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    hello this “Order of the Red man” is really interesting Iam hoping that someone can post more about it, and explain really what it is.

    Forest do you have any thing more on that topic, if so we should start a new thread just on that, it’s really quite interesting!



    Originally posted by rockhound

    Is John Riddle a brother to Ezekiel, or was he in fact a Riddle and raised by this family?

    Originally posted by stacey.23

    …They reared the following family of children: William; Sarah; Ann; Jane; Joseph; John Riddle; James; David; Ezekiel; and Theodocia….

    Hi Rockhound,

    “Riddle” is his middle name – John Riddle Sankey, but it may be a clue as to a grandparent’s (etc.) name.


Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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