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    Red Metis


    Hi Red Metis, its Lewis. Since youre of Florida Choctaw ancestry,

    You might be able to, answere a question for me.

    What happened to the Florida Band of Choctaws?

    What i mean is , are they still an organized tribe?

    Me: I didn’t know that there was a Florida Band of Choctaws but there is a Creek Band here.


    And if not why did they disband?

    I first heard of them, in a book by University of Florida press.

    I dont’ remember the copyright, but i think it was the 1970’s 1980’s or early 1990’s.

    I read about them in the early to mid 1990’s.

    At the time the book was written, not only were they an organized tribe, they were seeking recognition.

    Me: I came across this information somewhere but I just cannot remember and I can’t find it, either. Thought I bookmarked the site where I found that information but…

    Lewis: Thats how i learned that Florida Choctaws, were descended from Alabama Choctaws, who were guides for Andrew Jackson, when he fought the Seminoles, in the second Seminole war.

    Since im of Choctaw ancestry, when i meet people from the Gainseville area of Florida, i ask what they know about Florida Choctaws.

    They seem to suggest some people ,still call themselves Florida Choctaw.

    Me: In the information that I read, it stated that these Choctaws lived in the Panhandle region not Central Florida where Gainesville is. It even said something about people still living in the Tallahassee area. There’s A LOT of Choctaw names for rivers, towns, etc., in the Panhandle area, too. My family (the Jenkins and Bryants) came from the Panhandle–they met up with the Virginia Browns and the two families intermarried a great deal. They moved to the Jacksonville area b/t 1870 and 1880.

    Lewis: Also do you know any Choctaw ways or customs, or even the language.

    And Red Metis, im happy i got to meet you.

    Me: Alas, no! I am learning bit by bit. Stickball, some Choctaw dishes, traditional dress (looks like late 1700 clothing of the European), revered symbols (diamondback rattlesnake), and a phrase or two in Chata. The only thing I can remember is ‘halito’ which is a greeting like ‘hello’. Not a lot and I found it difficult to learn from the other Choctaws I have met online–very much labled a ‘wannabe’ even though my grandfather went to Oklahoma, dressed in regalia, took pictures… I do not know if he was ever enrolled into the tribe when he went to visit.

    I’m like you; I wish I knew far more than I do.

    Linda and Lynne, I bled severely with my first child, too. I have a medical background so I knew I needed a bleeding time, PT, and PTT. Went to a hematologist and he dx it. When I had my other 2 children, they gave me a drug called DDAVP to temporarily boost the factor. It worked but it would be nice to be able to use it all the time but since the factor levels go up and down it’s difficult to predict exactly when DDAVP is needed.

    Erica, I hope the doctors were able to help your dad and he is all right now.

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