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    Hello to all –

    I am currently doing research on the Southside of VA and the NE of NC relating to Indian movement and families. I am interested in reviewing historically linked documents to surnames among families that may be connected to various Indian communities in this region. I’d like to begin a discussion of surnames to this particular area; I would also be intersted in specific references that may be documented via the historical record. Particularly I am interested in the communities of Nansemond (Pohchick), Weyanoke, Nottoway, Weapamoc (Poteskeet), Chowanoke, Tuscarora, Meherrin, Mattamuskeet, and Saponi. Having conversed with many of you in the past, please limit entries to specific surnames and researched families that are from the regions indicated. I am not nessecarily intersted in disaspora but those who remained. New information relating to Boonetown, Skeetertown, Artistown, Indiantown are welcome. I would also be interested in anything revolving around Mt. Pleaseant Baptist Church(es) from the region and Little Texas connections between VA/NC. Particular inquiry exists within the Quaker involvement in the area. I’ll be happy to entertain inquiries, but am really shooting for deposits of information that results in tangible documentation (ie: not searching for your roots, but rather connecting the existing roots via the enthnohistorical record). If you have firm data, please share as the research may eventually benefit disenfranchised people of the region. I am interested in discussions of portuguese / cuban communities, mullatoes, FPCs, and POMBNBNOMs along the VA/NC border; schools, land sales, churches, Indian slaves, welcome.

    Best to all, It’s been too long.


    quest for facts

    hiya I’m come from the Etheridge’s out of Indiantown and Indian Ridge…..I’m having alot of trouble with this area


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