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    Glad you got it! I have another one here for you! Congratulations and good luck on your exibit. I bet that Deer antler basket was a quite large bit of work. I bet it’s really awsome though! I sure would love to see it! Don’t stay too busy, remember to take a breather once in a while!;) Love & Light, Lynella.



    🙂 Sorry about that! I was way stressing over something else when I read your post to me. Now that it’s been over an hour and my brain is getting back on track, I’ve re-read your post and it makes beautiful and perfect sense. At first, I was just missing the point. DUH!:rolleyes: Thank you so very much for your wise words. I sent you a message, did ya’ get it?;) Love & Light and Looking Foreward to More Talking, Lynella.


    sand&spur wrote: LynellaRainHawk,

    For 30 I have searched for my ancestors. I am told they are Blackfoot. Montana, Dakotas, Tenn, S.C., N.C, Delaware. Pa, Colo., Arizona, even Maryland. I followed the nation from Delaware because of a great move when the white man was going to either kill or imprison them.

    This Blackfoot nation, also called by other names, moved south into the Carolinas, Tenn, Kentucky etc. People set up camps and remained, while others of the nation pushed west and north. I am also told of a movement of white men coming from Canada into the Dakotas, Montana etc. Just as some of the Blckfoot people sought women of other cultures while they fled the white man’s brutality, the french canadians sought out the women of the indian nations, including Blackfoot. I know this to be true because I have spoken to a Council Chief of the Seven Nations, and he has told me of people there bearing my current last name. But the name I search for is not found as of this date.

    Ms. Hawk, often when people meet there hearts soar.Such people do not see skin, only eyes & heart. Such meetings outside the race were not allowed & are still frowned upon.

    Perhaps it is not shame, but a nations teachings that does not permit a person to love other races. It was a brave man who took an indian wife & more brave the indina woman.


    Sand & Spur

    Doing some searches on the forum and came upon this post, it was so moving….I had to bring it back.


Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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