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    I wasn’t sure wheather to post this here or in the language area, but since this is touchy for me I’d put it here.

    I recently contacted a fellow that is rebuilding the Ofo language, he started from the recorded 600 words and looks asthough it will be expanded inlength.

    Iam asking whether Tutelo can be done aswell (and since I have not seen the recent work by the linguist that did the last dissertation) Iam asking if in a model form if a word from dialect “A’ and “B” is known than can an unknown word from dialect “C” be rebuilt?

    Since the Ofo language is now gone ( no longer spoken) and the only Ofo people around now are either French or Tunica can we adapt what we need to revive this language (Tutelo) without causing problems somewhere else?

    If we can develop a language can we still call it Tutelo?

    If anyone has any thoughts please add to this.

    PS the fellow doing the Ofo expansion is sending me a copy of his unfinished work!

    I hope a great bonus for all of us here.




    You guys are making fantastic strides hear. I was wondering about it being Lakota-ish a while back. I too am glad Bill’s around. He’s a life saver! I hope to get more time in the not too near future to help ouit with this. I’ve really been missing you guys. Love & Light, Lynella.



    Hey Guys,

    I was thinking and going through all the stuff I have on the Lakota dialect, cause I thought something seemed familiar. There are no whole words like these, but there are a few words with similar parts or sylables and I don’t know didly about didly-do but, I’m thinking maybe, it’s a song about prayer on giving thanks for certain blessings. Like I said, Just thinking, cause of some very mild minute simalarities in a couple of the words. And I only spent maybe twenty minutes on it. Anyway, Love & Light, Lynella.:p

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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