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    Putting a K – Na (k-na) at the end
    of a word makes it negative.

    Wítahe (We-tah-hay/Friend)
    Negative = Kiwítahena = Not friend or enemy.
    Bí (Bee/Good)
    Negative = Kebína = Not good or bad
    Alé (Ah-lay/to go)
    Negative = Kaléna = To not go
    Oyahinhne (Oh-yah-heen-ha-nay/stomp)
    Negative = Koyahinhnena = To not stomp
    Okláqa (Oh-klah-k-ah/to speak)
    Negative = Kokláqana = To not speak
    Owakláka (Oh-wah-klah-kah/I speak)
    Negative = Kowaklákna = I do not speak
    Okla cayukewa (they were speaking together)
    Negative = Koklana cayukewa
    (Oh-klah kaw-you-kay-wah) = they were not
    speaking together
    Try making the following word forms negative:
    Ólacke (Oh-lahck– ay) – to bite
    Oknaho (Oak-nah-hoe) – to work
    Íne (ee-nay) – to see
    Waginoma (Wah-gee-no-mah) – S/He is sick
    Kulúja (koo-loo-jah) – to wash
    See the correct negative word forms in next
    month’s lesson.
    Words of Waneñi
    burn – inausinga (een-ah-g-seen-gah)
    burn wood –miyeni inausinga
    (mee-yay-nee een-ah-g-seen-gah)
    chop – lakasase (lah-kah-sah-say)
    chop wood –miyeni lakasase
    (mee-yay-nee een lah-kah-sah-say)
    clothes – kam (kah-m)
    cloud – maqosi (mach-ooz-ee)
    coat – opockhe (oh-pock-hay)
    cold – sani (sah-nee)
    darkness – usihaa (ooh-see-haah) or
    osiha (oh-see-hah)
    fog – manotihua (mah-no-tee-hoo-ah)
    Words of Waneñi (Continued)
    hail – noq (noch)
    hat – lubus (loo-boos)
    ice – nonhi (non-hee) or mingiratcah
    icy – nañqluba (nah-nn-k-loo-bah)
    ice from snow melting and freezing –
    ásatnitkueniq (ah-saht-neet-koo-ay-neech)
    snow – hohiei (hoh-hee-ay-ee) or
    hohiowa (hoh-hee-oh-wah)
    snow cloud –maqosi hohiei
    (mach-ooz-ee hoh-hee-ay-ee)

    The Four Races of Humankind
    Indian people– Wahtakai (Wah-tah-k’eye)
    Black people – Magangakasit (Mah-gah-nah-gah
    ah-seet) or Makanakasit (Wah-kah-nah-kah ah-seet)
    White people – Maganaga (Mah-gah-nah-gah),
    Wakanaka (Wah-kah-nah-kah)
    Yellow people –Magangasii (Mah-gah-nah-gah see)
    or Wakanakasii (Wah-kah-nah-kah see)
    Miha Maganaga (White Man)
    Mihe Maganaga (Me-hay Mahgahnahgah/ White
    Wamihtakai (Wah-meeh-tah-k’eye / I am an Indian)
    Wayihtakai (Wah-yeeh-tah-k’eye /
    You are an Indian)
    Kawamihtakaina (Kah-wah-meeh-tah-k’eye-nah/
    I am not Indian)
    Kawayihtakaina (Kah-wah-yeeh-tah-k’eye-na / You
    are not Indian)

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