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    These are photos Tom sent me to upload. The first is a close up detail of a tunic worn by his maternal great aunt. Does anybody recognize these patterns? Also, could those be moccasins on the baby?

    The next two photos are the group shot this enlargement is from:

    This photo is Toms’ great grandmother:

    This photo is of this lady’s niece:

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    Bless you!;)



    Thanks, Joyce. Like I said, forgive my ignorance.




    Yes! I agree 100 %!;)



    Thanks Tom.. Yes, that one drawing does look like the person is wearing the same hairdo as she was 🙂

    the link didn’t work, but I googled for the phrase you gave me and it worked.

    thanks.. Barb



    Wahoo! More relatives!! Hmm.. I’ll have to get out the relationship chart to try to see if I can figure out what relationship they are to me.

    Wahoo! Hello ‘cousins’ Brandy and Magpie! Great to meet you!



    Barb;16480 wrote: Hi Tom, There is something that I was thinking about that my daddy told me about.

    He said that his mother, and all the women of his family, and I think the men also, wore medicine bags around their necks.

    He showed me how they were made. He said they made a flat circle out of soft leather and then punched holes around the edges. Then they wove a leather thong into the holes and gathered the bag up into a pouch.

    Daddy said that his mother kept herbs and stuff in it and she would wear it down her shirt between her breasts. But she would open it up every now and then and add something to the bag.

    My father asked me to make him one, but I never got around to it.

    Does this type of medicine bag ring a bell with you or anyone else here?

    Barb G

    I have one…circa 1800’s Blackfoot…from my montana home. My houses things precious to me:)

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