisfying to dance at powwows doing special honors for veterans and active duty military.



    Well, Bland will be one to put on the calendar for next year for sure…we had a wonderful day. This was their first pow wow and I would say they did a “bang – up” job….with four food vendors, a number of vendors with all types of crafts, clothing, herbs, and such.

    The POW-MIA-KIA display is always awesome….and I very much enjoyed talking to the folks that put it together, hearing the stories of where the memorabilia comes from and who.

    Rick was as good as he ever is…even with the flu. I saw more specialty dances there than ever have at any pow wows. Broom dance, quail dance, bear dance, beaver dance, freestyle two-step, along with the regular round dances. And it was fun to watch the blowgun competition….wish we could have been there all 3 days…will try to plan on that next year. Oh, and I guess Bee can fill you in on the camping facilities there since they stayed on the grounds….that’s also food for thought for next year….with hot showers and flushing toilets.



    Heard that the “switch” dance on Sunday was quite interesting….any thoughts on that, Bee??? Looks like Ken and I missed all the fun….LOL.



    Bland was fabulous. Hard to believe it was their first. They were still collecting ideas for making it even better next year…like dancing later in the day to avoid the heat.

    Very small, cozy camping area for dancers and drum…shower and real toilet was a great surprise. Nice to get the stank off before crawling into tent.

    Here is my only comment about the switch dance:




    You know I like those pow wows where they dance on into the night…at King last year they had a fire in the circle….was really neat. We are planning on being able to stay the whole weekend next year. They were some very hospitable folks…true Virginia mountain folk.

    Ya know you put the men folks to shame….well, Carlos is an exception….to all the rules…LOL.





    I just looked at the video from the Bland Pow Wow and I have to admit, it was some of the best dancing I’ve ever seen. If it falls on the same weekend as the Tilley family reunion next year, I may have to sneak away from the reunion.

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