Sappony Indians working to overcome stereotypes

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    Many Personians are aware that the county is home of a proud Indian tribe, but some newcomers may not know this and it often leads to awkward moments.

    Dorothy Crowe, chair of the Sappony Tribal Council, gave a presentation earlier this year at the Museum of History, as part of the museum’s recognition of the 225th anniversary of the founding of the county. Her talk was peppered with anecdotes that revealed that the Sappony are either unknown to some county residents, or almost as unfortunate, misunderstood.

    This was reflected in an occurrence just two years ago. At a county school, the class was discussing Indian heritage when a little girl raised her hand, shaking it to get the teacher’s attention. The teacher called on her and the girl excitedly proclaimed, “I am an Indian!” “The teacher gave her a look and said, ‘What? You can’t be an Indian,” Crowe related. “’There are no real Indians in Person County. You need to go home and talk to your momma and daddy because that is not what you are.’” …

    Read full story at The Courier Times for Person County

    Sappony Indians working to overcome stereotypes

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