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    Been off the forum for a few months. Glad to to be back. I have a question concerning a Lewis Ballard that is mentioned in William Eaton’s will of 1759.

    …”Saint Johns Parish, Granville Co., NC

    Will of William Eaton, made Feb 19, 1759, probated Mar 20, 1759

    Sons: William (lands in Dinwiddie and Brunswick counties in Virginia, except

    land received of William Scoggan), Thomas, Charles Rust. Daughters: Jane,

    wife of Colo. Nathaniel Edwards; Anne Haynes, relict of Andrew Haynes; Mary,

    wife of Robert Jones; Sarah, wife of Charles Johnson; Elizabeth, wife of

    Daniel Weldon; Martha Eaton. Grandson: Eaton Haynes. Wife and Executrix:

    Mary. The following lands devised: plantation in Granville “whereon I now

    live”; land in Granville called Bowsers; land where LEWIS BALLARD and

    Cormelial Earls live; land in Northampton called Cumboes; lots in the town of

    Halifax; land “where Granville Court house is built”; land on Tabbs Creek;

    lot in the town of Petersburg; land in Granville called Gould’s; land on

    Little Fishing Creek called Youngs; land on Andersons Swamp; two tracts on

    Smiths Creek called Hughes and Rayborn’s; lot in Halifax adjoining the Market

    place and Main street. A large number of negroes bequeathed, some being on

    plantations at Tabbs Creek and others on Mush Island. Witnesses: Wm. Person,

    Jas. Paine, Richard Coleman. Clerk of the Court: Daniel Weldon.”…

    Does anyone have a record or information on Lewis Ballards ancestry prior to Granville county? His name comes up quite a lot as he is mentioned as a tenant on William Eaton’s land.



    This same Lewis Ballard bought property (190 acres) on both sides of Fishing Creek from John and Frances Bird in Granville County in May of 1763.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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