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    Ed Yancey

    Michael, a dear friend of ours and member of the Eastern Cherokee Nation told me this week there is either at present or intent to attemp to grow ramps commercialy. He has a news clipping but could not put his hands on it the other day. If he can fine it I will post the information. ED



    What are yall’s thoughts on Polk Salad? I like it in my scrambled eggs.



    Hi Matthew…I located this thread I think you’ll enjoy where not so long ago those in the know had a great discussion on Poke Salad:




    HI everyone, I hope I am not too late . What are ramps? Around here all we have is wild onion and wild garlic. Is either one of these like ramps?


    Jack Adkins

    I have heard of a group of people called “Ramps” and was not sure what the conotation was. I thought they were referring to some ethnic group of some sort.

    Conversly, I didn’t know there was a vegetable by that name.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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