Wanting to go to pennsylvania to find out my history

Searching for Saponitown Forums Family Tribal Lore Wanting to go to pennsylvania to find out my history

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    Growing up my grandfather use to say how he wanted to bring me to the reservation in pa where the blackfoot tribe is located but he never got a chance, he said that i needed to know about my family and to know who i was, but he never got the chance to, as i get oler i feel as if there is something missing something about me that i need to learn, i want to take up trip there but i don’t know where to go or how to find it. if someone could tell me where it is i would appericiate it. thanks


    DeAnna Welcome to the forum and the search. I wanted you to know that you are not alone in the feeling that some part of your life is missing. I too, feel this way.

    Also my mother had the gift of dreams. I have seen many of her dreams come true. As a little girl I was told not to speak of it as we came from the hills of West Virginia and in the city of Tacoma, Washington folks thought we were those “crazy hillbillies” and would have probably burned her at the stake if they knew.

    Mother was a special woman. She was adopted when she was 2 days old. She didn’t find out this until she was 14 years old when her adopted mother lay on her death bed. Her search for her natural family didn’t get a good start until she graduated high school and it wasn’t until she was married and had the three of us girls that her natural father finally wrote to her. He was an odd duck…..and still a mystery but her mother’s side has recently come into the light. It is this PERRY/PATTERSON/LYON/ALLMAN/FISHER/MARKS side that appears to be found in early Sandusky, Pennsylvania , then into Ohio, and West Virginia. I spoke to historian Airy Dixon about these surnames and he said that they all are linked to eastern Colonial tribes. I subspect the Patterson line since I can find no information on that line. Pictures of Mollie Perry and her grandfather Samuel Patterson Perry both look Native American.

    A little story I told Linda when I first joined the forum.

    Mother passed on March 21,1988. We had searched together and when I lost her I just gave up. I packed away all my notes and files.

    February 1989 a UPS truck pulled up in front of my house and brought a box to my door. The man said to me that this box looks like it has been around the world but I guess better late than never.

    I looked at the box and I knew at once the handwritting was my mothers. The postmark showed it had been mailed a few weeks before

    her hip surgery which resulted in her death.


    Inside the box was a diary mother kept when she carried me. What she spent on doctor visits, the hospital, cloth for a layette, even the pins,power,oil,and canpher. She sold a piece of land willed to her by her mother (Mollie Perry) to pay for having me.

    Also inside the box was two notebooks which contained all her notes and files on her search, old pictures, letters. I sat on the floor and as I searched through this stuff, tears streaming down my face, I felt my mother was telling me not to give up. I have never stopped searching. Since then I have discovered much about all the branches that form the Perry tree except the Patterson line. Some days I feel I am so close and othertimes I feel like it is a lost cause. Never the less, I have learned a lot along the way, I have met many fireinds and even found a few relatives I didn’t know exsisted.

    I just wanted to share this story and tell you never to give up hope.


    Life is a Rainbow made up of Many Different Colors…..


    thank you for that story it does give me some enlightment, see my grandfather died 7 yrs ago when i was 12 and he left me jewlery that was his mothers, i am 50% native american, and 50% puerto rican, but i feel closer to my native american side, because of my grandfather and the stories he use to tell, and telling me i need to be closer to this side, my father died when i was 5 so i cant really ask him what it was like on the reservation. but my grandfather told me. i have tons of jewelery from him and i feel as if they mean something, but i dont know what they mean, so hopefully within the next week i can go to the reservation and find some peace with myself, and find out who i am. your story makes me feel so much better in trying to get to where i need to be. thank you.

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