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    Ga-Nc Collins

    White, Black, Native american, Philipino, Central and South american, East India, I wonder who can spot them lol.

    It’s like a super charged Melungeon family lol I was going thru my family photos…and was like….ok my current family is like steping back in history

    and looking at all the families we are always researching every single day yet taking a glance at them in the year 2008. All the above photos are from my family….only 3 generations included……and just the most recent photos….photos taken from Atlanta, GA….Winston Salem, NC….Asheville, NC…..and Virginia.

    Here is a experiment….let’s see who can figure out what everyone in the photos are mixed with lol…..The only full bloods in the photos are Mexican, East indian, and Philipino. It’s a good thing so many records are kept now days so generations later the descendants never have to go thru what we have to go thru today in finding out our admixtures.

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