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    Glad to see you back. Hope you’re doing okay.


    Brenda, could I have a little more info on Meredith, so I can help you search? I have, family trees and census records. Have you checked both of those?


    Going for pre-op testing Wednesday. They are going in to remove a 1 1/2 inch mass on my left overy. Everything else has to be put on hold til this is dealt with.

    Tomorrow I will be watching the Super Bowl….GO PATS GO!

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


    We’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


    Yesterday I went for EKG. The doctor then wants a echo -gram and a stress test….the stress test is what is stressing me out. I can’t do the treadmill so they have to do it with drug induced. They take me up til it feels like my head will burst then give me a shot to bring me back down. Needless to say I DON’T LIKE THIS ONE. I do it at 8:30 in the morning. After all of this they better know my heart inside and out.

    I had a call from the surgeon and he just wanted me to know he hasn’t forgotten me but he is waiting for all these test results. Guess I can be thankful that I have a team of good doctors and none of them are taking any chances.

    I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I really do appreciate it. My children have been fantastic. I have a visiting nurse that comes by and checks on me three times a week, a physical therpist weekly, and they finally got me a hospital bed to get my head elevated so I can breath easier. I am thinking good thoughts and have faith that everything will be okay.

    Brenda Collins Dillon

    Never alone is the human soul who lives on Faith and Prayer

    For God is a friend unfailing and God is everywhere.


    You are right Brenda, God is everywhere and he does not make mistakes. You are in my prayers.




    I am a firm believer that GOD has chosen you as a testimony for him while you go through this time of sickness. He has promised all of us that he will not give us more of a burden then we can bear and you have continued to praise him and trust him throughout your burden of illness and WHAT a testimony to that promise! GOD has a plan for you in this life and you have done good things with his blessings to you and shared that with others.

    I commend you for that and pray for you…….and no matter what the outcome of this, I can say as far as I am concerned, you have done WELL.

    Take care and my prayers are sent your way.



    My old body might be falling apart but according to the results of my heart test my heart is beating strong and everything looks good for the surgery.

    I can tell you I was really nervous about this morning’s test and I think they knew it. They never left me alone and talked me through the entire test. Served me decaf and a breakfast bar after it was done . How was that for service?


    Bill Childs

    Glad to hear it.


    Yes, that’s good to hear.


    Amen, sister!

    So keep us posted on what’s next and how we can pray for you.



    So glad to hear that the test went well. You have my prayers for the surgery to go as well. Sounds like you are in excellent hands. Keep us informed….I will say prayers for you to be healed. Peace be with you, Becky


    Test is over……now it is hurry up and wait. :rolleyes:



    I had a call from GYN surgeon yesterday. He said that the picture taken in January showed a mass 4 cm in size. The lastest one taken last week showed the same mass at 3.7 cm. One would say…”it’s getting smaller” but he said not to bust my bubble but the test were done by two different techs and on two different machines and by two different methods so there could be room for error. In plain …the mass is still there.

    He gave me three options: 1) wait another month and retake all the test; 2) Go ahead with surgery and get it out; 3) no surgery and take my chances.

    I spoke to my children and they believe that surgery is the only option as the doctor said he won’t be able to tell if it is cancer til it is out. Altho I am not looking forward to this I guess it’s best to get it out and not worry about it any longer.

    Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. It is great to know so many people care.


    Hey Brenda! Good to hear from you. I agree with your kids (for what that is worth!) Let us know when you find out when you will have it done, so we can be praying for you ESPECIALLY on that day.

    🙂 Diane

    PS I have been to busy with school lately to do much else, but I st ill check the postings on occasion.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 62 total)
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