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    I was wondering if anyone knew some songs, lullabies, or hymns that parents or relatives sang and would like to share them. Songs are so very precious and yet seem to get lost so easily. Would anyone mind uploading sound clips of some songs? Thanks.



    I am learning some songs from different tribes in my women’s drum group. Just a bunch of us women getting together and learning songs – no public performances. If I had a clue which CD the songs we were learning came from and who sang them on CD, I would tell you. Sorry I can’t help there, but I will ask and see the group’s name and the name of their CD. Then I could recommend “Goodnight Song,” “Don’t Be Afraid,” and “Baby’s First Cry.”

    Like I said, we don’t perform publicly – that isn’t our aim, but to learn songs like women’s songs, lullabyes and children’s songs, and we don’t regularly practice. But I will ask the title of the CD and who sings them.

    Anita B.


    Thanks. It doesn’t have to be anything professional. If anyone has a microphone and willing to sing something, that would be great too (actually would be better.)


    A great CD, if you can find it, is “Makh Jchi” by Ulali. I had originally borrowed it from library in SC, but hadn’t been able to locate it since then. I ended up having to buy it on ebay. #2 on that CD is a small compilation of songs from Native America. One of the singers from that group, Pura Fe, visits the Chapel Hill/Durham area – I ran into her at the NC Math and Science Powwow in Feb. Pura fe and her cousin (?), Jennifer, are North Carolina Tuscarora, and Soni is from a tribe out West. It is on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t seem to remember at this moment. Let me know if you find it!


    Pura is my Fav!!!!!!! She’s a great musician, and terrific lady.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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