Tutelo artifacts at NMAI

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    3 Tutelo baskets and a wooden war club at the National Museum of the American Indian, complete descriptions and pictures.


    If this link stops working, go to the NMAI website, search their archives for “Tutelo”. Search other tribes for more artifacts. Searching for “Powhatan” brings up 4 pages of stuff.


    Thanks for that link, Spilleddi. I wonder how much the style was influenced by Six Nation basketry in general, or if it accurately demonstrates original Tutelo styles.


    I’ve also wondered how much of an influence both 6 nations and white culture had on these baskets. I’ve seen Cherokee baskets that look similar. I’m going to the DC area in late September, so I made an appointment to get a better look at the baskets.


    Cool pieces of Tutelo artifacts. I was brought up on hominy. I didnt realize how mush of it was ate. When I went to the pow wow last weekedn, I got a soup with pork, chilli beans and hominy. It was really good.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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