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    The cultural identity of almost any group of people is dependant apon a common cultural ethos of origin and ‘identity today”.

    Where and how and to whom do we belong gives us a sence of security, identity, a persistence of”self”, family and kinship.

    Our kin groupings are only apart of the much larger cultures that we belong to.

    As much as I see myself as a single person, I am only a much smaller part of something so great that I cannot totally understand the ethos that engulfed me from the begining to time.

    In my family we have stories that abound with “mystery and “awe” of self preservation and contact into the spirit world from the world of the living and the tangible.

    Many times hierloom articles are passed from one generation to the next with either a secular or sacred ettiquette attached to the item giving identity to form and function, this is so very true of plethora of items that ethno-historians searched the world over to house and hold in museums.

    Many times I have personally searched for the last vestiges of my families culture, only as I have been able to relate to it from the stories and myths that have created the legends we live in todays world.

    “Living a legend” ofcourse, what we see and do in our daily lives will only one day become legend to our descendants directly or indirectly.

    In doing so I want to introduce the members and guests of Saponi Town to the tradition of “Story Telling” in either oral or written form.

    The following post will take you into the traditons and styles of story telling, at some point I will post the beginings of a story and ask that anyone replying to the story will read the previous posts and add to the story following the theme that is set in the previous posts, keeping in mind that you should only post 1 in 10 posts, that is before re-submitting your post please wait for 10 posts to appear and then add your next few lines or pages.

    I have not found a term for this “add-story teller-listener” style of entertainment although I am sure we can find one.

    Lastly the purpose of this post and the story that will be posted is to add a sence of “belonging” through story to the folks that often visit these pages on Saponi Town.

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