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    We’re getting sloppy snow here AND the Vikings lost again! Really, I like the snow despite that fact that the yard coulda used one more mow–oh well.

    I was out walking the dog before the snow flew and saw lots of wooly catepillars. Their coats were a little thicker than they have been, so I am thinking we will get more snow instead of ice this year–I hope. I miss snowshoeing and tracking deer–for fun, not for hunting.

    Spending some of my time trying not to think about the sniper and hope my family has no business on that side of the metro area or in VA—and I hope my distant cousins in VA are able to stay safe as well.

    Have a good day everybody.


    Stay warm. We had to close the windows tonight. Maybe the furnace will come on. Had to order some propane this week. I couldn’t tell if it was on zero or a 100. Must have been zero, since he sold us a tankfull.

    There are green tomatoes in a pot in the garden. I think they will be ripe for Thanksgiving. I don’t think I’ll have to move the pot indoors. I better not forget though, I only got three tomatoes off that plant with the drought. It came back nicely with the wet fall. I want my home grown tomatoes.


    Hey Linda–You fix fried red or green tomatoes? I’ll take a plateful, thank you very much!!

    BTW, the heat has been on here for a coupla weeks now. We are 10 or so degrees below average. Prolly gonna be a long cold winter for us in MN this year. Have to make sure I stock up on books and videos!

    Not sure what TG’s gonna bring here. I usually go to a local pow wow at the Mpls American Indian Center and maybe learn a new Lenape dish. Hard to cook for one. Maybe I’ll go back east and drop in on family. Hope the sniper’s gone by then–it’s really bugging me. Hope everyone is able to stay safe–I pray.


    we’ve got wooly catepillars coming out of our ears this year. I’ve NEVER seen so many. At work today I counted 15 in one small area. 6 of them had worked their way inside the door into the hallway. We were always told the bigger and woolier they were, the colder and harder the winter. That would be nice considering my kids don’t even know what a real snow fall is like.


    We had 4-5 inches of that “white stuff” on the ground and got hit yesterday with over a foot more. I feel like a house “potted plant” and probably won’t get out of here til spring. Hope I don’t forget what the world is like without the “white stuff”

    Honestly, I think it is beautiful from the window and it would be really nice to have a white Christmas for the kiddies but my birthday is December 26 so my wish will be for a early Spring.


    Life is a Rainbow made up of Many Different Colors…..


    To clen99,

    Thanks for thinking about those of us that are from Virginia, during the sniper incidents! They caught them on my birthday. It was extremly difficult going out during that time, thank God it’s over.



    *I know it’s been awhile since your post, but I just read it today.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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