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    I have been searching for a new pair of mocs. I found the pair I want, but my pocket book yelled at me and said to forget the $106.00 or so dollars to get them! So I went on a search for patterns. I didn’t really find any I like, but I found a few things I thought I’d post here for anyone who may be interested.

    or try Yep!

    This site is interesting in that they have a map of the USA with the different tribes and some of them have a red dot you can click on to get an idea of what the moccasins of that Tribe/area were like. They also have a few patterns sketched out on the site that look pretty easy to make.

    Then, in the past, Linda had brought up Crazy Crows for beads. So when I was looking for patterns for Mocs. and Crazy Crows popped up I went there first.

    They had a few patterns and the prices looked good.

    Tandy Leather and The Leather Factory I had to check, because Glenn and I have been doing business with them for years.

    Both of them carry the same patterns, as well as patterns for chaps, dresses, vests, holsters, and other cool stuff. The prices for all 3 places are pretty comparable on pig skin, deer skin, etc. Both Tandy and The Leather factory have good stuff in the bargain bins. I think I might hit The Leather Factory’s bargain bin on the #2 quality deer skins, GREAT PRICE!

    😀 Hopefully that works.

    😉 Lynella.:) Go figure!:rolleyes: I messed something up on that link up there!

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