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    Of this William Pittman, John Redd says:

    “In the latter part of February, 1776, Pittman and Scaggs came to Martin’s Station in Powell Valley. They were returning from a long hunt they had taken in the “Brush” on the northwest side of Cumberland Mountain. They returned earlier than usual and their reason for doing so was that they had seen a great smoke some distance off which they knew was Indians “ring-hunting”, and besides, they had seen Indian tracks through the wood where they were hunting; whereupon they set out for home. They spent some eight or ten days at the Station. While they were with us, they showed some silver ore they had found on top of a little hill in their hunting ground. They said that while they were hunting, a snow fell some twelve to eighteen inches deep. Scaggs and Pittman went out through the snow to kill some game. After going a short distance from their camp, they discovered that on top of a certain hill, there was no snow, while all the surrounding hills were covered with it. This led them to go upon the hill and see the cause of its not being covered with snow like the rest. On arriving at the summit of the hill, they discovered that it was covered with a very heavy kind of ore. Each of them put some of the ore in their shot bag and returned to camp.”

    “When they arrived at the camp, they took some of the ore, and by means of their hand bellows and some thick oak bark, it was melted and they found it to be silver ore. They brought it back with them to Martin’s Station- the silver they had extracted and some of the ore. The silver was pronounced by all who saw it to be very pure.”

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