On the Trail of a Family Painting

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    Red Metis

    I am on the trail of a lost painting.

    The painting is of my great-grandfather, Willie Brown, and it was hung in a local hospital. My Mom told me about it–oh, it’s been about maybe 10 or more years ago. She and my grandfather were visiting someone there and he pointed out the painting and told her that was his father. This was probably about 40-45 years ago.

    I didn’t think about what she said again until I saw the census record mention that he was hosteler. I told her about it and she said, “Well, that makes sense. He was sitting on a horse in that picture.”

    Talked to the library genealogist and he said I should check the newspaper for articles on the hospital closing; the current medical center’s librarian or archivist; a historical society here, etc…

    I WANT TO FIND THAT PAINTING! What did his regalia look like? Who painted it? Why did they do it?? When was it done?

    Can’t tell you how frustrated I am. I wish my family had not buried so much as unimportant…so many things lost.

    I’ll keep everyone updated–I am hoping to post that painting one day.

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