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    I am still trying to trace my ancestor, John ROBBINS. He was born in 1801 in Columbia county, PA. I thought he was from Fishing Creek and the son of Thomas ROBBINS of NJ and grandson of William ROBBINS of Gloucestershire, England. I am starting to think this is erroneous.

    On the back of a portrait I have of his son, James D ROBBINS, is a handwritten note stating, “John married

    a Wyandot Indian chief’s daughter as his 2nd wife and when she died, he married another one of the chief’s daughters.” This was written by Lillian Victoria GREEN, the great granddaughter of John ROBBINS. I know that John’s first wife was Mary LEHMAN, born 1801. By 1850 John and Mary are living in Plain Twp, Franklin, Ohio. According to 1850, 1860 federal census reports, John’s wife was Mary from Pennsylvania. In 1870 John’s wife is Catherine MNU. In 1880 John was a widower; parents’ place of birth is NJ.

    Today I have been reading the well-documented tracing the Chowans from North Carolina. On this site John ROBINS, Chowan, is mentioned repeatedly and signed several deeds. In the 1790 census, it states, two ROBBINS families are listed as “free people of color.” This site also states that may ROBBINSES migrated to the free states of Ohio and Indiana after Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion of 1831.

    My primary questions:

    • Did John Robins (Chowan) from NC go to Ohio?
    • Is it conceivable that they traveled through and spent time in Columbia county, PA?
    • If so, did the Chowan people join the Wyandot people?

    This is James Daniel ROBBINS, born 04 Jul 1829 in Plain Twp, Franklin, Ohio. His granddaughter, Lillian Victoria GREEN, had as I recall a strong resemblance to Georgia Hall Weaver, the daughter and granddaughter of Winton Triangle leaders. Her image is on

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