Mayos in Bracey VA

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    I was just looking at our map books trying to find out where Bracey and Clarksville VA were in reference to Edenton NC. You guys (Felicia, Linda, and Erica) are WAY out there! I’m on the east coast of VA (Gloucester) – on the Northern Neck. Middlesex, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Newport News, VA Beach, yada, yada, yada.

    So when I referenced my Mayos of Cannon’s Ferry Rd. in Edenton NC, I didn’t realize Felicia that you were talking about a totally different place. I’m mean you guys are way out off of Rt. 58. I’m off of Rt. 17! What are the chances of 2 exact road names with Mayos living on the banks of a river that used to run ferries? And how many miles apart, with both just over the VA/NC borderlines….

    Sorry….I’m just flabbergasted, and going on and on and on!:confused: People please bear with me. It’s interesting when you discover something so silly to others, but mind-blowing to you.:D



    Roni – Go into a search on-line for “Cannon’s Ferry” and you will get another one!!!

    This one is located in and around Delware/Maryland/Virginia borders?

    I wonder about the connection to all three of these?

    It seems too coincedental for them not to be connected in some way!

    I believe that they are from way back before 1850’s or around there someplace.

    Tell me what you think after viewing the names and etc., okay?





    You know the Delaware/Maryland/Virginia border is near the old Blackfoot town.



    There is SO much info – I can’t keep up. I looked at the Woodland Ferry, which used to be called Cannon’s Ferry (DE). There’s also a genealogy family article on “Cannon”, which I’m assuming are ancestors of the James and Patty Cannon who began the ferry in DE. It later became owned by the state. It’s interesting that the widow of the owner actually herded escaped slaves and even free people, shipped and sold them to GA to be enslaved! I guess that was a way for her to make money during that rough time when she was losing the ferry…Later some of the Cannon descendants migrated to KS, KY, TN. One thing about that Cannon’s Ferry is that I didn’t see any mention of Indians or the Mayo surname. That’s one major difference.

    The article with “visitedenton….” has the current look of the banks of Cannon’s Ferry in Edenton NC that I know of. It’s too tourish now. I liked looking at the old falling buildings. I’ve never been to other side…that should be interesting. NEwayz, so much for times gone by.

    We all know that ndns always stayed near the waterways. Have you ever looked at the names of the places on the Eastern Shore of VA? The same with NEast NC.

    I don’t have a clue as to the 3 separate places, but the reading is very interesting. Maybe I’ll do more researching tomorrow. Oh! By the way I came across an American Indian Genealogy Forum… case anybody wanna check it out. (New to me…may be old to others…I’m still learning 🙂

    Sorry…I always rattle on……Oh, Linda what is the old Blackfoot town called today?

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