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    Need help with this brick wall.

    My great X3 grandfather was Reuben George Robbins who was born in North Carolina 1828 and died in Benton Co. Ark. A hand written note from my great grandfather says his father was John. Siblings listed were Tom, Finley, John, Sarah, Fannie, Margarite. Note also says one girl married a Ross and one married a Hicks.

    I have a theory in progress but not sure right now. It involves a family that were neighbors to the Catawba and have descendants that are on the Cherokee rolls. I need to do a DNA test but am real leery about stuff like that.

    This family married into the Vick/ Bennett family that came from Anson, North Carolina, via Brunswick Co. VA, into Chickasaw territory prior to the removal. They were either related to or tributaries to the Chickasaw and one researcher believes the were part Saponi. See Oholabamah.

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