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    Tutelo-Saponi Vocabulary List

    Lupūs (Loo-poos) – hats
    Gide (gee-day) – big
    Wakasík (wah-kah-seek) – children
    Atsūti (Aht-soot-ee) – red
    Haspahínuk (Hah-spa-hee-nook) – strawberry
    Yatt (Yaht)- tall
    Hohka (hoe-kah)
    Çūqe (choo-jay) – mountain
    Onī (oh-nee) -Tree
    Waginōma (wah-gee-no-mah) – sick
    Mīnktē (meenk-tay) – gun

    Otōi (oh-toy) – leaf
    Atcotate (aht-coh-taht-ay) – brown
    Dalusgik (dah-loos-geek) – cat
    Hīyañ (hee-yah-nee) – sleep;
    Tçhuñge (shung-gay)
    Pluralized Adjectives
    Answers to the last language lesson’s pluralized adjectives
    practice questions:
    Tall mountains
    Çuqe yatt
    (choo-jay yaht) tall mountain
    Çuqe yatyatsel
    (choo-jay yaht-yaht-sail) tall mountains
    Old Trees
    Onī hohka (oh-nee hoe-kah) old tree
    Onī hohkakasel
    (oh-nee hoe-kah-kah-sail)
    old trees
    Big strawberries
    Haspahínuk gide
    (Hah-spa-hee-nook gee-day) Big strawberry
    Haspahínuk gidedesel
    (Hah-spa-hee-nook gee-day-day-sail) Big strawberries
    Red hats
    Lupūs atsūti
    (Loo-poos Aht-soot-ee) red hat
    Lupūs atsūtsutsel
    (Loo-poos Aht-soot-soot-sail) red hats
    Big guns
    Mīnktē gide
    (meenk-tay gee-day) big gun
    Mīnktē gidedesel
    (meenk-tay gee-day-day-sail) big guns
    Brown leaves
    Otōi atcotate
    (oh-toy aht-coh-taht-ay) brown leaf
    Otōi atcotatasel
    (oh-toy aht-coh-tah-tah-sail) brown leaves
    Sick children
    Wakasík Waginōma (wah-kah-seek wah-gee-no-mah)
    sick child
    Wakasík waginginsel
    (wah-kah-seek wah-geen-geen-sail)- sick children
    Answers to the last language lesson’s pluralized adjectives
    for living beings practice questions:
    Bad dogs
    Tçhuñge kebinase
    (shung-gay kay-bee-nah-say)
    Red cats
    Dahlūsgik atsūtilése
    (dah-loos-geek aht-coh-taht-ay)
    Tall men
    Miha Yattse
    (mee-hah Yaht-say)
    Sleeping women
    Mihe hīyañse
    (mee-hay hee-yahn-say)

    Counting numbers. 40-69
    #’s 40-49
    Putska topai – 40
    (Poot-skah toe-pie)
    Putska topai nos – 41
    (Poot-skah toe-pie nos)
    Putska topai nomp – 42
    (Poot-skah toe-pie nomp)
    Putska topai nān – 43
    (Poot-skah toe-pie nahn)
    Putska topai tōp – 44
    (Poot-skah toe-pie toep)
    Putska topai kisē – 45
    (Poot-skah toe-pie kee-say)
    Putska topai agās – 46
    (Poot-skah toe-pie ah-gahs)
    Putska topai sāgóm – 47
    (Poot-skah toe-pie sah-gom)
    Putska topai pālán – 48
    (Poot-skah toe-pie pah-lawn)
    Putska topai ksañk – 49
    (Poot-skah toe-pie k-sahn-k)

    #’s 50-59
    Putska kisāhai – 50
    (Poot-skah kee-sah-hi)
    Putska kisāhai nos – 51
    (Poot-skah kee-sah-hi nos)
    Putska kisāhai nomp – 52
    (Poot-skah kee-sah-hi nomp)
    Putska kisāhai nān – 53
    (Poot-skah kee-sah-hi nahn)
    Putska kisāhai tōp – 54
    (Poot-skah kee-sah-hi toep)
    Putska kisāhai kisē – 55
    (Poot-skah kee-sah-hi kee-say)
    Putska kisāhai agās – 56
    (Poot-skah kee-sah-hi ah-gahs)
    Putska kisāhai sāgóm – 57
    (Poot-skah kee-sah-hi sah-gom)
    Putska kisāhai pālán – 58
    (Poot-skah kee-sah-hi pah-lawn)
    Putska kisāhai ksañk- 59
    (Poot-skah kee-sah-hi k-sahn-k)

    #’s 60-69
    Putska akáspē – 60
    (Poot-skah ah-kah-spay)
    Putska akáspē nos – 61
    (Poot-skah ah-kah-spay nos)
    Putska akáspē nomp – 62
    (Poot-skah ah-kah-spay nomp)
    Putska akáspē nān – 63
    (Poot-skah ah-kah-spay nahn)
    Putska akáspē tōp – 64
    (Poot-skah ah-kah-spay toep)
    Putska akáspē kisē – 65
    (Poot-skah ah-kah-spay kee-say)
    Putska akáspē agās – 66
    (Poot-skah ah-kah-spay ah-gahs)
    Putska akáspē Sāgóm – 67
    (Poot-skah ah-kah-spay sah-gom)
    Putska akáspē Pālán – 68
    (Poot-skah ah-kah-spay pah-lawn)
    Putska akáspē ksañk – 69
    (Poot-skah ah-kah-spay k-sahn-k)

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