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    As all of us called the Saponi before we knew the correct name- he was Blackfoot. Shelia, my friends line whom I am helping, thinks she may have found he was solider in the confed. soilder. She said that would make sense if was Saponi from the south.

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    She does not have much info at all. I do have who he married and thier children. All I could find on him is that he was married 1st to Phebe Wygant on 21 SEP 1855 LaGrange IN and the 2nd marriage was to Jane/Jennie Rugg 17 DEC 1874 LaGrange IN. All I have on him is his birth of 1834 Ohio. If you have any more inf, that would be great.

    Up until the time I helped them, they were always told that Jennie was Saponi, but I have found that to be very false, and also recognized the name connected to the tribe.

    She told me that “she thought” that they found his civil war record. But I wonder just how many Daniel Harris’s there were besides her Daniel.

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    Hi, Jennie’s parents were John R. Rugg 1805-1867 from PA- Jennies mother was Jan Nelson 1829-1909 from Ohio. I dont have anymore on her. The Rugg family’s next generation was Curtiss Rugg and next was samuel Rugg and Priscella Curtis Root next generation was John Rugg 1725-1799 MA and Hannah Ames 1700-1792 from MA. Next genaeration of Ruggs was from MA and after that England.

    Daneil was born in OH in 1834 m on 21 SEP 1855 (LaGrnage Co. IN) to Phebe Wygant – their children were George, Charles, Charlotte and James.

    Daniels 2nd marriage was to Jane/Jennie Rugg (1853-1937) on 17 DEC 1874. Their children were Margaret,Peter,Ida May, Milo and John.

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    I will have to see what pictures she has to share- if any of her Harris family. She is a busy mom, and a dear sweet friend, with a busy family and college and work.

    Thank you for sharing those pictures. I will see what more info, if any I can get on her.


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    Thank you so much. It just gave more chase to the search though. 😉 Does anyone have any knowledge or history of the Catawba’a being in the Ohio valley? My Brown got married in Wayne county. I am assuming (since I can not find any death reaords) she died somewhere else. The court houses in Wayne and Holmes county did not burn down. I wish I could read the wedding certf. I am having trouble getting pictures on here, or else I would put piece on here with her name in the wedding certf.

    Their daughter, Rebecca was born “somewhere” in Ohio, which also makes me wonder why other than where they lived. I am missing a census for some of the yrs., and I would have to go back and look and write it here.

    And on Rebeccas death certf., it has her fathers last name and where he was born but nothing about her mother.

    If anyone else has any information, please let me know.

    Thank you.

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    Linda, thats the problem- unlike mine where I know they were from, (My friends name is Shelia) hers, dont know where they are from in Ohio. Her gr grandmother has no more information, which is why I pray that at least the Rugg name may alert someone. Thus far, all I have found on Ruggs is English. If you can offer any help, it would be appreciated. I will put in the children and maybe they will connect. with someone.Thanks.

    Linda;36334 wrote: Well, if we assume the theory that her Blackfoot ID speaks for Ohio Saponi roots (and I’m told that virtually all of the Ohio Saponi carry the Blackfoot ID), then it might help to center your search in the counties where they were. Chillicothe, I believe, is central to that, so maybe focus on the counties in that vicinity. I know Green county is one of them.

    Hope that helps a bit.


    Howard_77…..I would like to get a hold of you. My moms side is Redman out of VA. Can you please tell me the names you have. Thank you.

    Howard_77;36312 wrote: Okay, I’m back and here’s what and who I’m looking for. I like to get in touch with any Howard family members that have connections to the Fredericksville Parish Albemarle county area. Perry Howard, born around 1815, married to Charlotte Howard, born around 1825; both listed as mulattoes. Perry and Charlotte’s children were Harrison Howard, Garrett Howard, Angeline Howard, Tommy Howard, Pinney Howard and Jim Howard. Garret Howard at one point and time moved to Memphis Tennessee at and worked as a hat salesman. The Howards listed are very hard to find on the census records, even in the 1900s; out of multiple Howards I can only find my great, great grandfather (Henry Howard) born around 1886 a 4 times; his uncle Henry born around 1875 a number of 3 times on the census. LOL. ON one census listing they have my great, great grandfather listed as both black and white. I know there is a strong Native American line in the Howard family; my great grandfather (Robert Howard), son of Henry Howard, born around 1816 looked half Native American and half black, the same with all his siblings. My Howard family often moved back and forth between Virginia and West, Virginia and the West, VA Ohio border. <O:p</O:p

    In the second half of my search I’m looking for descendants of James Goings, born around 1859; his brother John, born around 1856, both were listed as mulattoes and live in the Albemarle county areas of Virginia at one time. The two brothers may have moved off into West, VA or Ohio. James Goings is listed as my great grandfather (Robert Howards) grandfather, James may be the father of Henry Howard born around, 1886. I’m also looking for a Nannie Goins, born around 1891 and lived in the Albemarle County area of Virginia; listed as Henry Howards niece. I know many of the Goings, Goins moved off in to DC, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and other neighboring states. Sherrod Goings the revolutionary soldier is a family descendant.<O:p</O:p


    Part three. I’m looking for descendants of the , Frye, Fry family of Albemarle County, Virginia area.; in particular Albert Fry, born around 1851 and listed as a mulatto. The Battle, Battles family of Albemarle County, Virginia; Cole and Coles family; Bowles family; Thompson family; Fortune family; Johnson and Jackson families; Quarles family; Diggs family; Redman family; Golden family; Barbour and Sims families; Standup family; Moss family; Slaughter family; Kyle’s family; Waller family and Harris family. If anyone has connections to these families in the Albemarle county area are surrounding counties please contact me. <O:p</O:p

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    Littlebear, pleaset ake a look at my ggggrandmother picture and see if your gggrandmother have any of the same traits. Biwah.

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    Hey, just go to my profile on here. You have to look for the pictures on my profile page. Hope you can find it and let me know! ….I just looked at my profile, please look at the album on my profile page! =)

    littlebear;36318 wrote: Thanks for your reply. Guess I’m dumb but where is the picture you wanted me to look at? How do I get to it?

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    Littlebear, thats ok. When you get your photos, give me a hollar. I would to see them. Have a great day!

    littlebear;36320 wrote: Just looked at your family pictures. Yes, my 2 gr grandma does have a lot of the same features. Grandma had the high cheek bones, narrow chin, straight mouth, etc. also. (My Dad’s Mom). I’ll have my daughter-in-law try to show me how to post the pictures and see what you think. It may take awhile….I’m slow!! Thank you.


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    Manda looks like she has the same thing on that my 3rd great grandmother had on her head. Is it just a bonnet? I can’t figure that out. They certainly do have the features. Are you Saponi? Or have you found more on your line? They both have the features.

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    Hi Linda!!! I agree. I think they were very good looking men. I never got to meet him. I wish I could have. It was a sad situation with my great aunt dieing, he left my great grandmother and went west, and my grandfather was adopted by friends and his brother ended up at a Cathoilc boarding school in Michigan.

    Linda;36329 wrote: I just looked at your family photos, Kamama. Your great-grandfather sure looked a lot like mine, http://www.saponitown.com/Blackfoot.htm.

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    I always tried to get a hold of her since we lived in the same town. I wish we could have met.

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE the sound bites. I replay them over and over. Thanks you! Hope you have more! Biwah!!!! 😮

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    Hi Magnolia,

    I am lost. Can you please tell me what you said to me about Dreibilbis? Does it maen you found the family line? Are we related? I am lost Magnolia.

    magnolia;35230 wrote: Hi !

    Try googling in Patricia P. Dreibilbis. That’s direct.

    I just found my Foster Connection ( who married the Daniel line)

    But, I found my gggg-gm Edith Ledbetter was the daughter of Charles Ledbetter

    and Frances Randall. Charles descends from Francis Ledbetter who married Martha Jones.

    She was , according to a post on line , the daughter of Thomas Jones and

    Elizabeth Ledbetter. They are also listed on JONES TRANSPORT website.

    there are alot of Jones listed there with names of persons who transported them and dates.

    Last year I did alot of research on the Richard, Peter and Wm Jones lines.

    I made charts to help me figure out the different connections with spouses names

    and descendents and dates. I’ll post that as soon.


    One of the Fosters in my mother’s family, Cora Bell Foster,left a record with the local library and a detailed history of my great-grandmother, Sarah Foster’s ancestry.

    She descends from Richard Foster and Margaret LNU ( maybe Maudlin) who arrived in Bristol, Va 1660. Richard was indentured for four years to Thomas Willis.

    They were both mariners. He shows up in Albermarle, NC c. 1677 1679 ( During Culpepper’s Rebellion) . Thomas Willis was in the area and fled the area at that time.

    He had two sons named Richard , Jr.and Robert. They were living in Bertie County, NC 1723 to 1740 as witnesses on land leases.

    Richard Jr and his son, Richard III were living in Granville, NC and on tax lists for 1769, 1771 and 1774. ( Early Granville records were destroyed in a fire and a few that were saved were recorded again.)

    One shows Richard Jr ( father) who died July 30, 1774, LW&T mentions , Mary Foster ,

    his daughter. No wife’s name. His son Richard III was listed in Granville, NC on September 14, 1774. then he moved to Orange County in 1779.

    In 1781 Richard Foster enlisted in Doherty’s unit in the American Revolutionary War

    as a private.He served for one year from May 25, 1782 until his discharge in Halifax on July 25, 1783.

    He was paid 32.20 pounds.

    He bought 50 acres of land on Back Creek for two ” hogsheads of tobacco”.

    In 1787 he paid ninety pounds for 216 acres. In 1799 he bought land in Rowan County, NC. He bought 333 acres for 326 pounds.

    Richard moved from Rowan in 1801 to an area called the ” Forks of the Yadkin” which became Davie County, NC in 1836.

    In 1800 he was on the Census in Rowan with his son. He moved the family to Rowan.

    Richard (father) later, moved to Wake County, NC . His LW&T was probated 1810.

    His son Richard was in the War of 1812. He was part of the Rowan 4th regiment

    commanded by Brigadier General Thomas Davis . Richard wrote his LW&T on August 9, 1808. It was probated 1814. The Will lists his wife, Barbara, and his son, DanielFoster ( b1788) m. 1818 to Mary ‘Polly’ Daniel.

    He received 100 acres from his father and any remainder of his mother’s when she died. Daniel and ” Polly” were listed as having a son, Ransom Foster ( already married to #1 Sarah Eliza Daniel m. February 17, 1822 and ) His #2 wife was 20 yrs his junior, m. March 16, 1871. ) Nancy Emaline Sutton.

    Besides Ransom , Daniel and ” Polly had : 2. Wellborne 3. Andrew and 4. Sarah Ann Foster , my great grandmother who married May 1856 to Morgan Gene Howard (CSA) 42nd Regiment. These family members lived in the Jerusalem Township area of Davie County, NC.

    That’s all I know but, I have names of Ransom’s children by both wives if anyone wants them.

    I think Ransom is a surname of one of the unknown grandmothers.


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