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    At this time of year, I always repeat two stories of children in our family and we all get a great laugh from them. Here in California, we are exposed to many religious belief systems and children hear words that paint pictures for them that adults might not be able to see.

    My adult daughter was four and in Kindergarten when we were driving home from school one day. She looked at the cemetery and told her older brother, “Look at all the phones out there” as she looked at the headstones. My son and I were puzzled and asked her “what phones” She said the phones in the cemeteries. We both tried to impress upon her there were no phones in a cemetery. Finally, indignantly, she replied, “There are to phone in that cemetery – my Sunday School teacher told me that when we die we are buried and then we get the call to go to Heaven!!”

    Our grandson and a group of friends and family were at the Mormon Temple in Oakland, CA viewing their beautiful Christmas light display. A Missionery, from Japan with a very heavy accent, was speaking about the Heavenly Father. She first said, “The heavenly gave us life” With that, my four year old grandson tugged on my sleep and asked “Harry Potter” and I motions him with a shhhhh! She went on to say, “The Heavenly Father is responsible for all the gifts we receive”. It was difficult to understand her and I listened intently. Again, grandson tugged on my sleeve with a question of doubt on his face and asked again, “Grandma, Harry Potter!” Soon it dawned on me what he had heard – “Hawrare Phater” He had done Bible Study and he knew Harry Potter had nothing to do with any of that. Finally, I leaned down but could hardly contain myself and explained I’d explain it to him when we got outside at which time I broke out in laughter as well as several other adults who were with us but we did explain she simply had a very heavy accent and, yes, it did sound like she was saying, Harry Potter.

    Have a wonderful day of Peace On Mother Earth!

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