many of our same families, 1785 Halifax, Co. VA census

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    Heres a link to check out. The 1785 Halifax Co, VA census that includes a lot of our same families first and last names that have been posted here. Maybe a staying point for them before heading west or elsewhere?


    I thought this would be interesting to share. Anyone have any input?

    vance hawkins

    well I saw many of our surnames — Hawkins, Brown, Dickson, Wood, Allen, Davenport —

    but I have no way of knowin if I am related to any of them. There were 2 men named “John Wood” mentioned. That was the name of one of my g-g-g-grandparents. I haven’t had time to look more closely, tho. Unfortunately, these are all very common surnames and I have grown accustomed when I see them, to expect we are not related in any way I can determine quickly.

    I’ll look more closely if I find a connection to this county, tho. Thank you very much for providin this link.



    Looks like that list is of “white souls” only.


    Okay I looked up Julia and pauls marriage certificate….

    both Paul and Julia was born and raised in Halifax……

    Name and age , the date they were married on…..

    Paul 21 and Julia Ann Johnson (not harris) 20……Aug 11 1867

    ( A.R Carrington was the person who married them off)

    Name of Pauls parents (father, mother)

    Mitcheal, Nelly ( no last names)

    ( I believe….there last name was Williams to start with because when Paul was married he married with the last name Williams in 1867 but The family states that Paul H Williams was originally a slave belonging to the Carringtons in Charlotte, VA and carried that name until he moved to Clover and worked for a man named Allen Williams, thus the Williams name.)

    Name of Julias parents (father, mother)

    “unknown”, Allice (no last name)

    they had an blank in he fathers spot..she she may have been an Carrington….Julia Anne Johnson was also a slave of the same Carrington as Paul. She claimed to be Carrington’s daughter, refusing to be acknowledged as a Williams prior to marriage. No one remembers the first name of the Carrington that owned the plantation. Through my research I have learned there were many Carringtons in Virginia and am having a hard time figuring out which one it could be.

    I am assuming Allice last name was Johnson because that was Julias name before marriage..

    Between the 1880s and 1920s especially, anyone not obviously ‘white’ usually was listed as ‘black’ or ‘negro’ on census records, particularly in the south – census takers weren’t anthropologists – so this is such a very subjective thing that you can’t count on it being accurate.

    I see the census recorded Paul H as Black. The family believes that Paul had Irish/Indian blood as well. It was always the explanation for the fair skin, occasional straight hair, green eyes and red hair in the family.

    It is said that Julia was part Indian as well. Maybe from the Carrington side? But Blackfoot continues to be mentioned and it is said to come from Julia’s side of the family.

    1930 Halifax Co., Va Census – ED24 Roanoke Mag. Dist; 4 April, p.59A,

    at 10, 14:

    Williams, Paul; Laborer-County Road; m, Neg, 49, m30, Va, Va, Va.

    (ditto), Henrietta; wife; f, Neg, 32, m27, Va, Va, Va.

    (ditto), Claude H.; son, m, Neg, 21, Va.

    (ditto), Maggie; dau, f, Neg, 15, Va.

    (ditto), Woodrow; son, m, Neg, 12, Va.

    (ditto), Grant S.; son, m, Neg, 3 + 9 months, Va.

    (ditto), Swanee (?) L.; dau, f, Neg, 2 + 3 months, Va.

    Next door at 11, 15:

    Reid, Bell; Servant, Private Home; f, Neg, 38, W’d, m19; Va,Va,Va.

    Williams, Julia A.; Mother; f, Neg, 80, W’d, m15; Va, Va, Va.

    Both Bell and Julia are widowed (W’d); Bell was marr’d at 19 yrs old and Julia marr’d at 15 yrs old.

    The “m30” for Paul and “m27” for Henrietta, are their ages when each first married.

    (Their fathers and mothers were also born in Virginia.)

    In 1930, Paul and Henrietta have been married about 5 years, Henrietta being married at 27 yrs old. Grant and Swanee would then be the children of Paul and Henrietta – the older children’s mother is Joanna, per the 1920 census.

    1920 Halifax Co., Va Census; ED98 Roanoke; 24 March; p.149A., at 68, —

    Williams, P. J.; Farmer; m, B, 39, Va, Va, Va.

    (ditto), Joanna; wife, f, B, 40, Va, Va, Va.

    (ditto), Jessie; dau, f, B, 19, Va.

    (ditto), Mary; dau, f, B, 16, Va.

    (ditto), J. A. (?); son, m, B, 14, Va.

    (ditto), Claude; son, m, B, 11, Va.

    (ditto), Andrew; son, m, B, 8, Va.

    (ditto), Maggie; dau, f, B, 5, Va.

    (ditto), Woodrow; son, m, B, 2, Va.

    1910 Halifax Co., Va Census; ED70 Roanoke Mag.Dist; 16 April, p.87B,

    at 28, 29:

    Williams, Paul J.; Railroad Lab’r; m, B, 30, m1, 9, Va, Va, Va.

    (ditto), Joanah; wife, f, B, 30, m1, 9, 5/5, Va, Va, Va.

    (ditto), Jesie D. (?); dau, f, B, 8, Va.

    (ditto), Ellen M.; dau, f, B, 6, Va.

    (ditto), James A.; son, m, B, 4, Va.

    (ditto), Claud H.; son, m, B, 1, Va.

    (ditto), Clive S.; son, m, B, 1, Va.

    Looks like Claude and Clive were twins.

    (Paul & Joanah have each been marr’d once and have been marr’d for 9 years. Joanah has had 5 children and 5 are still living.)

    three doors further, at 31, 32:

    Blackstock, Ellen; — , f, B, 78, W’d, 6/0, Va, Va, Va.

    (ditto), William H.; G-son, m, B, 21, Va, farmer.

    (ditto), Millie J.; G-dau, f, B, 13, Va.

    Williams, Paul H.; farmer, m, B, 62, m1, 43, Va, Va, Va.

    (ditto), Julia A.; wife, f,MU, 61, m1, 43, 8/6, Va, Va, Va, laundress.

    (ditto), Allen L.; son, m, MU, 30, Va. farmer.

    (ditto), Walter (?) E.; son, m, MU, 18, Va, farm laborer.

    Coleman, Ryal; G-son, m, MU, 21, Va, –hand, Railroad.

    (ditto), Helen N.; G-dau, f, MU, 18, Va, laundress.

    Williams, Byrd; G-son, m, B, 16, Va, farm laborer.

    Below are additional names of Paul and Julia’s children.

    Susan – b.1868

    Belle – b.1870

    Ailis – b.1873

    Anne -b.1875

    Paul James b. -1881

    Allen – b.1884

    Florence – b.1887

    Walter – b.1891

    Census record identification of race is very subjective and therefore “uncertain” at best.

    In 1870 Halifax Co., Roanoke Twp, p.659A, Paul H., 21, and Julia Williams, 22, with daughter Susan, 2, lived next door to Rebecca Williams, 19, and the next house was Archer Williams, 31, and wife Cornelia, 25.

    Three houses after Archer lived Benjamin Carrington, 65 and wife Lucinda, 55. The census taker’s name was J.M. Carrington

    Bill Childs


    Thanks for the links. I wasn’t aware of some of these. Lot’s of useful stuff on some of them.


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